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  1. 'More than happy'? You're easily pleased. Wouldn't have got the double chance if it wasn't for Hunt in those final minutes v Carlton.
  2. Spot on. Also - BB is being crucified by the game plan that doesn't suit him ... as has been pointed out elsewhere in this thread.
  3. I heard Caroline Wilson on the radio saying that "everyone is knows" the identity of the whistleblowing Hawthorn assistant coach. I don't.
  4. No good belittling Geelong or whingeing about the draw. G haven't lost since May and were spectacular on Saturday. They also behaved and performed in a level-headed and business-like manner throughout the year...unlike us. Far too much self-love and self- satisfaction in the Melbourne cohort. And lack of both on and off field discipline. The May/Melksham incident was atrocious. Add in timid team selection and rigid, unimaginative tactics and its not hard to see why we fell short. Did well to finish second, but exposed in the finals.
  5. 'Needless to say, Clarkson and Fagan are finished.' I think you may be right. This is a shocker.
  6. Yze would be a significant loss. The smartest of all our coaches, including the head coach.
  7. Agree. She showed guts and gumption. In short supply in my opinion, in a country too timid to have its own head of state. It is quite pathetic.
  8. Chandler - poorly treated. Howes - could prove the best of them all.
  9. That statistic - 3 wins of 9 at the MCG - is shocking. Just shocking. I can't understand why Goodwin hasn't been confronted with it. The press has gone very easy on his palpable failures in the second half of the season. I find his pressers soul-destroying. Banal. Boring. Bit like the way the team has been playing.
  10. Hard to argue with this, isn't it? Premiers then backing up to finish second, in such a competitive environment. Not too bad.
  11. The results that are pertinent are those against Brisbane, not last week's. Nonetheless...I am reminded of the name of a late 1960s supergroup: Blind Faith.
  12. Disagree. Good against Geelong in the prelim.
  13. Not sure our list is all it is cracked up to be. A few great players, but several pretty mediocre ones. And some of our better players have major flaws...ie. Brayshaw's substandard disposal. Timid selection and the failure to regenerate the team by trying a few new players, and instead rewarding mediocrity, hasn't helped. Thank God for Oliver.
  14. Biggest problem as I see it is the lack of regeneration of the team. It's stale. Timid team selection. Same faces week after week, whatever their performances. Wasted year...unless something unforeseen happens.
  15. Maybe. Or maybe we're just a pretty dour team. (Played with a bit of flair and dare in 2018.) When we're losing, our style is painful to watch, quite frankly. Hopelessly timid team selection hasn't helped. Same mediocre players, week after week. Nothing and nobody new to get excited about. And now it is too late.
  16. If that's the case he should be dropped. (Though that would devalue him.)
  17. Too late for that. Too late for a lot of things. The refusal to try a few things...and a few players...may cost Melbourne dearly. Our form over the past 3 months has been very ordinary and our record at home is embarrassingly bad. There's always been this sense that things would right themselves. They haven't. Makes this the game against Brisbane crucial. More than a touch of self-ingulgence about us this year.
  18. Don't want Jackson to go but I'm not entirely sure why.
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