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  1. I don't know. Every media person I've heard venture a tip thus far has picked Melbourne. Keep calm. (Hard, I know.)
  2. Some sensible observations here. Would be nice to get Cerra. But not at the expense of what we already have. In the meantine, there is a premiership to be won.
  3. Getting rid of Sparrow? Crazy. Great game against Brisbane and will only get better.
  4. Antipathy to Viney. On this site. Really really stupid. Proved'em wrong again. They never learn.
  5. We all make total fools out of ourselves every now and then. Congratulations.
  6. James Harmes! A bit more humble pie as a late night snack for several Demonlanders, who wanted him banished. You know who you are.
  7. So did I - and many others on Demonland (who have gone quiet on the matter). Amazing, isn't it, that people actually involved in the club and the game might know a little more than the geniuses on this site?
  8. True. But though there's no need to panic - YET! - there has to be concerns. Take out the Pt Adelaide game and our form has been terrible for weeks, down there with the worse in the comp. The draw with Hawthorn was appalling. I know Goodwin has to project an air of calm and confidence, but he has to be worried, whatever he says. Then again, maybe it just comes down to ability. There's always been a suspicion that our spread of elite talent is a bit thin. Its starting to show.
  9. If he can't get the team back up - if the season just fizzles out - the answer to the question posed by the thread is probably "no". The team has become as stale and predictable as his press conferences, and he seems unwilling to refresh the team. (Alarm bells have been ringing for while.) Re his press conferences: can he please give the phrase "as a footy club" a rest?
  10. Too true. But its pretty evident the side is a bit stale. Form other than the Port game has been iffy at best for weeks. Needs some refreshment. Could start by giving Bowey a run. Best placed on a wing. But I guess they won't shift the leaden-footed Brayshaw.
  11. The side is clearly stale - a product of the luxury of having no injuries. People keep saying we have a lot of depth - but imagine our side with Hawthorn's injuries. There's isn't a lot of skill and dash in our reserves. But to do nothing would be dangerous. I'd like to see Bowey get a run - on a wing. Melksham is a better player than AN-B, and should come in. A bit hard on A N-B, maybe, but he doesn't do enough and makes too many skill errors. Perhaps Jackson could have a week off. For SW? Harmes will come back in, if recovered.
  12. Agree. Brown is intelligent and an intelligent footballer. He is skilful. Good ballhandler and his disposal is excellent. Straight kick for goal...we could do with one of those. We know he's a great mark. Just slightly off in that respect right now. When he gets his act together, look out.
  13. I think this thread has outlived its usefulness, and should be rested until the season's end, when it might have some relevance. At a time when Melbourne is in the top 2, it makes us look like a bunch of skittish fools. All it does is invite trolls, big noters and malicious idiots.
  14. You have returned to form. Idiotic post. Goodwin will be upset you haven't forgiven him. Dr D...see a doctor.
  15. 'The relapse has been creeping in for weeks.' You mean, in the weeks we beat the Bulldogs and Brisbane? Some crazy finger-pointing after a disappointing loss going on here.
  16. Sydney lost to Hawthorn - a worse side than Collingwood - by 7 goals, on their home ground. Does that make them 'fragile' mentally? Yes, Melbourne was below par - and Collingwood was fired up.. And I think we still have about 3/4 players of dubious ability. We're clearly a good side, maybe really good. That is yet to be determined. But we are currently on top of the ladder FFS. Might be time to give this thread a bit of a rest. Makes us look like a bunch of brittle whingers.
  17. Yes I guess Maynard would be handy. I wouldn't be cancelling Hibberd any time soon, though. He's a class player, an all-Australian, in terrific form. Lots of games left.
  18. Prediction time: Current captain Max Gawn. Next captain Christian Petracca (Lever a possibility.) Captain after him: Trent Rivers. Half backs make great leaders.
  19. Any hope of some acknowledgment of Goodwin's brilliant coaching performance? Completely out thought LB. Must be galling to those here who wanted him gone.
  20. A few moments thought brought up numerous candidates: Steve Johnson. More the 'Stevey J' moniker that annoyed me. Infantile - typical Geelong. Tom Hawkins - smug sniper. You know he likes to look at himself in the mirror. Aaron Naughton - the Michael Bolton mane of hair. Clearly an imbecile, though perhaps not as stupid as Josh Bruce. Nat Fyfe. Far too pleased with himself. The media - hard to go past Der-wayne Russell. Awful.
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