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  1. 3 hours ago, JimmyGadson said:

    Have heard a rumour, probably not breaking given where our list is at compared to that of the other clubs that could take him. But he's keen to get to us if we can make it happen.

    Which worries me slightly as I've changed my mind on nabbing him. I just can't see how we don't sell the farm to land him and shoot our future-self in the foot whilst doing so. 


    In regards to?

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Travy14 said:

    Hows smiths career been?  Weid kicked 3 in a final too.

    If he continues this form sure,  but in his 6 years at the club he has shown he can't do that.

    He has shock factor and catches teams off guard, once they put some time into him he has shown he can't work through it.  42 games in 6 years is a pretty good indication of that. 6 of which he was sub.

    On the weekend he kicked three goals, kicked 2 and Kossie screwed one up for him before half time.  After Halftime Carlt made a change and put someone on him,  he had 1 more disposal for the rest of the game, a half of football and one disposal.  Didn't touch it in the last quarter. 

    In fairness to Smith he's been completely played put of position his whole career down back.

    It's only this year the coaches decided to wake up and realise his athletic traits is best suited up forward.

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  3. 30 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Jack Buller was a Swans midseason draftee who kicked 22 goals in 8 VFL games. Big unit.

    Unfortunately he immediately extended his contract for a year before he made his debut. Swans really leveraged him.

    Rumour was he was going to play WAFL finals?

    Can we put a fat contract to him and try to force the Swans hand in the Grundy deal?

    You're kidding right?

  4. 36 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Sub, sub, sub , dropped , in, sub 25 minutes , in, dropped … rinse and repeat  

    Of course he should have got minutes at the end of the 21 GF.  

    That's absolutely not treating him poorly but okay.. in fact Jordon should count himself lucky he was still able to get senior opportunities ahead of someone like Dunstan who was banging on 30 plus touches each game.

    When he got his opportunity playing full games he was incredibly disappointing. In fact Goodwin even gave him a stretch of game to try and prove himself and he failed to do so, so back to the VFL he went.

    Goodwin did the right thing. How did he go in his recent performance against Carlton when he was given another full opportunity?

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  5. 6 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Toby Bedford 2022 

    James Jordon 2023 

    If you drop them in a flash or play them as a sub over and over and over again, eventually they say enough and leave. 

    Dees cannot say they wanted to retain him after treating him poorly.  Another player Goodwin just didn’t favour at all.  

    Good luck to him. 

    How did Goodwin treat him poorly??

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  6. Don't mind coach tearing stips off the players.

    Just hope someone is tearing strips of Goody for his absolute shambles of team selections in both finals.

    His selection blunders were just as worse as both losses.

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  7. Hear me out, if there was an opportunity to bring either onto our list next year as a player to then transition as a forwards development coach would you take up that opportunity?

    A Jack Riewoldt or Tom Hawkins would have been such a huge upgrade on Tom McDonald in both finals series. 

    Tom Hawkins played 20 games and still kicked 49 goals this year. Remarkable effort.

    Jack Riewoldt played 21 games for 33 goals this year also.

    Could you imagine the leadership and development impact this would have on JVR, Petty and Jefferson?

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  8. 6 minutes ago, YesitwasaWin4theAges said:

    The Petty injury was the moment.

    Surely we can't be going down to that hell hole again in Tassie?

    It's a given that we'll end up playing down I. Tassie probably a week after playing down in Geelong.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, demoncat said:

    We’re still implying that Sparrow was responsible for Petty’s injury are we? 🤦‍♂️

    How about McKay not executing the tackle in the way he did or the AFL not scheduling us to play in Tassie at that woeful ground for the upteenth time

    The tackle was absolutely fine.

    Stop looking at the most outlandish and ridiculous things to blame other than a professional AFL footballer not hitting a kick most junior footballers could hit.


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  10. 5 minutes ago, The heart beats true said:

    On The Couch is ugly tonight.

    We are the 16th ranked team for kicking in the competition.

    Gawn is the worst kick in the comp.
    Viney the 3rd worst.
    Oliver the 7th.

    Wow that’s ugly.

    Ugly and embarrassing to watch.

    These are our so called senior leaders that are suppose to be leading the way in games, but yet they're their own worst enemy. 


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  11. 16 minutes ago, adonski said:

    Power interested in Soldo is the only new piece of info

    As well as:

    The Roos will secure picks two and three, with clubs now believing they could secure a mid-first round pick from the AFL at pick 11 — after the non-finalists — to help preserve the draft order which will be impacted by academy and free agency picks.

    Power interested in Soldo after securing Sweet?

    They're hitting Grundy/Melbournesque levels here..

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  12. 3 hours ago, BaliDemon said:

    Salem and Hunter is a half back flank and wing zone of the ground that concerns me. Salem’s drop off in form since 2021 has been steep and Hunter, although a seasoned and ‘neat’ footballer, lacks leg speed in an area of the ground that we need it. Salem ‘ain’t quick over the ground either. 

    Selection pressure must come on both of these blokes in 2021. Hunter in particular I’d like to see replaced as a first 18 regular with someone with more dash and dare. It’s an area where I think we can blood some fresh talent in 2024. 

    Kade Chandler is the other one. His back half the season was poor and finals a huge letdown. Hard call on the kid but we can and must do a lot better there. 

    Very disappointing finish for Chandler. 

    Whilst we watch Toby Bedford steam roll into finals, it was then hard to watch Chandler don't even give a yelp in his last month of footy.

    Andy Moniz Wakefield needs to have the biggest pre season of his life because there is a spot up for grabs in our smalls department. 

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