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  1. It's really a childhood dream come true at 35=6 years old. I was 16 in 2000, and it crushed me. 2004 lost to the Bombers in the Elimination final which happened to be their last finals win.. then all the dark days in between to be in this position again is amazing, it will mean everything if we can bring the cup home.
  2. Yeah it sucks, and yeah I never thought I wouldn't be able to witness it myself if we did happen to win won, but people are literally dying from this thing called COVID, and there families have real problems. I've lived through losing a parent it feels like I've won the lottery this year in comparison, little perspective people. The Dees will be in a GF at the G in the near future, I am sure of it.
  3. Non story. It's obviously a massive part of his life as a player so he is going to feel some connection to those guys. Not an issue IMO
  4. 10 km family bubble introduced, does this change anyones thinking?
  5. I asked a question, I didn't say I would be doing it. I've barely left my home for 3 months.
  6. Yeah I see your point, to be honest we can go to a public place with 1000's of people to get vaccinated but going to a freind shouse to watch a game of football is out of the question, seems mad
  7. Is anyone sneakily going to go to a family members or freinds house to watch it?
  8. If you have GF Gaurantee it will be priority one and the same barcode that's on your membership card
  9. Yeah I see your point, I passed mine on but screened who I was giving them to, at the end of the day it's a risk but if you keep your wits about you you can suss those who are genuine from those out to make a buck.
  10. Well t hats what I mean, they aren't allowing you to carry over to nextyear which was the poster question.. Don't see why you would bother requesting a refund when there are numerous people who would kill to go to the GF on here who would happily cover the cost of it.
  11. Doesnt look like it, either sell it on here or forfeit it.
  12. Work, watch some replays, watch some EPL, watch some NFL.
  13. If winning the Prelim feels this good imagine how good winning the GF will feel.
  14. This is so great it's beyond words. 2 weeks and we'll be in the big dance 💃 !
  15. Thanks appreciate it! Hopefully I will be coaching the blues in 2021 😂
  16. Presentation done, now roll on 7:30! Come on Dees!!
  17. Having to present a 15 slide powerpoint for a job interview on the same day as Melbourne prelim final. Argh
  18. It's a preliminary final, that much is obvious
  19. Just bought a bunch of old discounted Melbourne baloons online, will decorate the entire house when we win on Friday
  20. Same I'm so nervous and it's only Tuesday
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