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  1. Some good points and truth in that. Our biggest strength (Gawn) is also our biggest weakness. Teams just focus on your 1 wood, remove its power and we're ordinary. Id prefer to see Jackson take centre square bounces. He won't win many, but can add as a 2nd midfielder in there. OR, why not Gawn AND Jackson in the centre square. Jackson at 200cm can cleanly take Gawns taps ABOVE oppo midfielders, and get hands away to a player outside. Where's the creativity Goodwin?
  2. Teague is a prototype good modern coach. Doesn't over coach structure/method. Encourages players to take the game on, play their natural instincts & style.
  3. How much better are we with just Bennell in the side? He adds that skill and polish we desperately lack. Get rid of BOTH Brayshaw & Oliver. Still have Viney, Harmes, Petracca, Sparrow in the middle. We need skillful & pacy mids who can kick.
  4. I'm legit dead serious. But thanks for the lol.
  5. What importance does a song have? It’s just a meaningless song right? I don’t agree. I believe words have power. Words seep into our subconscious brains, like seeds that sprout over time. Words sung or said with emotion attached to them are even more powerful. The power to create reality. The power to create a future. Example - You were told by someone you’re stupid, not smart at a young age. This becomes your self talk when you make a mistake - “I’m stupid, I’m not smart, I suck”. You go on to achieve poor results in school & university. Unless, unless you say no,
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