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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. 1 hour ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    Nah that’s her part-time job. You see, the trick is to stalk the entire team at the one time thereby freeing up time for other things, for example, my precious chooks. Speaking of, I was at the stove the other day, turned around and this is what I was faced with…




    😂 Jed (or Harry… who knows?) had got in through a window and climbed up onto a bar stool to let me know she was hungry. 

    It's the Kolt!

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  2. 4 hours ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:

    So f###ing angry at this suspension.

    Look at it in real time and it's nothing like the Maynard thug thing.  He converges from the side and glances him. The action never had the same potential to do injury as Maynard did, because he wasn't charging straight at him from the polar opposite direction.  Our defence was totally valid, he never lined him up, didnt elect to bump the player, the time he has his arm tucked in for a split second and flys across the front of him, barely brushing him.

    It was low impact and wasn't a bump - please change the thread title accordingly to "Kossy glance on Soligo". 

    From the reporting I've heard of it, the contemptuous way the AFL tribunal dismissed our case against is a disgrace.  I bring back the example of Chol from a few weeks back where a 6'10" 95kg giant planted his knee with the monentuum and full weight of his body, right into the back of his opponents head at the point where the spine meets the scull, which is apparently ok, because it wasn't a 'bump'.  These people are a joke and I'm sick of our team and our players being their play things and scape goats.

    But Chol was jumping to mark not jumping to smother. Jumping to mark and breaking bones is apparently ok.

    It's only leaving the ground to smother that appears that somehow now appears to be dangerous?

    And.... Then Kozzies submission was that he leapt to catch the ball in the air, not smother or spoil.

    Which he is entirely capable of doing.

    They wouldn't even let our expert testify!

    And argued for 90 mins about this instead of just letting him speak.

    Don't tell me they don't play favourites.

    Lisa Hannons statement was completely devoid of logic.

    PLEASE get rid of Adrian Anderson. I'd love to know his success rate.


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  3. 36 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    It is the inconsistency that pi5535 so many of us off. 
    Greene not even cited, because had he been it would be worth4+, and the other guy (can’t remember who) who got the same penalty for a much more serious hit. 
    It is no wonder that there are conspiracy theorists about, and that there are some who suggest that the AFL is a corrupt organisation.   Incompetent and inept are perhaps better descriptions. 

    But it can't be just incompetence. These people play favourites way too often for it to be considered just inept.

    Something continually stinks when the stars and the big clubs wriggle out of charges or don't get charged at all.

    Playing favourites is basically corruption.


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  4. 44 minutes ago, Little Goffy said:

    That evaluation is so unreasonable and personally vindictive is raises an eyebrow towards racism.

    The only other possibility is that he's still in a sulky about the Dog's getting annihilated in the grand final that he's still coming after Melbourne as if we must be bad people because we did something that made him feel the sads.

    EDIT:  Here is the same person discussing Peter Wright's full-force impact on the back of the head of a player who was backing into a mark;

    To begin with, let’s call it what it was – a collision, and not a hit, nor a bump, and especially not a snipe. It’s the sort of incident that, up until recently, was seen as an occupational hazard of one of the world’s most brutal, fast-paced sports.

    Those times have changed, and it’s no longer safe to wave such collisions away without attempting to stamp them out of the game, especially when they result in a serious injury as Wright’s did, with Cunningham suffering a serious concussion.

    But it’s worth noting, if for nothing else than to defend Wright’s character, that the only thing he did wrong was, in the split second it took to make the decision, brace for contact rather than continuing to fly for the mark and risking his own wellbeing.



    I thought the same thing @Little Goffy. Really inciting some hatred and stirring the pot. Really poor.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Gawndy the Great said:

    I saw this article as well. Wouldn't be surprised if the author was a Collingwood or Adelaide supporter. Its articles like this which really turn me off visiting that website, which is more and more beginning to be run like a facebook page.

    Someone in the Facebook thread reckoned he was a bulldog supporter.

    Might have been holding a grudge since the Bailey Smith hit. I thought that one was reckless by Koz.

    The last two citings have been low impact glances.

  6. 19 hours ago, Kick_It_To_Pickett said:

    I presume it’s Kozzy who had been the target of online racial abuse as a result of this too. The media riled up the opposition supporters. See the statement on club website

    I usually like a lot of the stuff The Roar publishes.

    This is purely disgusting. Calling Pickett a "sniper, it was a dog act, football's dirtiest player"

    I think I'll find a way to complain to the publishers about this. It's really disgraceful journalism. 

    It will just stir up more unwarranted hatred for Koz. I hope the club stands up for him and appeals.


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  7. 24 minutes ago, BDA said:

    Eagles playing with confidence. taking the game on.

    not sure if eagles can keep this up but swans know they are in a game here.

    I'm not sure either but chucked $5 on them at 10 to 1 Thursday night.

    Fingers crossed 

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  8. 3 hours ago, DubDee said:

    Kozzi sprints around all game putting fear into the opposition and manic pressure on every time. He will occasionally slip high while attempting a spoil etc.

    He is THE ultimate team player. 

    I'm with you @DubDee

    I don't understand the continual bagging of Koz.

    He made a mistake with Bailey Smith and has since adjusted his play.

    The bump in the final last year was nothing. He shouldn't have got a week and the same again now.

    Dead set, if we had more players that go as hard and as desperate as Kozzie does to chase and smother, it would be fantastic.

    His chasing and closing speed is amazing. You can't make a last minute, desperate tackle or smother without leaving the ground.

    You don't want to remove that desperation from his game or see it disappear from our game.

    He put his arms up to spoil and then did his best to get his arms down before contact.

    This was low impact. If he gets a week for potential to cause harm then logic has it that most aerial contests can have the same potential.

    The circus continues.

    How does a bloke that threatens to resign if he has to cite Maynard still have his job?

    Oh yeah, mates.

    He won't get off but at least we should be supporting one of our hardest working players.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    Fair call bin. And a claim that every team could make at some point during a season.

    For a billion dollar industry operating the highest profile sport in the country, the standard of adjudication of the rules of the game is just plain ****ty.

    As to what should be done about that ? I have NFI !


    I'd like to see them paid as professionals and make it a respectable career path for those who love the game but aren't fantastic at playing it.

    Reward them well as professionals. And drop them on poor performances just as professional players get dropped.

    As professionals, there should be more scrutiny and comments allowed by the coaches and captains as well.

    The talent pool seems very shallow right now.

    They need to grow the talent pool and... Take the grey areas out of the game. 

    Hands in the back being allowed is a classic.

    And surely 3 of them is enough to officiate a game.

    I dunno, the AFL is just not investing in this critical area of the game from what I can see.

    It's easy to disregard when we win, but we shouldn't disregard it and we should be able to question the performance and the decisions made. The crows could have scraped home.

    If anyone watches the replay, just watch the arms wrapped around Max at rucks all night. It must drive him bonkers

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Bluey's Dad said:

    If you have the SEN app, they have a feature where you can sync their commentary to the video broadcast and even adjust the delay manually if it's not correct. Connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and you have Channel 7 vision with synchronised SEN commentary. Not a single wowee to cringe at all game. It's life changing.

    BT banging on about players stuck on the bench in the last ten minutes was pure dribble.

    There's 6 people on the commentary team and the commentary is still not worth hearing unless it's an update on an injury.

    Thanks for the SEN tip. Will definitely try it.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Whispering_Jack said:

    Much appreciated but I was thinking of the advertisement that they’ve been playing constantly during breaks in the footy where a woman boasts about having been part of an iconic girl band but nobody recognizes her. It’s very off putting and makes me very happy that next week, I can actually enjoy the game in person and not have to watch it on television because, thanks to the AFL, my team has played three of the first five games of the season in another state, including twice within five days. There should be a law against this.


    The Telstra footy ad drives me a bit mad.

    If.... The footy bus with all the players breaks down and they call the pub for help. Wouldn't you just organise another bus to pick them up rather than get another bus load of players?

    I guess it's a typical Telstra / AFL move. With no clear logic applied.

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  12. 59 minutes ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    I thought Kozzie was the victim of a blatantly high tackle right in front of goal very early in the game.

    Apparently I was hallucinating.

    Didn't see a replay of it, so you must have been "seeing things" Bitter 😁

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  13. 7 hours ago, deejammin' said:

    If this is anything other than careless, high, low impact, fine we should sue. 

    Seriously, we lost a player FOREVER to a bump with ten times the impact, more intent and incredibly severe consequences, (it knocked a player out through a helmet for two minutes FFS!) for NO suspension! 

    Also the media can get stuffed! Where’s the “football act” horseplop from last year?! Or the “love tap” bulltish from last week?! Maynard ends a guys career, “football act, can’t suspend for that”. Pendlebury tries some martial arts to the diaphragm “love tap”, Kozzie jumps on the spot to smother a handball and lightly brushed a guys cheek, “suspend him, coach discipline him he has issues!!”. [censored] this noise!

    It was a free kick, but because the AFL needs to protect the head in the wake of the serious time it failed to protect the head six months ago it will be a fine, any more than that and the MFC should seriously consider legal action.

    I think the tribunal (channel 7) have already given him 2 weeks in the post game wrap up in the sheds.

    Can we get Taylor Auerbach on to the case with the MRO team for a few sensual massages and tomahawk steaks before they meet and rub him out for two weeks?

    They usually have dinner while they pretend to dilereberate. I'm sure there's scope here.

    Maynard = 0 (and a complimentary premiership medal)

    Kozzie = -2

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  14. 3 hours ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    Max held around the waste / pulled away from the ruck comtest by the guernsey on at least 3 to 4 occasions and nada zilch ignored!

    Was it Howes pushed square in the back in the square for Dawson's goal in the last?

    That was an amazing win given the bias of the yellow fellows tonight.

    I reckon Max had an arm wrapped around him at 80 percent of ruck contests tonight. He was held consistently at rucks. Yet, there were two holding free kicks paid to forwards (one to us and one to them) for lesser holds.

    It does my head in how he's allowed to be scragged week in week out.

    It was Rivers that was shoved in the back for that mark. They didn't even have the guts to show a replay of the mark and goal to Adelaide.

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  15. 12 minutes ago, Whispering_Jack said:

    Mystery of the night for me.

    Who is the chick who was in one of the world’s most iconic girl groups but nobody recognizes her?

    My problem is that I don’t recognize her. 

    I think you're thinking of Divine.

    If you check at the 1min 44 sec mark, that's Tex gazing into her eyes.


  16. 11 minutes ago, leave it to deever said:

    A hint of 21 about this season.

    I thought 2022 in some ways.

    We're still spluttering a bit but getting the job done.

    Lots of players down a bit.

    Billings, ANB, Clarry, Viney, Langdon. Salem

    But, so many great efforts carrying us through.

    Petracca, one of the best games I've seen him play. He just busted through so many packs.

    TMac, May, Lever, McVee, Kozzie, Gawn all carried us through.

    That tackling in the last quarter was inspirational. You could also see the skill difference at the end. We were just much cleaner gathering the ball in contests.

    JVR, he's copped a lot of criticism but I reckon he's just competing around the ground so well. More marks and goals will follow. I think he's going to be am awesome KPF for us.

    And Windsor, week by week, he's just looking more like Robbie Flower. Some rookies have a couple of good ones and then fade. Caleb seems to be just growing in confidence and stature.

    I scoffed a bit at the Robbie comparisons at first but I'm really starting to see it.

    We're getting the job done without being spectacular at the right end of the season.

    One more big one next week and then we can take a well earned breath.

    Go Dees

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  17. 4 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    The umpiring is absolutely corrupt tonight - BBB mark reversed then #12 pushed Rivers clearly in the back - mark said - goal.

    #22 is the worst I have ever seen

    They're all in tonight.

    We are such a soft, polite club.

    When are we going to call this out.?

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