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  1. That is it in a nutshell. He just wasn't Afl standard. If you are going to be an outside player and you don't have speed, you need some other tricks. Whilst our development was garbage, I don't think it made any difference with this player.
  2. Dustin Martin at our club at that time... He probably went to the right place at the right time.
  3. Great player, great bloke. Humble and understated. One of the good guys. Happy to see him win it.
  4. If Pig wants to dedicate his grand final win to his fiance, a goat named Steve then go for it.
  5. Ooze Poos. Like Blues Clues but not for the kids.
  6. Culture changer and club hero. Thank you Nathan Jones.
  7. He would have only been recruited to help us win the flag. We will do this without him, whilst consolidating and blooding a number of young players.
  8. This will probably go down like a lead balloon. If fit I would bring in Joel Smith to play on Naughton. He is the only one with the athleticism to go with him. It's a perfect match up I would bring him in for Hibberd who has been solid but he is clearly slowing down and is now limited athletically. I would like to see Hunt come back in as well. Trent Rivers has had some very good moments and several very shaky ones. I believe Hunt will give us a little bit more speed which will be important both offensively and defensively against the dogs. We will probably remain unchanged.
  9. Jack isn't perfect but he is physically relentless. A crucial part of the best midfield in the game.
  10. [censored] you beauty suck balls Sellwood Hawkins and Dangerfield. And whatever Scott brother you are that coaches the cats ..I don't give a [censored].... May a dinosaur take a [censored] in your perpetually opened gob.
  11. There has been a lot said about the success if those brought to the club, less has been said about the exits. There are few that have left the club that have caused us any regret in the last decade.
  12. Depends. He was a young man when he was drafted. Who knows what the exposure to our current culture might have done for him? he would have to earn his place firstly, play his role and work within a defensive game plan and sacrifice self. More likely though it would go the other way for him and he would not last as long as he did.
  13. I don't think it is a matter of being dropped. He may need to make way for a small back who can play a lock down role. This is currently a deficiency.
  14. How do their smalls keep getting goal side deep
  15. Good player but comparisons to Viney are off the mark. There are few as manic around the footy as Viney, though as identified by a few he comes with limitations. Sparrow is a solid midfielder who will carve out a good senior AFL career.
  16. Even this is an optimistic take I feel.
  17. We had one too many talls and that is without Jackson. When LJ is back I would be happy if Brown and Weideman we're omitted.
  18. More than likely we will have a few off days. Even top sides who go on to win premierships have ugly losses in the H and A. If we can sure up a top 4 spot it will be a good idea to rest some players (Max) and rotate some of the young players. Managing the list will be key.
  19. Tough, smart and skilled midfielder. Great recognition for his hard work.
  20. As entertaining as Meatloaf at half time.
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