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  1. Had a demonstrably [censored] draw compared to other teams around our mark. Complained about the usual stuff but also addressed some things. Remember when we all hated five defenders going up for the spoil together? And when we just endlessly bombed it long into our forward line? Don't think I've heard one complaint about either of those issues yesterday. Simon never tries anything. Well actually he does and you complain about that too. We're in a good place right now and any rattling will be detrimental to our progress. I'll spell it out one more time
  2. Wow. I agree with the Doctor. Not sure where to go from here.
  3. It's not actually that much Adam if you look at the averages over the years. That said, if we're debating the future of Hunt then we're a long way ahead of when Newton was someone to discuss.
  4. Hey swampthing. Has any team ever jettisoned two sets of brothers in the one off-season?
  5. I agree with you that TMac's poor form is our single biggest issue this year. We built a forward-line around a faulty spine. Add Melksham to that. No fault of anyone but just bad luck. They are both spent. Our form changed when Weid stepped up and regressed again when he slumped.
  6. B&f hasn't happened yet. But when it does compare our top six in experience with that of Geelong or Richmond or Port. With the worth of experience heightened this year.
  7. Did you have a look at our list and games played and compare it to other clubs like I suggested or are you just anti-Goodwin like everyone else?
  8. Please be true. Essendon could probably accommodate both.
  9. Who is this Hore fellow you all keep talking about?
  10. Look closely at our list and games played and compare it to any other team in the league. Seriously. If you do and want to refute that as a reason why we still struggle sometimes then get back to me. You will lose the argument. We are poised for a major dynasty. Enjoy the next few months off peeps.
  11. Hallmarks of an abusive relationship. I feel relief that me and the MFC are on a break. I want my MFC back.
  12. This is complete torture. Worse than watching us.
  13. I think this reinforces the point I've been making about our core players still being mentally immature (and unfortunately not all that bright) - with Oliver, Harmes and Brayshaw also among others on that list. They still behave like boys together. But for the most part Petracca's increased maturity has been evident this season and the effect on-field has been plain to see, and I think Oliver is beginning to mature as well. When they all transition to being professional adult footballers we'll see our fortunes turn. Anyway, the club got the response right so let's move on.
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