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  1. You just knew this was going to happen. Fair dinkum pathetic
  2. Add in the pensioner in Lewis to that list.
  3. I think theyll probably still win
  4. Tigers looks pretty good also
  5. Im sure we'll turn up and beat them next week
  6. Yeah cats are a worry, but think we can cover them still.
  7. Small solace in what is terrible time. I know what its like and glad the boys got it done for you. GO YOU DEES
  8. This is great. Adelaide a distant memory now
  9. All good mate. My post was said in the emotion of last night. I probably will be there on Friday.
  10. I'm going to bed. Was excited about the Possibility of F=next Friday night, unsure if ill fork out the cash now
  11. [censored] me having to witness that live was excruciating. Absolutely blew my lid at that non call at the end. Adelaide is a [censored] not coming back any time soon.
  12. Arrived in the ADL. A lot more pleasant than Melbourne. About to head to Glenelg beach eat some breaky before heading to the City. Looking forward to a convincing Dees win. Any SA based fans that want to go to the game have 4 tickets available
  13. Anyone still in need for tickets, I have access to 4 tickets, 3 in the Riverbank Stand with me and 1 in Members Section. Good seats. $60 each
  14. I'm sitting in a Crows member area. Might be a bit gutsy to wear full MFC kit.
  15. I'm heading there on my own, let me know if youre up for a pre game beer and chat!
  16. Might be a bit of a "interstate" charge on that, but I've forked out $200 on flights so gotta be done. Have a feeling the place will be half empty anyway.
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