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  1. MFC Website still saying Hunt is 2-3 weeks
  2. Some great performances but for me, Smiths solid performance coming in late with FA matches was a standout.
  3. maybe go for the beer and don't watch the first half?
  4. welcome back .. hope your not sharing a hotel with Katie Hopkins :) Go Deeeees!
  5. Would really like to see our speed align with our skills to cut right back on the fumbly football!
  6. Good to see Hannan looking good
  7. Couldn't agree more. I keep the sound on for the names of the Oppo players.
  8. Perfect game DLand meltdown par excellence followed by a convincing win:)
  9. How good is actually kicking goals?
  10. Gotta say I enjoy beating Kennett as much as beating the Hawks
  11. Love to see some warm up shots not the twitter and adds on Kayo
  12. Give em a few load BALL calls for me?
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