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  1. Not weighing into the debate regarding whether Jason Taylor or Stephen Wells are any good, or at what stage of the draft they excel at. But I do have a question. I assume national recruiting managers report to the head of the footy department? How does that person assess job performance? The basics would be having a solid program of scouting and due diligence. But some players get contact ACLs, and others eventually want to go home after possibly stating their genuine excitement of moving to a new city. In short, how do you determine the worth of a recruiter's performance on an annual basis when it often takes years to learn if any given player is any good, not to mention other factors such as club development issues and injuries? Are there clear instances of recruiters staying on for too long (Dorado will be mentioned, but what has he done wrong?), or replacements completely transforming a side after taking on the role? It seems to the major factor is not completely [censored] up on early speculative picks.
  2. Sorry, I've been living outside of Australia for too long. I forgot that planes don't exist and that you can't cross state borders. And that no assistants are allowed to change jobs. My bad. Please don't let the authorities know that he once had a clandestine position at Essendon.
  3. I've been banging on about Nathan Basset for years. Will bang on once again: Nathan Basset. I'm confused why he isn't at the Demons already.
  4. Like almost the rest of the AFL watching and commentating world I've been confused by Grundy as a trade target as well. But regardless of where they specifically lined up, the Gawn-Jackson combination delivered us a flag in 2021. Maybe the forward craft isn't as important to Goody and the footy department as having two fresh rucks available at their disposal? Neither Grundy nor Jackson contribute all that much in terms of around-the-ground contested marking, but Grundy is noted as a follow-up specialist at ground level post-tap - exactly what Jackson excelled at - except Grundy is still probably better. People speak of Jackson's influence in the third quarter of the grand final. Max wasn't at full forward at the time. It was a change out and fresh legs. Grundy is currently a much better player than Jackson by almost any objective measure - who cares where he and Max line up and fit in together? And who knows what influence fresh legs have in the middle? Honestly, I don't even know where Jackson was playing most of the time. I want to see more flags in the next five years. Having a ruck like Grundy on board will help with that, and his cost is the same as what it would have been to retain Jackson.
  5. Anyone one want to Harry Petty what I know? I don't want to Trengenza any of the Magarey Medalist DL snowBlacers so here is your chance to Brock McLean me if you don't want to Geary what I have to say. Brock don’t Cam Bruce. Riddle sorted. Sounds like old news.
  6. Shoe doesn't have to be on the other foot. It was an awesome tackle, a cheapie but perfectly timed. Lingers should have some words to Trac about the hospital handball. Speaking of awesome tackles - Rivers diving horizontally over one of their players and wrapping up another one while in mid-flight! Great to watch.
  7. Seemingly strange question. Can someone please let me know how long there is to go until kick-off?
  8. Just jumped through some hoops to shut down my Kayo account, because I'm currently overseas. It inspired me to close my Amazon and Uber Pass accounts as well, and then remembered that I also had some sub-accounts through Amazon - none of which I have used for over six months. All in, I think I have thrown over $500 against the wall, because I'm socio-economically stupid and lazy. It's the old gym membership play. I think there should be some law against it.
  9. I really don't understand this concept of any footballer not speaking like a bogan being considered articulate. ANB says a whole bunch of weird stuff during that interview and with some seriously messed-up phrasing. I will give him the benefit of the doubt for being nervous, and no doubt he is intelligent, but let's not pretend he is a master orator and future leader based on that.
  10. There are so many logical fallacies going on here it's ridiculous.
  11. The intrepid footy reporter known as Skuit is sent along to the mid-week Simon Goodwin press conference. A hot ticket. He completely botches the assignment though, and only manages to ask Simon why humans have pom-poms on their beanies? Like what's the function and when did it become a thing? Is there some deeper meaning? It's a gotcha-question gone wrong, as Simon says that they're not really taking the pom-poms into consideration right now, it's more about the process. Does Skuit take any satisfaction from the fact that a multi-billion dollar organisation in the AFL has finally managed to procure some decent mikes to capture the reporters' questions, or is he left ruing this development? You decide.
  12. Glad you found an outlet for your frustrations
  13. So I think most AFL fans would think that these two outcomes from the one game aren't commensurate, and that something needs to be done to finally fix the MRO. It's a bugbear that's being going on for years, but Gil has his eye on TV rights and $$$ rather than addressing things that frustrate the majority of fans. So my question is, how do we fix it? I know there's legalities involved, but I would go the pub test. Set up a five-person or even seven-person independent panel from various backgrounds, and let them just nominate a number of games that they think a player should be suspended. Take the median average, with carry-over points. How else can we fix this without relying on an inequitable formula?
  14. I recall Dom Barry getting a gig in the NT after a one disposal debut. And then doubling his pb.
  15. Did your dog eat your homework this week @RedLegs23?
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