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  1. You're drawn me out of hibernation LG. That's very very good from you.
  2. Well, I'll be there. It's going to be a bit strange barracking against a few girls I've coached. Any other QLD Dees planning on attending?
  3. I can't believe I'm analysing a 5 second grab but the words "missed out" suggest the decision was Hogan's. The Perth media would have put a different slant on it (even in 5 seconds) if they'd cooled on the deal.
  4. Sydney now have pick 26 and 28. Is one of those picks fair compensation for losing a player we don't want to lose?
  5. Moonie, if you dig deeply into the Demonland rules and regulations you'll find reference to making the same joke twice within 24 hours. You've been warned.
  6. So who's going to be the first poster to change their username to Demonland4276?
  7. There's a post like this every year that gets Demonland salivating. And it never comes close but this doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibilities. Make it happen Moonie!
  8. At some point post the trade period Gaff will assure the footballing world that his move wasn't motivated by money. That's going to be an easier sell wearing red and blue as opposed to blue and white.
  9. Sorry, where's all the Whitfield talk coming from?
  10. I'm interested in the answer too LH. I'm QLD-based but always buy the full home membership so I assume that would put me in Priority Category 2. Definitely be interested in finding out what kind of odds we'd have of jagging a ticket. Hate even considering it before winning a prelim. Feels like we'll jinx it but I guess this is the system in place. So anyone have any clue what percent chance Priority Cat 2 members will have? Cheers in advance.
  11. If The All Australian team was to play another bizarro world, alternative universe All Australian Team, I'd want someone with some experience leading my team. 8 All Australians is an incredible achievement. And his "kick it to me" comment was gold.
  12. Something will happen Redleg. Bernie will get fined for saying what we all know to be true.
  13. Scott Selwood to Angus Brayshaw? I think our boy might be in for his first hard tag.
  14. So you're anticipating them to respond and play better and assuming we won't improve? And I'm not sure I've provided any evidence of "getting carried away with those positives". You don't trust our team and I can understand why but my main point is that there's not many teams out there smashing it on all fronts. Everyone looks vulnerable to me and everyone has obvious flaws. We're as good as any of the top 8 - 10.
  15. Did you see Geelong play last week? Their defence was mistake-riddled when rebounding and their forwardline looked one-dimensional. Their much talked about midfield has lost contested possessions and clearances most of the year. I just came from the 'Mr Jones' thread. The negativity about our own players is incredible. Jones and Viney bagged and now Hogan can't lead. I think most here think a team can only win a premiership with 22 super stars. Plenty of role players with obvious flaws have tasted premiership success. We're a pretty handy team that is getting better. Sure we have a few deficiencies and a few players who can turn it over but so does every team. We also have the most impressive contested ball winning midfield in the league, two quality key position forwards and the form ruckman of the competition. We might just be ok.
  16. The teams who have beaten us badly this year boast an impressive array of small forwards. My main concern today, surrounds our ability to deal with their small to medium forwards. Really hoping I don't see too many Collingwood speedster leaving Lewis and Vince trailing behind as they run in to goal. I'd like to think we've made the appropriate structural changes since the Hawthorn and Richmond games to ensure we don't get exposed out the back. Our forward line should be too good for them and our midfield should beat them at the contest. It's scary to consider what the rest of the season will look like if we win and win well today.
  17. I've always maintained that regardless of personnel, the premiers are normally setting a footballing trend and not following it. I don't think we've switched to a WC or Adelaide model. Instead I think with the use of Hogan and McDonald pushing relentlessly up and down the ground, we've created our own model. Add our use of spinners off half back and we're definitely doing things a little differently. Contested marking was also a concern of mine at times last year and early this year. If Gawn wasn't clunking a mark out of defence then we were struggling. We now have Gawn, McDonald and Hogan giving us quality aerial targets out of defence and then down the wing. And even if all three of them are involved in the transition from defence we've still got Smith/Weideman as a potential target for a bail out kick but more likely the workrate and contest marking of the big 3 mean that we've opened up the forward line for the likes of ANB, Hannan, Spargo or Petracca who are regularly marking uncontested. That's why we lead the league in marks inside 50. I'm not sure anyone is playing like (or as well for that matter) as us at the moment. And what pleases me most is that it's not like another team can simply alter their tactics to combat it or duplicate the approach themselves because they simply don't have the cattle. Hogan, McDonald and Gawn are rare commodities. And we've got all of them, healthy and in form.
  18. His extract with one hand and then punch it out with the other though traffic to a team mate, all in one seemingly effortless motion, is a thing of beauty. I still don't think people (outside of Demonland of course) quite get the genius being displayed because it all happens too quickly. Or the commentators are too busy discussing the length of socks or the curious facial expression of certain players?
  19. At least St Kilda supporters will be comforted by the knowledge they have Weller and Gilbert in reserve.
  20. Is this a concern people had last year.? I'm obviously stuck watching a tv screen most of the time but will watch with interest this weekend at the Gabba. I'm hoping last week was just a bad day. Like ProDee I get the feeling he'll be left out but hope to see him action. I like the cut of his jib. And also see no reason why he and Fritsch can't play in the same team.
  21. Interesting. Have others noted obvious examples of fluctuating effort levels? When you play the role he plays, you're going to have quiet quarters and quiet halves. But you've obviously seen him give up on chases and fail to repeatedly present to the ball carrier?
  22. You mean by averaging 12.4 possessions a game across his debut season? Why do you need to exaggerate? Small/medium forwards don't need to get a heap of the pill. His primary role is to apply defensive pressure. His secondary role is to kick a goal or two. He did both of these things very well in 2017. If the footy dept decide he didn't fulfil his primary role against Geelong then he might be omitted but last year his pressure acts, speed and tackling were impressive.
  23. Or I could add a friend and we could have a 14 team comp.
  24. Hope this doesn't put you off getting involved tomorrow night.
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