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  1. What is it with people who think Lyon owes the club something?

    He has always said if the club needs him he will help, but will not be an ex player hanging around the club like a bad smell.

    He does not owe the club anything, he played his heart and soul out for the club, played under immense pain and duress for the club and yes was paid to do so, he does not owe the club 1 little bit!

    who said he owed the club?? :wacko::huh:

  2. I was interested to hear Gary Lyon last night on TV mentioning how he will be involved for the MFC in luring Judd to the Demons.

    whats everyones thoughts? i think people tend to think Garry doesn't do enuff for us around the club.. well he did help us pick a coach and now he is helping u tryingto lure judd over!!

    C'mon Garry show us what u are really made of!!

  3. i know this for a true fact and coming from an ex melbourne rookie list player chunky jones loves melbourne and wants to play his career there. yes he did support em as a kid but trust me know he is red and blue all the way.

  4. on bigfooty they reckon one of em heard mark robinson on SEN saying he recieved a contact from perth saying its down to two clubs??!! wtf? since when has judd made the decision?? il lose respect for chris judd if he walsk to collingwood!!

  5. why? because robbo is such a greedy [censored] and all he wants is money?? what happened last time when we gave a player 3 year deal...

    by the sound of all reports robbo wants to go to bulldogs and wont sign until ge gets his 3 year deal! well robbo dont sook when we are up on the poduim with juddy holdin that mighty holy grail and ur at home sulking with the rest of ur bulldog mates.

    oh and im willing to trade brucey aswell.

  6. plz Chris judd this will be ya only chance u get to play for ur team you barracked for!! please come to us oh great one!! i say send jim stynes and garry lyon to perth to try and lure him to the mighty dees.

    Carlton can get f%$!!

  7. its a disgusting how people actually want to trade davey! ffs he is our only small forward pocket and people want him traded for sum old used up guy!! we are in a rebuilding mode guys not taking us old washed up players!! im sick to death of it! davey like the rest of his teamates this year were poor year but its a learning curve for him, and being only 24 has another good 7 years ahead. Davey is a must keep!! give me some players on our list that wud take that crumbing role if we traded him... has people forgotten the kid that burst onto the scene running down players without making a noice, kicking those freakish goals from angles?? or for bleeding there heart out for this club. making us on the edge of our seats with excitement and thrlling dash of play??!!! get a grip people davey aint going nooowhere.. we made a mistake not drafting alwyn lets not make a mistake getting rid of Aaron!

  8. I hate Collingw&%$ like a sack of [censored] but ya gotta give it to em last night. they battled on and on and melbourne should take a leaf out of there book tonight. knowing us we probably wud have stopped during the first quarter and gave the game away.. but well done collingwobbles..

    GO PORT!

  9. how did Neaves show real promise? the time i saw him play he looked like mark jamar. slow, doesn't do much around the ground and no football brain. the only time he held number 1 spot was because either jamar or pj were playing seniors or injured. got drop in the middle of the year aswell which showed he took a bit of a backward step. he is 199cm. but we need a ruckman who can take big marks, quick, kick goals when resting forward and do a fair bit around the ground.

  10. Everyone's saying we should get Lachie Henderson but why? I have seen the bloke play and was just plodder and couldn't be bothered doing anything... lazy. That write up about him doesn't get me excited at all. If he is a big forward then he should be kicking big goals. Pass on him.

    Brad Ebert is our man!

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