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  1. My goodness this persistence with Oscar has to stop....he’s an absolute disaster. Tom McDonald was bullied by Talia Jeffy - shocking lapses of concentration Spargo - Shell of a player compared to last year and passes accountability constantly Goal Kicking - seriously is no-one coaching them on technique....so many players seem to change their routines and actions every shot. Deesaster.
  2. This is atrocious - what do they actually do all week when at training for inside 50’s! also C Wagner and B Fritsch smiling after every GWS goal is doing my absolute nut in. we are a disgrace.
  3. I don’t think too bad..... i actually think he believes we can win it - probably wants us zen focused
  4. I’m now giddishly excited like an 8 yr old at Xmas we have as good a chance of any team in doing well in the finals, but what does everyone else think we need to fix or improve make a dent? i still think we are to sucked into ball chasing vs spread....too many teams seem to be able to go 80-90m vs us too often. We lose ridiculous rebound goals. also, the importance of hibberd and melksham can’t be understated. They give us balance at the back and in attack. Oscar and Neville much better today with Hibberd there. finally, conversion. We missed 5-6 sitters again...sort that out and we’ll be hard to stop. Might as well be in it to win it this year...I think we’re a sneaky chance.
  5. A roller-coaster of emotion. Delighted for team and coaches and every Dees fan. still think we over-commit chasing the ball, but heh, tonight I don’t give two hoots! finals - finally.
  6. Magnificent in 2nd half of season - going to get better and better also
  7. Slightly disagree on the Adelaide full strength perspective. Hammy’s take time to recover and I think they’ll be undercooked by that point - example was Gawn last year - just didn’t get that fitness back. Good time to face them in my view. on the post - we should be 6-3 (weather permitting). Bets are off if it rain s as we are rubbish in the wet.
  8. The term ‘cue in the rack’ came to mind yday midway through that 3rd quarter. A despicable performance and attitude. coaches were hopeless - Goodwin just doesn’t win really big games that we really have to win. No finals this year. He has the scent of Alan Richardson about him.
  9. When the players put the ‘cue in the rack’ you know it’s troublesome. Problems aplenty. We’ll struggle to make 10th
  10. We have a defender on 700k a year who I’m afraid can’t actually defend im really disappointed by our coaching team - it’s clear they are 2nd rate. We will finish 10th this season
  11. A disaster - unmitigated disaster. Im calling it - no finals again. I’v not seen an improvement in our team. Same mistakes, same mental frailties.
  12. Looking at the Hawks and Cats it is clear that the Easter Monday game has stuffed them lets not get too far of ourselves for the Hawks - they will be much more energetic vs us!
  13. Let’s do this Dees - no excuses, just play focused for 4 quarters and we win this comfortably.
  14. The hysteria around lever is ridiculous. 2nd game for us, 21 yrs old and not even close to his physical peak yet. He’ll be right. I’m more worried on hunt - appears off the pace currently and Positionally still naive. On Lewis - does some great things then some idiotic things...we forget he was part of the Hawthorn machine....sometimes I think he loses it due to the frustration with our team losing its structure. this season is going to be tough - looked at the fixture list again this morning. Going to be extremely tight all season. Don’t expect +30 point wins in many games
  15. Sometimes we have to back that our team have the strength and depth to beat our opposition as a team. we lost to north last year as Bernie was too involved in tagging Higgins...when Higgins got the better of him, that galvanised North and they got up. i also think our lack of spread currently is due to players not playing zonal but following the man. They make it easy for opposition. Then when a team gets momentum, our players are chasing tails rather than trusting the system. if they go in tagging again this week it shows we don’t trust our team we’ll enough.
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