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  1. 3 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    In 2017. We beat St Kilda at Marvel and then Carlton at the MCG. A most impressive start under Goodwin.

    Then lost the next 3.

    I think St Kilda are made of the right stuff this year and a bit of adversity such as backing up from the wet weather on a 6 day break won't bother them.



    We were sitting front row or 2 at the saints game that year. It was such a great, happy start to the season. We called big Max over as the team ran around high five-ing the crowd after the game, and took a photo of him giving my Mum a cuddle. I’d post it but it might out me 😎

  2. 14 minutes ago, dee-tox said:

    I don't like the general immaturity, smartarsery and absence of modesty on this podcast.

    Agree, it popped up in my podcast feed this week and I ignored it. Used to tune in regularly. Who dose it appeal to? Their teammates?

  3. 6 hours ago, Lord Nev said:

    The 2021 kids pack (arrived today) is absolutely fantastic. Great selection of things in there for them including personalised stickers, which was a great touch.

    Well done to whomever co-ordinates that part of it all.


    My 18 year old daughter receiving the “adult” membership pack, for the first time, complained there was no pencil case and face paint!

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  4. 1 hour ago, spalding said:

    He’s “hard work” according to a mate in the inner sanctum at Tigerland, but maybe that’s what we need.

    I’m normally a glass half full sort of guy, so obviously I have no place to be on demonland! 

    He’s a zealot, but a talented and well meaning one. I suspect his approach will be like a breath of fresh air to our players and an antidote to the calmness of Goodwin. However that unique approach probably loses it’s novelty after a few years and then, it seems,  is when other clubs have moved him on.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Pulp Fritschon said:

    Not sure this is either good or bad. I suppose you just have to hope that Pert and Bartlett know what they are doing. Jackson wanted him to be our next CEO. 2018 is certainly long time ago for everyone. 



    Probably recommended him to Essendon connections for the job, certainly number 1 referee 

  6. 26 minutes ago, goodwindees said:

    I had a regular Senior player over for dinner 2 weeks ago and he nominated Mahoney as the first bloke he'd move on from the Football Dept.

    Been there for far too long for my liking and I am delighted he's going. 

    Who was second?

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  7. On 10/16/2020 at 10:00 AM, Wells 11 said:

    Jesus I hate Geelong. They got their hyper priveleged nose out of joint because Viney stayed with us. Cry me a frikn river.  Unimaginable that a player , having had time to think, would choose to stick with his club rather than go to them. It must be they got used FMD. Hope Viney cuts them a new one next time we play. 

    Triple “like” this post!

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  8. 2 hours ago, Coq au vin said:

    Viney had a great season and is an essential player. He’s Melbourne through and through. A leader despite having the captain mantle unceremoniously removed. Trading him Would be worse than delisting Junior McDonald. Good on you Jack Viney! A hero of our club!

    Don’t often agree with you gourmet chicken, but yes, it would have been a PR disaster if he had left 

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