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  1. 1 minute ago, The heart beats true said:

    I said this a while back in the Jackson thread, but I’ll spare you the pain of having to trawl through 200 pages…

    Dont underestimate the impact of COVID on these young guys from interstate. Their mates at home were partying and seeing family while we were in lock down and scared to go to Coles. It tainted Melbourne significantly.

    That was 12 months ago.

    They can do whatever they like now..

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  2. 6 hours ago, Gorgoroth said:

    Most likely but it’s dumb to give up a first or high second for a player we don’t need (in terms of age and wages)

    I agree mate, I've been a broke record on this stating its bad list management from our end if we were to give up a 1st rounder for a 29 year old ruckman.

    Makes zero sense to me.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Dannyz said:

    I believe the club is very interested in Sam Sturt of Fremantle. He has been watched live in the WAFL by the club twice in recent weeks. I'm still none the wiser on the actual situation with Jacko but believe Sturt would form part of any deal. 

    We had showed huge interest in his draft year.

    This makes sense.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Demon3 said:

    That's true, but what if it was to help get us to Cadmen? Man this has rattled the cages. Ok, so we wont trade Salem, i get that. But if we stand still we get left behind. Great sides have a history of being ruthless by being progressive. Will we be daring and look to refresh, or will we, like we did when we lost the prelim in 2018 just assume this list will get it done next year?

    I'm in the same boat as you regarding Salem.

    You'd be silly not to at least test the waters regardless who he is friends with at the club. He's been incredibly disappointing this year, and yes I've taken into account his battled a bit with his body.

    Do we need to get ruthless with our list management? I don't think so, but I certainly don't think it's a silly idea to see what could be on offer for Salem to other clubs.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, george_on_the_outer said:


    Given there have been announcements about Commonwealth games and Womens soccer world cup from the state government, with NOTHING about AAMI park, I suspect that NOTHING is what we are getting.

    I'm expecting window dressing to cover up the " we can't tell you anything unless the politicians say so" line we have been fed for the past 2 years.


    This has been my inkling as well which is disappointing to say at least.

  6. 59 minutes ago, sue said:

    I'm surprised that this could happen before the Casey GF (except for any players who can't play in that).

    Think you'll find players would be well aware their time is well up.

    Players now days get good communication around their future even during the season.

    For instance, Mitch Brown would certainly know he's time is up as would Oskar Baker who hasn't even been named emergency this year.

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  7. 10 hours ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    I realise that. But she’s heavily invested in all MFC teams. Why should she be expected to address this issue when the firsts are no longer alive, but the seconds and the girls still are? 

    Because her role is specifically to deal with off field matters.. Our coaching staff are equipped to deal with on field matters.

    She can still support the teams that are still playing, im not questioning that at all.

    But the silence on this matter has been deafening from both Roffey and Gary Pert. We were advised that there would be an announcement around the time I've already outlined and yet, we've heard nothing since.

    Supporters are getting fed up with the lack of communication while clubs like Western Bulldogs and Richmond are approved for recent funding to upgrade their their already existing home facilities. 

    Heard anything @george_on_the_outer?

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  8. 29 minutes ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    How about letting her concentrate on the other two: Casey and our girls?! The season’s far from over, you know. 

    Yeah so thats the coaches job to that, not Kate's. Players are in capable hands under some very good. coaches there.

    I'm just asking for an update considering both Kate and Gary Pert said there would be an official announcement end of last year/start of this year.

    We've been waiting since.

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  9. From Fox Footy articles about Jackson. Someone mentioned on here that Hunt would most likely be at another club next year. Looks like the opposite. 

    Quote was from Jon Ralph.

    “(They are) set to recontract Jayden Hunt. Decisions ahead on (Michael) Hibberd and (Jake) Melksham.

    “Multiple clubs have interest in Toby Bedford – he hasn’t signed yet.”

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  10. Just on a side note, Matt Buntine has been an astute pick up for Casey this year.

    Cool and calm down back and has provided fantastic leadership to our younger brigade coming through.

    If he was a few years younger I would happily offer him a rookie spot.

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  11. Great performance by Casey. It was a team effort all around.

    If we're dead set wanting to save cap money then forget Grundy and trial Weideman as a ruck/forward. Give him one last hit because the last two Casey games I've watched him as a ruckman he's dominated.

    He could relieve Gawn but also play as that 2nd tall with JVR as the 3rd tall forward with maybe Harrison Petty/Tom McDonald.  

    JVR is the real deal. I've banged on about him far too much this year. Told you he's the real deal @Bitter but optimistic. The excitement is real. His 2nd efforts and defensive tackling pressure for such a big dude is insane.

    Chandler and Bedford need to play more senior games next year, it's as simple as that. The dynamic and X factor these two have is untapped imo. Spargo and ANB are under pressure imo because I think they've been incredibly disappointing this year.

    Blake Howes has certainly grown. He looks 192cm tall instead of the 190cm as listed. I would also like to see him train in his natural position as a 3rd floating forward. Reminded me of Gunston when he took that mark.

    Corey Ellison is absolutely worth a look imo even as a train on player. Has solid hands and is physically mature as well. Rarely gets beaten.

    How exciting is Andy Moniz Wakefield? His ariel work and leap is very impressive. He's such a unique player that I actually don't know who I'd compare him to in the AFL. Strong summer and hopefully few NAB games next to Kozzie.

    Onto the big dance! 

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  12. 37 minutes ago, A F said:

    I love how last year our flag was built off the coaching of our assistant coaches and now when we don't win it, it's all Goodwin's fault.

    It's certainly a collective as a whole I agree and I have mentioned them as a group together.

    Yze and his mids were poor during the finals series. The connection between Gawn and the mids was completely out of wack as it had been in certain parts of the year. We had two best ruck combo in the game and we got beaten around clearances far too easy for my liking.

    I think Stafford will be under pressure the most to keep his job. Line coach of a pretty dysfunctional forward line wouldn't exactly look good on his record

    I think Goodwin will reflect back on this year and know deep down if he had his time again he would have done things different.

    We know he's a good coach as much as he's frustrated the hell out of me. He'll learn from it.

    Said during the week that regardless what happens this finals series I'm genuinely excited we can do some serious damage next year.

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