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  1. He is the number 1 inside mid the best contested midfielder, good enough, if he played for Collingwood he would be talked about as the best of all time.
  2. I think he is a natural forward kick 21 goals last year, has played his best games as a forward this year, with his pace he is good on the lead, and finds space because of his pace, could have kicked 5, if he did not pass off to Langdon just before 3 QTR time, 50 out straight in front, that's his sweet spot. Turns it over by foot too much, but he is a dead idick.
  3. Suns already checked out, this is a good result, Clarkson will think the Hawks aren't that bad after all. But they are sht house.
  4. We score bigger scores when he plays, 2 goals 5 score involvements, 1 goal assist. Did someone say he hurt himself in the second half?
  5. Double standards, there is more sexual harassment from lesbians than men.
  6. Your right, weed needs to playe he helps the team keep structure going forward it been a hard year for forwards, he averages more goals per game this season then Liam Ryan.
  7. Come on bias one, I know your upset we won, go away support Carlton.
  8. Will become a A grade small forward, has a bit of boomer Harvey about him.
  9. That is not where he is missing his shots from, his missing them on a 45 degree angle.
  10. Geelong were not rebuilding their side has not changed much, except for a few experience brought in, this is their last chance for a flag, they have a ageing list.
  11. No way Baker gets dropped, U have no idea.
  12. Yes it should read bias, kossi, averages for pressure acts and takles in side forward 50 is rated at above AFL average, DR D is the most bias poster on demonland
  13. Yes your right 1 is a man with years of senior experience at WAFL level, in his second AFL season and the other is a 18 year old in his first AFL season. You have NFI
  14. Are you watching someone else the worst judging of a player I have ever seen, if he was that poor he would not have played more then 4 games, but of course you rate yourself as a greatest AFL coach never to have coached above junior level
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