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  1. Luke Breust would be perfect for our forward line, need a finisher down there
  2. lol, caddy or polec.. no thanks
  3. Telling anyone who would listen (few beers deep at a geelong nightspot) a few weeks ago hes already speaking to freo for 2022
  4. Thats because hes lazy and doesnt do the work to get himself fit - dont be suprised when hes on the table and going back to WA at years end
  5. Whoever it is, they just need to stop leading to the pockets! Tmac to a wing Richo style Pickett Brown Jackson Spargo Weid Fritsch Gawn playing the kick behind ruckman when ball forward of centre, Dogga up the ground for contests, creating more space for Weid/Brown
  6. where our captain spends 30 minutes ragging on the media guy? far from hilarious
  7. I honestly dont think money is the driver here, he wants to have success if we are looking good midway through, we should see some action, however if the wheels fall off, I can see him looking elsewhere The positive in this potential situation is he isnt going to North, Adelaide etc at the bottom, so if he decides to go elsewhere, we should be rightly compensated in a trade. Obviously we need him at the club to win a flag, but the balls in his court to see we have a bright future
  8. Number of times on the weekend he called Jackson up from the goal square for stoppages just outside 50, and went back to the wing, Dogga is pretty much our forward half ruckman while Gawn covers the back half
  9. They are gearing Kozzie up for the midfield - his pace, vision and skill is going be a huge asset for us, especially playing in between the 50's
  10. this is what I like to call the Dusty role, not comparing Kos to him at all, but this would play to his strengths more than a roving small forward - his best game for the year (forget the opposition sorry) saw him playing alot more between the 50's - pace, skill and vision saw him set up plenty of play
  11. Jayden has changed his body shape considerably all ready over preseason, looking very strong in upper body Can see his pace and dash being used with the new man on the mark rule, he is going to get some clear runs from behind, or will worry the opposition into too much movement and give away 50
  12. Queens Birthday debut against the filth would be a lovely touch
  13. Jack and his brother Max have done martial arts their whole lives, Jack knew the perfect way to tackle!!
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