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  1. 29 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    Grand final is the pass mark for the next 3 seasons of no major injuries

    harsh but a reality

    Were in our peak years right now, GF is the pass mark. 

    We've been in the doldrums for years smelt and felt the pain for long enough, its our time now to strike for glory.

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  2. Alarm bells started ring inside my head as soon as i started seeing videos of players going at full tilt training 2 weeks after the GF had taken place.

    Absolutely no down time after the GF to let their bodies and minds relax and unwind after what they had achieved. Players weren't able to go away overseas or interstate due to boarder restrictions to unwind.

    Completely different to this years preparation in terms of down time as players were able to go on a holiday as the world had opened up again.

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  3. 16 hours ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    Isn’t this just a reversion to an old rule. There was a stage, mid 00’s if I remember correctly, where it was deemed ‘play on’ if you gestured to handball. Happy to stand corrected, but I believe this was a rule in the past. Either way, I very good rule tweak. 

    Same old AFL rehashing old rules into new ones, they can't help them selves.

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  4. I reckon he loves the Dees and knows its the place to be for the next 3-5 years and is only using the Powa as contract leverage.

    Dogga just took the ridiculous money on offer and jumped at the offer without even considering the playing side of things.

    Got his Premiership medal 🏅 and thought I'll take the cash 💸 and sail into the Fremantle sunset.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Rab D Nesbitt said:

    Membership holders still get to attend. Looks like they've been flogged with a wet lettuce leaf by the APL. Next three home games should be played behind closed doors with all travelling support banned at away games for the same duration. I'm an ex Victory member but this needs to be stamped out now for good. Unless they're intent on kicking more own goals they also need to ensure that no state league sides introduced to any second division when it's created has any ethnic affiliation or they'll be laying the groundwork for a repeat of what just happened. 


    If they haven't worked it out now Rab they never will without going to deep into it, what were the police doing and thinking in regards to patrolling the outside of the ground?

    Instead of around the playing perimeter of the stadium especially behind the Victory End! Absolute farcical. 

    The safety of the Players and Fans is absolutely paramount, i still dont understand it.

    Its the attention to detail that has hurt the sport on a number of occasions. Who ever was or is in charge of stadium security and Policing should have been sacked that night.

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  6. 23 hours ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    This is a very unusual post. Soccer players also work ankle high boots back in the day. I don’t know what AFL players wearing soccer boots has to do with anything. Strange line of argument 

    Unusual but true KITP, pretty sure they wore Ankle high boots in Rugby also. Without World Football innovation AFL Football would be years behind.

    That was my point KITP. 👉

    Certain parts of society just can't handle the connotations of the World game.

    Don't get it twisted though I love both AFL Football and World Football.

    I understand people don't like it for whatever reason but tend to voice it with the usual [censored] every 4 years around the same time a certain tournament is being played. 

    Those idiots that ran on the field and caused harm to others Saturday night deserve what they get, lets get that straight.

    Don't understand the bigotry toward the game to be honest, alot of training, tactical and innovational practices are highly sought after.

    AFL Coaches, Fitness Guru's, Management increase their learnings to emulate their overseas counterparts.

    Just go and ask our Premiership Fitness Guru Darren Burgess the amount he has learnt from the World Game.

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  7. I wonder what boots all the AFL players wear theses days?

    I wonder which country and continent the Adidas and Puma factories hail from?

    Is it still ankle boot lace ups? or perhaps the AFL Puma boot that Jason Dunstall use to promote and never wore and for good reason.

    AFL, amateur and grassroots players nationwide seem to like the look and feel of the "soccer" designed boots theses days or for the past 40 years.

    Puma King

    Adidas Copa Mundials 

    Nike Tiempo

    Adidas Predator

    Asics Gel

    I could go on........

    I think the AFL has alot to thank soccer for, because if it wasnt for soccer designed technology, your favourite Demons Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca, Bayley Fritsch etc. wouldn't be running around in the latest Nike Tiempo's designed and worn by some of the "Enemies" greatest players.

    AFL takes alot of ideas from the NFL "Yanks" but the players seem to prefer the "Enemies" designed equipment.

    Im sure those shoulder pads and helmets would come in handy with AFL club logos on them.......

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  8. On 12/3/2022 at 2:38 PM, rjay said:

    Remember our 2019 year...would have been no chance of that happening to us either.

    We finished 2nd last...

    Not saying it will happen by any stretch but recent history shows it's a possibility.

    Imagine finishing in the bottom 5 having given away  your top end picks.

    At least we were able to top up and go again.

    That would be a sensational result.

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  9. Alice is always good for a trip and for the locals, helps our bottom dollar and as long as we keep winning up there its not an issue in fans and now the clubs book.

    Good to see the footy department was consulted before the board made its decision.

    Great news. Well done MFC.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, layzie said:

    If we're going to have a sub then I'd prefer this version. Take the faking of injury and empty threats that club doctors will lose their license aspects out of it. 

    Collingwood's Doctor would have been in all sorts then, they had injuries in the 3 qtr in most games they played in this season.

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  11. Congratulations Dees Premiers 2022, well done to Mick and his crew.

    Over to you Men be the first club to hold both the Womens and Mens comps.

    I hope the respective governments are watching this and give us the necessary funding to build a complex in our heartland all interstate and Melbourne members can enjoy. 

    Our great club deserves this.

    Eliza West BOG.

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  12. On 11/10/2022 at 3:48 PM, monoccular said:

    Is the old Football Park still in existence?

    🤮 and what is the term "magic" all about?  Trying to sell it to pre-schoolers??

    The Ground itself is still in use by the Crows AFL and AFLW teams, but the stadium has been torn down for a few years now.

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  13. 10 minutes ago, george_on_the_outer said:

    Great! That will guarantee attendances will be non existent at 7 other games. Or if Port play Adelaide....at 8 other games!

    They won't waste a showdown for Magic round. 6 of those games are slated for Adelaide Oval.

    The other 3 game will involve GWS, GC, Norf, etc, 1 will be at Norwood Oval, 1 in the Barossa Valley and the other is still not known, maybe south of the city Noarlunga Oval or regional SA (Riverland, McClaren Vale etc.

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  14. 52 minutes ago, george_on_the_outer said:

    In hindsight, Just which players at Casey would people suggest as suitable selections to replace injured 1sts players?

    JVR would have been the only one!

    Weid as ruck to replace Max?  Baker to replace Langdon?  M.Brown to replace BBB?

    Our backs were not the injured ones, neither were our mids. 

    Brown, Kossie, Rivers, Langdon, Max, Jackson, and Jordon were the obviously injured ones in the finals.  So which Casey player would replace any of them? ( apart from JVR).

    We have a serious depth problem that this scenario has shown up.  3 of the best Casey players this year are no longer at the club.  4 if you include Bedford. If injuries arise again in 2023, our situation is the same.



    Rick Lever was hobbling around in the Brisbane Semi, he wasn't right to play after his calf injury.

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