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  1. He's never had much midfield time with the senior team.
  2. Agree with this. Must be bitterly frustrating for the Goodwin sackers.
  3. Depends on whether Melbourne again wants to look like a football version of a banana republic. Thankfully those days appear to be over.
  4. Have a vague memory of Vearing. Smart rover (as they used to be called).
  5. True. But who the 'spuds' currently playing you say he is better than?
  6. Brown, do you mean? Bring him back in? Suppose so. Tore the VFL today, apparently. Kicked one against Werribee. Bloody Goodwin.
  7. Quite right. Today's loss was depressing. But the Demonland response is worse, if occasionally amusing. Human nature on full display. Shall we put Goodwin in the stocks?
  8. Didn't take a minute to realise this post is laughable. Stupid. Geelong lost again. Sack Scott.
  9. That's right. With our glittering array of talent on the forward line why aren't we winning every week? Seriously...the exaggeration of our list's talent is bewildering. Clear deficiencies, esp in skill, athleticism and speed.
  10. When a team is in a slump it's not bright to knife the coach. An alternative view is that he's got the best out of team that has rather too many dour players. Our bottom half is not crash hot. And a few of our top shelf players are short of their best. So...you get losses.
  11. Yep, it's Goodwin who fumbles, who miskicks, and who runs around like a headless chook.
  12. Yep. 2 losses on the trot and the coach is suddenly hopeless. Smart.
  13. I would have to be at gunpoint to listen to that thick-necked windbag. Life is too short. First Crack? Could think of a few libellous puns to rename that show.
  14. On the money. The team overall is a touch dour.
  15. Our fitness levels are poor? Some really weird stuff on this site since Friday. We had won every final quarter of the season...9 in a row...until the Port A game.
  16. The 4 point loss - away, to a good team in red hot form - was far less depressing than the weepy, hysterical response on this site. Now the news that Oliver has apparently been decapitated has fuelled the agonising. Its bloody embarrassing.
  17. 3rs in Brownlow playing midfield.
  18. Hope you're right. But frankly - to date - there is no evidence to suggest that Pickett is a midfielder of substance, He simply doesn't get enough of the ball.
  19. Some hysteria abroad. Pathetic. I'm sure the team has more bottle.
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