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  1. More likely to get hit behind the play in a lower level
  2. So was Tim Kelly 3 times, Lewis Jetta,Liam Ryan all superstar passed over in the draft what do all these players have in common?
  3. Right and that is why they still sell more home games then any other team in history, because there fine, I bet lots of those members are arm chair members, because their crowd numbers don't support those membership numbers.
  4. Grammar or just can't spell? Looked it up can be used, will use it more often
  5. If I was him I would stay away for another 4 weeks that's how long stage 4 will last
  6. Could we pick him up and cut midseason? when the weed will be back and Ben Brown has had 5 to 8 games under his belt
  7. The only problem is no scan can see how bad his brain is until it is cut open after death
  8. Who thinks that Hawthorn will really relocate to Tasmania?, I think Jeff is just stalling hoping that the Tassie government renew their contract, the Tasmanian deal is what saved the Hawks from non existence.
  9. I said the same thing and they deleted my post, is it being dramatic, why no word from the club about him staying away , there is being private and there is
  10. The AFL need short term contracts, that can be cancelled anytime for special cases like Pat.
  11. The lockdown will be longer then 5 days Dan the dictator already knows he will keep it in place for a month, mark my words, don't trust anything he says, he is a pit of lies.
  12. So this argument about the British not celebrating northern Ireland invasion is not true.
  13. Genocide you serious? There was no genocide, a genocide implies that there was a concerted effort to kill the whole indigenous population which is just not true, were there massacres yes there was, but genocide no, most where killed by introduced diseases that the native population had no immunity to, call it a invasion yes, but genocide that's going way too far.
  14. You have no idea, James cook just made it to Australia before the French, ask all those African countries that the French colonized, history tells us the French where more brutal, and killed many more people in the countries they invaded,every country and every single people in the worlds history have been invaded raped killed pillaged, every person has to take control of her own life and stop blaming somebody else, is colonisation wrong? of course it is, it just life, those that talk about the past live in the past and never achieved anything. How many indigenous friends have you got I've go
  15. the natives of Australia are lucky that the British colonized Australia because if they didn't do it the French we're going to do it and the French were much more brutal and would have killed many more.
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