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  1. maybe Woewodin can be trained up? that'd be perfect.
  2. love to see a painting of hibberd running over to the fans with the cup and all his teammates chasing him. something up at the G would be amazing..
  3. hanging to buy a new adult jumper with the GF logo.. hope they put up the link for more soon!
  4. love that we've finally crept off 12 flags up to 13.. only a few more and we will be back to the top of the tree.. THEN i will get a MFC neck tattoo. well, maybe not a neck tattoo.. but i'll work out something.
  5. I also got a nice text from a Dogs mate who said something like 'they are playing great footy now mate, enjoy it!'. respect the dogs a lot. no current team could've stopped that momentum.
  6. loved it. a cherry on top this morning.. investing in a 10 jumper as soon as i can to celebrate the mischief & down and dirty young fella
  7. no real howlers, but if anything i think that the dogs got a better run than us! lots of throws from them too.. particularly in 2nd & 3rd qtrs..
  8. happy to just keep the 21 dees team together for the next 57 years..
  9. if true, stoked we're not gonna lose any of our boys! its all good in the hood. fingers x for a few more draft smokies!
  10. First Goal: Kozzie Most Goals: Brown Norm Smith: Oliver Winning Margin: 32
  11. First to the ball! Composure! Spread! Do it for Barassi! do it for JIm!! Do it for Flower!!! Do it for Neale!!!! Do it for Jonesy!!!!! DO IT FOR MELBOURNE!!!!!!
  12. dream scenario: flag, brayshaw announced 4 year deal, cerra signs on for 3 (don't ask me how).
  13. Jeff Garlett! Loved watching his sneaky skills and goals from the boundary line at the G
  14. agree. he keeps writing articles about Cerra with no insights whatsoever. we all know that MFC don't *currently* have anything or worth pick-wise, but that doesn't mean that we can't get it. [censored].
  15. just thinking after the successful end to the season that bowey has had, how his mate would be feeling.. also, watching through a few of the highlights packages in this thread, i wonder where laurie will settle once he gets a chance in our team? his agility and foot skills are obvious, but height is an issue. not sure we could play spargo, kozzie, bowey and laurie in the same team? laurie seems to be similar to spargo?.. but hey, we have always cried out for more footskills and now that is no longer a problem. good issue to have!
  16. my girlfriend is a doggies fan (as her mum is from the western suburbs), but she's more dees these days seeing as though i watch and listen to as much dees stuff as i can. if i had a second team, it'd be the dogs. mind you, after being flogged by them a few times, quite content in flogging them in the GF if we get a chance. due to their lack of success, i feel as though their fanbase has more in common with us than most realise.
  17. the dream would be if barassi AND daniher both come out after the final siren (after being smuggled over the border) and the crowd loses its [censored]. that'd be too much.
  18. i reckon you could add another couple from the game on friday night.. also like to see some jurrah and garlett goals in there. trac has had a few pearlers too! great list though :-)
  19. I wonder if this will change should a certain event occur in a few weeks? Just constantly ignored or not bothered with aren't we.. Sheesh!
  20. if its true that the cats had a virus rip through their team during a pandemic, WTF were they doing playing?! i hope that MFC are given special consideration if any of our players get sick as a result of GFC playing infected players.. whether its COVID or the flu, is irrelevant.. players shouldn't play with anything viral anymore..
  21. and in the game the other night against the cats, he goes when its his turn to go.. he isn't soft. love him.
  22. the only thing that's worked for me is going for a 2 hr surf this arvo.. the sound of waves and no one else cleared my head well. now i'm about to crack a beer and have some fish n chips. might pop on a bit of the fall on the way to the chip shop. go dees!
  23. says who? bedford has played what, one or two games for us? no trade value.. so the trade would basically be weid (worth maybe pick 20 at most?) and pick 14-18 for cerra.. i think i'd rather hold on to weid and our first rounder. tried to look at cerra's highlights and was a bit meh. happy if he comes real cheap, but not worth losing chips at the table for him. more than happy with who we have atm. would on the other hand, lose chips at the table for ben king.
  24. throwing and just stone cold dropping the ball is getting OUTTA CONTROL.. seems worse than ever the last few rounds?
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