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  1. Don't worry the cats are now into De Goey....why is it that whatever comes out of Chris scotts mouth gives me the sh!ts....yep that's it, entitlement, an obscene level of entitlement
  2. Destroyed isn't quite the right word. Draft tampering is. The trade was not ridley for Lloyd and Lucas Freo never had access to Lloyd as he was in the concession (for losing an uncontracted player) draft only open to 16 year olds. Freo wanted Ridley (uncontracted), Tony Delaney and Dale Kickett from essendon. Essendon advised freo that the trades for Delaney (pick 4!!!!) and Kickett wouldn't go through unless freo agreed to not sign any players from the teams that finished the season below essendon and so giving essendon pick 1 in the 16 year old concession draft. Freo being freo agreed to this. Horrible trade anyway, but not quite how it is generally remembered And pure draft tampering by essendon Melbourne stunk up the concession draft by not picking Steven King who was available (we got one of the cockatoo-collins brother)
  3. Hmmm.....Charlie was hunting the football and bent down to pick it up, saw his opponent was in a poor position and stayed low, got tackled high by Burton (who didn't even attempt to get lower with his tackle) Not sure that counts as ducking
  4. I wonder how many players have been nominated for the rising star after winning a premiership? Richmond might have one or two? You would think it would be a pretty small group though!
  5. Would love to see us 'take over' Optus next time (and forever) we have to play West Coast with massive banners along the fences claiming ownership to different parts of the ground, e.g. - Petracca's Pocket - Ed Langdon Wing - the Trent Rivers end (the river end of the ground) - Clayton Oliver Centre Square - Max Gawn premiership Terrace (there is a seating area at optus called the premiership Terrace) Having grown up in the west it has been hard going as a Dee's fan, looking forward to rubbing this premiership in my West coast mates faces forever!
  6. While I don't believe in superstitions, i think they are bad luck...boom, tish...I'll be here all week (well at least that part is true) there were certainly some omens that correlated with the Dees getting up on the weekend....I still cant quite believe that our team are the premiers. So here goes, the omens that foretold of the Dee's victory Last time Melbourne were Minor Premiers - 1964 - Outcome Melbourne Premiers. 2021 Melbourne Minor Premiers and Premiers Last time Olympics held in Tokyo - 1964 - Outcome Melbourne Premiers. 2021 Tokyo hosts the Olympics and Melbourne Premiers Only other team to come from 5 goals down after halftime at Geelong to win - 2006 WCE - Outcome WCE premiers 2021 Melbourne come from 42 points down to win at Gellong - Melbourne Premiers Last time a captain kicked a goal after the siren to win the Minor Premiership - 1987 Kernahan Carlton - Outcome Carlton premiers 2021 Gawn kicks goal after siren to win the minor premiership - Melbourne Premiers The big one...Age of Norm Smith when he passed - 57 years - Years since Melbourne Premiership - 57 years! The curse is over! And a slightly left field one Melbourne finished the H&A season with 1888 points scored - being lucky in both Christen (Petracca of course) and Chinese numerology (lets go with the Norm Smith medalist, Jock McHale medallist and the Premiership cup) Anyone got any others?? Anyway I think I am going to wear out the internet with the number of times I have already watched the multi-call of the last minute of the third quarter...unbelievable.
  7. Had a bit of joy watching the goals from the past 30 years or so https://www.melbournefc.com.au/greatestgoal I know its a bit of a team goal but surely this one should be in there!
  8. Geez Gill really wants little Gaz to be cherry ripe for the finals, As per usual Geelong get kissed on the proverbial - only 2 interstate games after round 11 (Port and Brissy) they have 6 at GMBHA including 3 in a row in rounds 19,20,21 and 4 out of 5 in rounds 19-23 (exhausting trip to Marvel and the Saints in round 22) and then the remaining games split between the G and Marvel (the G is not an away game for them - they play there 5 times in the season)
  9. Young & Jackson.....that has a certain ring to it. Could become iconic for Melbourne!
  10. I think we all need to take a wider view with this. The vast majority of us posters on demonland, and people around our age, are no longer the target audience of the AFL. We, apparently, are already "rusted on". So they don't really care about us anymore. The AFL needs our children and parents of kids who haven't grown up with football to watch and become engaged with the sport. To do that they need see the AFL as the elite version of the game they/their kids play, which is.....Auskick. Auskick is; - played in zones - The skills of stopping and hindering an opponent (e.g. bumping and tackling) are not permitted and limited at the older age groups - players are encouraged to be of equal size and skill (sorry Max you're too big and too good so we have to penalise you to make it even when the opposition ruck is too small/sh!te) - Having watched many games of Auskick disposal doesn't really matter, just keep the ball moving. Mark my words the AFL/Hocking will continue to push the game towards Auskick over the next few years.
  11. I have never seen any other ruckman penalised with this rule. Ever. Stop being so tall and strong Max. The ruck rules state that that you cannot block another player from contesting the ball in a ruck contest. That is completely fine. Just pay it every time. All anyone wants is consistency.
  12. Sorry regarding the weird text sizing, sending off my phone
  13. Of the 12 games played at Optus WC last year WC had Margetts or Dalglish 6 times (and a couple of times both) How there is not a conflict of interest I don't know. They are effectively being coached by these two week in week out regarding their interpretation of the rules and then get the benefit of playing under their umpiring every 2nd home game. And you can't tell me that on having these guys come to training every week that relationships between them and the WC players wouldn't form and that 'banter' regarding an upcoming opponent wouldn't occur i.e. Oliver throws the ball or Selwood ducks, better watch out for that. Even if it is totally unintentional or subconscious that will have an affect on the umps decisions....especially when you have to back up the next week and go back to training to do more work with them. Even if Melbourne wanted to do something similar it wouldn't work, Margetts pointed out that there are 32 umpires based in Melbourne. It would be extremely unlikely to get the same ump twice in one season, let alone every second week. Week to week we would get a different interpretation of the rules and the relationship between our players and the umpires wouldn't form, so the benefit of having a specific umpire officiate our games would have no positive effect. They should not be allowed to umpire West Coast games. We must have really annoyed someone at the AFL this year, not only do we get to play WC at Optus (again) but we get Margetts and Dalglish. Hatchet job. Hey if any Dee's officials are reading this, if we have to play in Perth next year can we at least request that these two umps have nothing to do with it.
  14. Margetts on the radio in Perth. Advised that he, the controlling umpire, thought it was a dangerous tackle, but a non controlling umpire said in his ear piece said holding the ball so he paid that instead. YOU ARE THE CONTROLLING UMPIRE. Advised that he saw smiths arms pinned, saw him land him on his head in a dangerous position, thought Jetta shouldn't have made the tackle action and yet still paid holding the ball. Joke. Also states that he or Dalglish works with West Coast once a week! WC are training to how those two guys interpret during the week and then getting those two umpiring almost every home game.....is there any surprise that WC benefit from his and Dalglish decisions on a weekly basis?? He made the point that requesting umpires at training was club driven and that "some clubs" do it and some don't. Given he is based in Perth it would infer that Freo don't do it. If you talk to Fremantle supporters in Perth they would advise that those two umps rarely give freo the same benefit that WC get
  15. So what happens if he breaks the guys jaw? Then its a suspension? Or even more likely if he splits his eyebrow and he has to leave the field for stitches...is that suspendible? You would think so. The system is a joke, two weeks in a row he intentionally raises his elbow to an opposition players head and he will get off because the "damage" is not there....its an intentional act to elbow someone in the head, he should be gone. Its like if you made the decision to drive home from the pub, get pulled over as you enter your drive way, blow 0.18 then get off without losing your license because you didn't kill anyone. Decisions have consequences!
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