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  1. Thank you so much for these great photos Six6six. In 2016 will you be taking photos of all training sessions? Also, do you film professionally for MFC? Go Dees and have a dee-lightful Christmas too!
  2. It was great to see Viv out and about today on the track. He seemed optimistic and I really hope he will have a great season! Go Viv!! U.D.
  3. AVB was training last Monday, so it is interesting to know he was MIA this week. I hope he is okay. Does anyone have an update?
  4. Hey DLanders, What are your thoughts on the leadership group for the Demons in 2016? Do you think N.Jones will remain the captain, or co-captain with someone else like Bernie Vince? Will Maxy Gawn and TMac be in the leadership group? Cheers!
  5. Michie- best game yet Vince- where was he? Watts- a versatile player
  6. Good to see Michie not on this list, there are many more to go before him. I'd agree with most of these, including having no idea about White! TMac I don't want to be traded, and I think Grimes and Garland won't be delisted. Grimes especially has shown today what he is capable of I also would like to see Cross stay on, I think he is a ball-winner and he has potential, despite his age.
  7. I was so proud of Michie today! Solid effort and really showed us what his got- his best game yet He makes good decisions, is among the top in goal assists, and he has pace. He is definitely a ball-winner and I like how he plays. Thanks Samael for the interesting stats and all the Michie-fans!! See what impact starting on-field has? That hasn't happened often...and today I thought Michie was BOG He was rewarded for his hard efforts all the times he was named on the I/C bench, still solid efforts then too. Keep up the good work Michie!! Roos: 'I thought Michie was good for us today, he show
  8. TMac working in the ruck worked today later in the game. He is very versatile, but I think he is equally as good as in defence. Michie played a really solid game and I thought the showed a lot today, particularly in the first half! Would love to see more of this!! :)
  9. So happy to see Viv Michie on the starting field at HF! What does everyone think about Viv staying on in 2016? Can't wait to see him play tomorrow! Go Dees!!
  10. GDay Dee-Land! I just thought I would find out if any other Dees fans are as crazy as me to have game day omens or rituals in the lead up to the big days? Would love to hear your thoughts!! :) Go Dees!!!
  11. Harmsy Chomp is amazing! He had an impact from the moment he came on the field and I am so thrilled that he kicked that goal, his first in AFL thanks to AVB! Go Chomper!!
  12. It wasn't even a complete war cry dance, and according to the commentators it wasn't even half a war cry dance! I don't see why there was so much talk and fuss on the radio about this issue anyway Good on Jonesy too for the gesture after he kicked the game sealer!
  13. Good on you Jack Watts for the interview He has really developed as a player and he has the skills, but is only now building on his confidence. The weighting of his kicks is very good and he makes good decisions. I really enjoy watching Wattsy play and he is going to be a star in the coming years....GO DEES!!!
  14. Great win today Dees!! I loved that the players planned the game, played hard for all 4 quarters, scored more accurately and our youngsters are really developing! It's exciting to watch and I can't wait for the years to come
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