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  1. We got one thing over all 3 of those sides, a decent defence. Having a gun midfield and an ability to attack can get you a flag. Having a great defence keep you in the mix for longer periods.
  2. Only if the list was done by the umpiring fraternity
  3. Make sure you put MFC in front of the number
  4. If they haven't released vac for u12, they won't mandate it.
  5. Waiting for the tour stops to pick out the most rural event.
  6. Agree. I'd rather a few non calls rather than them plucking dubious ones.
  7. Time to fess up, who won the slab auction for $750
  8. They could unfurl the flag while playing freed from desire.
  9. Loved seeing how humble he has been after the game. The way he crashed that pack with schache when the game was on the line just sums up his selfless attitude shown all year
  10. Torn, we got freedom, means less time to watch the replay.
  11. Hawks were good but I always wonder whether their time at the top was prolonged purely due to the compromised drafts for gc and giants.
  12. Did they list a version of this with a golden logo?
  13. Just found this thread, in good time too. Go you spurs. Champions League, Having a laugh.
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