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  1. Surprised nobody's yet mentioned BT's little stuff up on Friday pumping up the Eagles for their big heart of the nation clash on Alice Springs against Adelaide next round...
  2. The scourge of delivery drivers blindly following their GPS strikes again!
  3. I guess there's always the chance not everyone will take up their tickets in the higher category for whatever reason. MCC / MFC dual members may already have been successful in the MCC ballot for instance.
  4. probably not. Is the elder statesman's membership a concession? Does he receive any welfare?
  5. Prefer our grossly exaggerated stereotype than that of a Collingwood, Richmond or Power supporter
  6. The bays are printed on the ticket just like the seating bays.
  7. Just tried best available, came up with Q54 row P which is a pretty good view. Only 14 rows back, you'll be surprised when you exit the vomitory how near you are to the front. We were row N last Friday, a few bays around. That said, aim for the Olympic Stand. The very back row is PP to put it in perspective.
  8. Try again, still category 5, 6 and 7 available. On twitter Ticketek are saying the queuing starts at the insane time, not before hand. Good luck!
  9. How does that work? Tickets are on sale Monday and aren't from the Demon Shop. 🤔
  10. Looks as if they released some more yesterday, still some singles available lower categories, limited 5 and managed to get 4 in Q36 cat 6 just now.
  11. First time this season the law applies to all finals. Curious though, there's still tickets available through Ticketek, who'd buy from a reseller?
  12. Would also suggest we won't be getting over 70K for this game. don't forget there's only about 50,000 tickets available once MCC (which will be heaving) and AFL reserves are taken into account. Have public sales even started yet?
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