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  1. Put him in the ruck. Gus can do it all.
  2. She gets the day off to herself. Happy mother's Day
  3. Tonight I kept thinking back to round 1 2019, coming off a prelim, sitting at the G and we got pantsed by port and their new brigade of butters drew rozee and dursma. Interesting now looking at their progression and how little impact they have on games.
  4. Getting to the important topics, why was hunt in a different shade of blue.
  5. Probably got the same virus which caused them to lose the prelim.
  6. Too late to pull bombers out of my top 8?
  7. Dees, Port, lions, dogs, Swans, cats, dons, Blues. Snags!
  8. Never been more excited for a session to start. Premiership polo at the ready.
  9. when you click start watching from ep 1 it brings up the 2017 GF Edit: Watch Now works fine. 😬
  10. We got one thing over all 3 of those sides, a decent defence. Having a gun midfield and an ability to attack can get you a flag. Having a great defence keep you in the mix for longer periods.
  11. Only if the list was done by the umpiring fraternity
  12. Make sure you put MFC in front of the number
  13. If they haven't released vac for u12, they won't mandate it.
  14. Waiting for the tour stops to pick out the most rural event.
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