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  1. 2 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Yeah just realized I looked at the wrong number there.

    Has been poor, but find it pretty [censored] even by Demonland standards that that's what people are focusing on.

    And you're correct it's not the night for tall forwards which is good for is because Tabener and Lobb haven't looked threatening at all.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Lord Nev said:

    Same amount of disposals as Lobb, but has had more tackles.

    Might not be a night for the key forwards.

    Nev, Weideman hasn't even had a kick or handball the whole half. Lobb has actually touched it 4 times and has had a contested mark.

    There is no justifying Weideman's performance tonight, this is as poor as it gets unfortunately. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Lucifers Hero said:

    Presumably all emergencies do the captain's run?

    I didn't mean for him to have a holiday, more to see his family while still doing training, attend games etc.

    I'm just holding out hope there's a late change and he gets to debut at home...

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Freddy Fuschia said:

    You make me laugh too.

    He was not named once in the best players in their reserves and you think that's satisfactory for a top 5 draft pick?

    His performances are not even on par with Casey's Corey Ellison who isn't even AFL listed.

    Have another go.



  5. 48 minutes ago, Freddy Fuschia said:

    Really? You're the one who's been all over the shop here.

    I expect a number 5 draft pick in his first season to get in his team's best players a few times if he's playing in the ressies to justify a place in the ones - wouldn't you? How many times has he done that?

    Lol you blokes make me laugh.. First of all clubs barely keep track of of who's in the 'best' now days. 

    His form in the VFL has been solid enough to justify his selection. His numbers stack up very well as a defender, and now he's been rewarded with a debut. Not bad for a kid that you specifically said wouldn't even get a game in two years of being in the system.

    Just reminding you once again that;

    Some of you were certainty that he wouldn't go top 10. ✔️

    Then there was the certainty that he wouldn't get a game in his first couple of years in the AFL system with how skinny he is. ✔️

    Continue to write the kid off at your own peril. But his last 12 months of development has been huge and that comes down to mostly hard work from Andrew with support of the footy club.

    I don't expect much from his first game at AFL and just looking out for those glimpses like all kids who play their first games. 

    Well done to the kid.

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  6. FMD you know you're all over the shop when you're using dream points as the main key criteria for rating someone's performance without even watching the actual game.


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  7. 4 minutes ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    The Dockers' round 11 win at the MCG saw Logue hold May to season lows of just six disposals and one mark (well below his 2022 averages of 19.1 and 5.2) in a big tactical win for Longmuir.


    Apparently Griffen Logue holds the key to tonight.

    Some cutting edge analysis by Nathan Schmook on the AFL website.

    (we'll just ignore the fact that May missed the last three quarters of that game with concussion and was on track for a 24 possession game)

    That's a shocker by Schmook..

    Doing some research wouldn't hurt once in a while.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, binman said:

    Supposedly will clear by the arvo.

    Deck will still be wet, but i presume it drains ok. The problem is the ground is in woeful condition so it will be shifting like crazy i suspect. 

    Which will negate a bit of the advantage the dockers have with leg speed and perhaps make their switch and  flick it around style more challenging. 

    Our big advantage over the dockers is our bulls in the middle. The conditions should suit Viney, Oliver and Trac and i reckon their mids will struggle big time to contain them. 

    Their talls also slaughtered us last time. Winning the ground ball will be critical tonight.

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