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  1. Just watched the last quarter of the 2017 QB game on Kayo, where Jack Watts kicked the sealer. The ball was parked in our forward 50 for most of that quarter and our pressure was fantastic. Another game like that tonight (with a bigger margin) would be brilliant.

    And I'll never forget the roar from behind us at that Punt Rd end when Jack kicked that goal. Goosebumps.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    Well, to balance that, I felt a good omen when I clipped  Magpie from about 50 meters with a shot off a low skimming 4 iron.   It limped away into the bush and I didn't see where it went.

    Most of my 4 irons also limp into the bushes and I can't see where they go, apart from obviously not straight.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Winners at last said:

    Also, his brain fades would be less damaging on the forward line than the back line.

    That's a bit harsh WAL, he was certainly like this 2017-18 (defensively) but he's been much much better in the last season and a half. He might even have been in our GF team if it wasn't for his hammy.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, spalding said:

    As much as I want to keep him, I would rather let him go and trust our list management to use the collateral wisely to ensure we are in the premiership window for a few more years given we have locked up our stars.

    This is a sensible view Earl, but in my humble opinion Dogga was a key (if not the key) point of difference between us winning the flag and not. That 3rd quarter. It's one thing to be in a premiership window, but it's another to get over the line in that final game. I'm torn between having a Geelong length run in finals but going nowhere vs Brisbane three-peat then falling off the cliff. I think I'd rather take the Brisbane scenario, and for that I reckon we need to keep Jackson.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Dwight Schrute said:

    I just mean it's a little bit irresponsible in my opinion, if you can't get the deal done in good faith don't make the approach. 

    To be fair, we approached Adam Cerra last year despite the fact we didn't have much to offer Freo.

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  6. On 7/24/2022 at 12:37 PM, Lord Travis said:

    IMO Brayshaw back to defensive wing role would help. As good as he’s been down back, the team was better balanced when we had another defender like Hunt to lock down on smaller types. Gus when playing wing covered the corridor really well and teams would actively avoid going up the middle or his wing as he would intercept. In essence his presence forced them to one side of the ground and enabled us to setup behind play to counter that. 

    Probably in the wrong thread, but I agree with this. Stats insider is a website that allows good graphical comparisons between players. This is the chart for Jordon vs Brayshaw (admittedly playing two different positions this year). It shows my view that Brayshaw much stronger in the rebounds and contested marks, and Jordon in clearances and inside 50's (same same for contested possessions) - i.e. defensive vs offensive focus. I reckon last year Brayshaw in Jordon's role was just as strong in these defensive stats and controlling the fat side of the ground which is why he's now back in defence. I'd agree we'd be a better team with him back on the wing.


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  7. 18 minutes ago, loges said:

    Depends how professional you are especially regarding sports 

    If there's any question about his lack of professionalism, which I don't think there is, then you wouldn't pick him to play next week.


  8. Their pressure was excellent and we didn’t have a plan to counter.

    I do hope the club seeks clarification on the non free kick to May in the 3rd Qtr when Hawkins tackled him without looking at the ball, preventing Nay from competing for the ball. From the ensuing bounce, Hawkins kicks a goal. Total [censored].

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