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  1. Said it when everyone wanted him dropped... We need Melksham in this team badly.I don't care what his faults are, he can kick a footy and hit targets. Which Oscar, Tom, Frost and Wagner can't. Watts, Salem, Melksham, Hibberd and Lewis are the only guys I am confident will hit a target majority of the times they kick the ball.
  2. Apart from 2 obvious turnovers, Tyson was really good tonight, applied great pressure, ran to space and had very important involvements.
  3. Why on earth we decided to drop ANB, Kent, Melksham and Stretch and have JKH, Wagner, Oscar and Bugg in the side I'll never understand.... So switch those guys for each other and leave the team as is for a couple of weeks. I like Hannan a bit, but he is wildly inconsistent... Give him 1 more week as well.
  4. And to be fair, this video has been floating around social media and group chats for a week now. None of the media outlets had played it and at this stage they still haven't... However today, some fan footy pages have shared it would say the media will have to acknowledge it now.
  5. The fish hook is a pretty obvious sign... But I legit couldn't care less.
  6. Im less annoyed at Lewis than I am the MRP giving him 3 weeks for a love tap to a guy who played a week later.
  7. Jesus there are a few sooks in here tonight aye? Calm the hell down. We lost, we should have won, picking Weid continually is silly and missing 3 of our best 5 players doesn't help either. The season isn't over, the sky is still blue and we have a game next week. Stop acting like a bunch of reactionary Richmond fans.
  8. Probably sets up 3 goals too... And I would say if anyone is going to cost us 3 goals it would be Oscar.
  9. Hadn't even considered that, would be amazing if it could be loaded to Kodi quickly.
  10. Complete nonsense this... And those falling for it are the reason clickbait journalism exists.
  11. Makes me so mad, you look at the brilliant game pass applications like the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, hell even the UFC and WWE. Full HD on any device and in any location. Making the leagues more money than they do from TV because it is direct and quality, these services aren't cheap, but they are so worth it for the fans and the league.
  12. 16 touches and 2 goals in the QF. 2013 he kicked 2 goals in a prelim. One or two game where he struggled does not make a poor performer, however the opposite, teams put work into him, as it is critical to stop him if you want to win... Because he is actually a really good player.
  13. You are kidding me right? He had an average finals this year but Motlop is a gun and wins games off his own foot. If he is available, he is worth the 1st round pick it will cost.
  14. "He really needs to kick this goal...." "He really needed to kick that goal...." "They need the next goal...." "That is a bad time to turn it over...." Some of Richo's most insightful comments.
  15. Burgo is a great writer....... That is all.
  16. Can I just say people need to rewatch Goode's press conference after he called out that girl. He said he turned and pointed, but had not noticed it was such a young girl until it was to late. He also said while it is sad that someone young had not been taught that it isn't ok to do, if he had his time again, he would not have pointed her out.
  17. That is the point Goodes was making, football shouldn't be the only way for his people to get ahead in this country. Regardless of if you feel that way or not, I don't claim to understand your beliefs, but it doesn't change that our indigenous population are treated as 2nd class citizens His talent has given him a platform to speak out against what he and thousands of other indigenous people feel, this has happened throughout the world multiple times, people hate because someone challenges racism, but, if it changes 5 out of 100 minds, it is worth it.
  18. Reality check needed. 1. Kennedy signed a contract extension with Sydney this year. 2. The Swans are the bloody Swans and he lives there with his extremely hot misses (who works there). 3. Even if, by some hand of god Kennedy was going through a break up and didn't want to win premierships anymore, he would cost us pick 2 and 3 without doubt... Some of the pick 12 and Toumpass comments are just showing everyone that you don't watch footy unless Melbourne is playing.
  19. If the Crows are serious, it could be whats needed to lose that 2nd rounder as part of any deal.
  20. In fairness to Jay Clark, he does have quotes from Mahoney in his article.
  21. 2 things.... 1. Garlett is a dead set gun, he had 1 bad season, it happens... Even if it was 23 for Garlett and 27 or whatever Carlton has, it's still a steal and anyone who doesn't see that clearly only watches Melbourne games. 2. Clint Bizkit has won this thread on 3 occasions, bravo.
  22. Dunn was simply looking out for a friend, a friend who has depression which can cause suicide. Imagine if Mitch read some of the stuff that was said about him on Facebook, Charlotte Dawson anyone? I know that Dunny is just as upset as us that Mitch is going tp be playing elsewhere, but the personal attacks he read, as well as the personal attacks I noticed as well offended him. Just because he loves the club and the good fans doesn't mean he has to like all the morons personally attacking a guy with depression trying to change his life from the horror he had been living in.
  23. Some of the early comments in this thread are as bad as you see on Facebook and Twitter. Oh no, a young man doing well for himself that actually believes in things and has morals... Must be a sook or a [censored] then.
  24. Apart from being around the whole Essendon saga his pedigree is perfect.
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