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  1. To be named Victorian of the year first, without that he can't be named Australian of the year
  2. The dees will make top 4, mark my words, take it to the bank, no buts no maybe's
  3. I always thought that the dogs had to let Dunkley go to fit Adam Treloar in, was this why the deal was done right at the death, Collingwood was always trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Collingwood never had any intention if honour Treloar contract, they wanted to trade him just before they resigned him on big money, and they had no intention of honouring their agreement with the dogs, they are dogs.
  4. We did not really trade for him he came for free with may.
  5. Collingwood is a club not to be trusted, promised big money to adam, then regretted it, now promised the dogs to pay so much, now they regret it, looks like they are now doing a back flip, Eddie has become so arrogant he thinks he can do anything he likes.
  6. Chris could not take a mark above his head to save his life, it was a chest or drop.
  7. It never worked that way, zones often had kid living in areas that where not in their teams zone, David parkin was a demon cheer squad member
  8. The AFL is a copycat league, after Clarkson success, every club wanted a inexperienced Young coach to get the job, now with Fagan having success with Brisbane, every club is going to look for a Fagan type coach like noble, that is going to be the trend in the AFL.
  9. With the 20 minute QTR coming back and less rotations, the grandpas will need their walking sticks. Geelong have missed the boat, Smith is not this great winger anymore, just like Ablett was no better then a good ordinary football when he came back.
  10. The dees will never get a home base, it's never happening, there is no plan, if there was then surely there would be at lest a shortlist of possible locations, the idea of making a new oval in Yarra park was the stupidest idea ever, never was going to happen., It's just talk, a bit like fast rail in Australia maybe by 2050, when the sea rises, and Casey becames the new beachfront. Pert will just throw little bits of hope with no real intention of making it happen.
  11. No I am not a hard marker, just hope 3 or 4 others can go up a level with him.
  12. No he needs to do more, I would like him to take more shots at goal, no passing in forward 50, just go bang, he is better 55 Meters out then 25 directly in front, even though he did kick straight when in front this year.
  13. He also said Carlton had tracc in there sights, Carlton never asked about Oliver.
  14. Jetta has lost the hunger, 2 flags ten years in the system, no more he can achieve.
  15. It might be look at SA few cases and the panic button is hit, NSW had a few numbers without hitting the panic button, and it never got out of control, they already isolated 4000 possible close contacts before the 6 day lockdown, it is just not needed, we can't go on with this hysteria supposed medical device, common sense please.
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