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  1. Extending two of our highest paid players right now suggests to me a deal may have been reached with Oliver and we just have to move some stuff around. Probably wishful speculation though.
  2. Any chance Austin's old man was down for the day to teach the boys some offensive blocking moves?
  3. I think 'premium, members-only content' is the intended meaning when translated from Twitterish.
  4. Still lurking on occasion mate, but keeping the opinions to myself. That said, I've never really been inclined to open any potentially racially-charged topics on Demonland in the past until you basically summonsed me here. Haven't and won't read this thread back. You can't change small-minded bias on an internet forum. Meanwhile, "Free the Darwin 15" - something to properly rally around. That's me 'virtue-signalling' on here and every day on the fence of the local detention centre.
  5. Appreciate the suggestion guys (and others). But have had enough. I support free speech but if Demonland doesn't want to shut down obvious trolls or deliberately destabilising influences because it drives traffic then I'm out. See you in the soup. And please keep up the good fight. Go Dees!
  6. So yeah - I'm out. Disappointed that @Demonland didn't curtail the constant negative influences on this site during this season. Otherwise big respect to the moderators of this site. I just don't want it in my life anymore with all the pervasive [censored] and no facts rhetoric. Also big-ups to the many posters that fought for the truth to the end, and even those I battled with on a respectable basis over the years. No need to name names. When we win a flag, I would just be pissy and in vengeance mode on here anyway. Be well fellow travellers.
  7. Great. We [censored] on our own feet. Mock me all you, like, ever, like want - but you haven't remotely gone close to answering my question. Straight-up: do you dispute the fact that we had the hardest ever draw in the history of the AFL this year? Really simple yes or no - but I would also hope you provide evidence to back up your ridicule. I'm making pretty big claims, but happy to provide evidence on the other side to prove that. But no, it's Goodwin. FFS this forum is getting boring.
  8. Here's the actual link. Make your own decisions but I reckon this is the right guy in this job. https://deeludedpodcast.buzzsprout.com/1069396/6043198-mfc-president-glen-bartlett-on-melbourne-s-list-the-clarry-rumours-and-the-long-road-back-from-hell
  9. What else did they do? It's on the record that they: backed in their coach, chilled out a bit, and got some new assistants.
  10. Do you dispute that we had the hardest season thrust upon us in recent AFL history, if not all time? Argue that position if you want and we can work from there.
  11. God I feel the need for speed. Tom Cruise is the MFC and Kelly McGillas gets to replace our current Macs as Ben Brown with a fantastic perm.
  12. We beat two of those top-8 teams (admittedly one of those was at their lowest ebb), came within a goal of a grand-finalist and prelim-finalist, was in with a chance in the final quarter against the other grand-finalist in a horrible match while seriously out of form, and was embarrassed by the other rampaging prelim team off a four day break - all while experiencing the hardest fixture any team has ever endured in the history of the AFL. We also went 5-1 against the next six teams below us on the ladder. We slipped up in a slippery Cairns on the back of a highly [censored] travel schedule, and
  13. From what I can recall his issues started in 2017. Missed the first five rounds of 2018, with a foot and/or toe problem which carried over to the next pre-season. Remember the rumours and footage of him with his boots or shoes off, both at training and in social settings? I can't recall exactly if it was both his foot and toe? Nevertheless, then throw in a knee injury as well. His lower body is shot, which means even less agility than the limited amount he had to begin with. Then add a lack of confidence. Done.
  14. Awesome. People whine about Richmond overtaking us, but the half media this week has been about Gale's bold road-map for success. The MFC makes similar calls and everyone starts whining again. Strongly backs Goodwin in for now, without committing beyond next season - citing the patience shown to Hardwick, Buckley and Simpson. Perfect. Knows we've had two highly compromised seasons. Notes - like almost all of on here - that we need a stronger coaching panel assembled around Goody. That's plain as day, they have identified that, and are now making serious moves, led by the recr
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