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  1. Anything on Daniel Cross? I just wanna know who he's Barracking for. :laugh:


    Another former Bulldog, Daniel Cross - who did not taste premiership success at the club before finishing his career at the Demons and then working in the football department there - said he was finding it difficult to decide who to support, but he would be pleased regardless of the result.

    “It is going to be really hard for me, to be honest,” Cross said.

    “It’s a win-win for me. I have got guys I have played with at both clubs, some really good friends in terms of being teammates and working with guys at Melbourne in high performance. I also know staff members at both clubs ... you could see it unfolding as the season went on. It was great to watch for my family.”

    Cross played alongside Tom Liberatore, Lachie Hunter and Easton Wood in his final game with the Bulldogs in 2013, while Christian Salem, Max Gawn, Angus Brayshaw, James Harmes, Tom McDonald, and Jack Viney played in his last game for the Demons in 2015.

    Those nine will play in this year’s grand final, while Christian Petracca and Alex Neal-Bullen were also at the Demons when Cross retired.

    “The talent was obviously there,” Cross said.

    “It was pretty obvious to see. It is no real surprise to see where they have ended up as a group.”




  2. 15 minutes ago, Sideshow Bob said:

    Have you already called in sick for the next 2 weeks Jaded.... next week for the panic attacks and emergency department visits for the heart attacks

    The following week for the party at home (or the major depression episode obviously dependent on results)

    160, 60, 60, 60, 4 hours to goooo*
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  3. 4 hours ago, Dwight Schrute said:

    Not really relevant to MFC trades, but i have heard from someone i trust that Chris Scott is strongly considering walking away from coaching at the end of his current contract, 

    I think now is a good time for the MFC to go hard at a couple of Cats vets with the lure of a flag

    Harry Cooper on our half back line with a large supply or morphine would win the Norm Smith this year! Recruit him!



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  4. 12 minutes ago, Gorgoroth said:

    I think what he said yesterday was pretty good. If Max can get the centre clearance to our guys who use their legs to clear the congestion then give or get it into the 50 quickly we will be hard to beat. It’s around the ground stoppages where the Doggies excel land we need to nullify that. 

    And I also agree with the fact both games earlier in the year nigh on become irrelevant except they we dominated both in contested possessions and out of their losses they lost the CB count. 


    The stuff Montagna showed on 360 with the ring-a-Rosie of Hannan & Naughton in the forward 50, making sure Lever ended up on Naughton and May resigned to Hannan, was very interesting. How do you think we'll counter that? Perhaps put Petty & May back there and Lever higher near English ?

    Or just back ourselves to win in centre and convert, eliminate stoppage goals and let them do their thing...


    Some interest to you too for the podcast

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  5. Richmond had players that were just outside of their 22 or in their 18-22 range on match day, poached for 3-4 seasons. Mainly because of a lack of opportunity, but also because they were a premiership club and even their fringe players were thought to be better than other clubs, even if its not the greatest logic. By this reasoning we should be able to get something ok for Melksham, and others along the way, if we continue our dominance

  6. I wonder if there's a 3 way trade involving Gunston coming in and Melksham + pick 36 or 54 going to 3rd club and hawks getting a mid 20s pick from 3rd club. We might trade future 3rd or 4ths to get it done.

    Something convoluted along these lines anyway.

    Hawks can't expect too much surely?


  7. 49 minutes ago, Roost it far said:

    I’d have Weideman working on becoming a key back and looking to shift Petty forward. Petty reads the play really well and has a good set of hands. If it becomes apparent in January this is a waste of time keep him as a backup tall. Does anyone think our luck with injuries is on endless loop? I want 3-4 Premierships out of this lot and whilst Weideman is no star he surely has a role in our future. 

    You'd train Petty on Lever too in the offseason, a defensive forward that could specialise in negating the influence of an intercept defender. 

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  8. Has anyone noticed that Clarry's mind works faster than his mouth, and he occasionally finds it hard to get the words out during an interview?

    Explains why he's so much faster to react within the contest. His mind is a step ahead of everyone else's. Maestro.



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  9. 4 minutes ago, John Crow Batty said:

    Playing Jones as Sub will be a massive gamble. Will be a huge liability if needed early and doubtful he could play out the game. Not versatile enough to fill any hole and slowness will kill us.

    The AFL world seems to be Harping on about the fairytale angle. Maybe we play him as sub and the umps blow the whistle and award a free everytime he goes near it #FreeKickBulldogs !

  10. 39 minutes ago, titan_uranus said:

    Geelong's brought Z Guthrie in for Parfitt. Their emergencies are Higgins, Fort, Simpson and Dahlhaus.

    Over on Reddit, a few Geelong fans think Fort might be a surprise inclusion, apparently played well in reserves all year, but hasn't been named emergency Before. I know nothing about him. Anyone?


    Edit: Ruck. Well that would be a curve ball. Prob C.Scott mindgames there.


  11. 58 minutes ago, adonski said:

    Hahaha. You know as I finished writing that I thought [censored] it comes off a bit like that doesn’t it.

    But no, I mean it. Still missing another balanced mid, and I’ll still feel that way even if we win the flag.

    No need to improve, this years grand final winner gets the 2021 and 2022 premiership, with a years bye.

  12. 33 minutes ago, CYB said:

    Hypothetically, asking for a mate- what if they offered young Brayshaw and Cerra for Jackson.. 😂

    Hypothetically, We'd want that Rory Lobb ruck/fwd thrown in there too (Does he still play there?)

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  13. Feel too nervous and jittery to read this thread and discuss the game, lineups etc. I wonder if it would be different playing Port or the Dogs. The idea of losing to the Cats makes me sick to my stomach. Pregame jitters on a Monday 🤒

    Next week if we make it, I think I'll be in a more celebratory mode, absolutely immersed in all footy discussion and media!


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  14. I want Bris over WB & Port too, even though Port v WB would be a cracker. Prefer to avoid everyone but GWS & Bris, who will absolutely gas themselves if they were to get over Geel & WB/Port respectively. Bring on the worse spectacles for neutrals!

  15. 7 hours ago, Whispering_Jack said:

    Possibly forgetting Jim Stynes’ very talented son who can play a bit. Also around 15/16ish but is also a top junior basketballer.

    MY post had a strawberry 🍓 emoticon that has since dissappeared. Moore > O'Dwyer > Stynes etc

  16. 6 hours ago, A F said:

    I wonder if we'll start to hear more rumours this week about players from the 10 teams out if finals contention now?

    Maybe we'll hear a few rumours leak from our own club with a few players begging to come next year. "Yup, we'll take you as a free agent Mr Billings, you'll be on 350k with performance incentives. We have standards here!" 

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