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  1. My apologies to you jnrmac and to anyone who I might have offended with my choice of language. On another note, when was a kid I used to attend the football at Adelaide Oval with a language professor (the inspiration for my future career) who once yelled out regarding a holding the ball decision that the player was retarded, as in tightly held and so wasn't able to release the ball. Unfortunately, the Crows' cheer squad, which at the time had a high profile member with down syndrome, didn't take too kindly to his use of language and we were nearly kicked out. Highly amusing in hindsight
  2. Let the football retards keep posting in this thread. They've been given the chance to back-out, and the longer they go on then the more their public humiliation and ridicule in this forum. I'm just sad that in the aftermath of our flag celebrations that I'll feel inclined to publicly shame them all for their hypocrisy, rather than just basking in the glow. But I won't forget, and at every chance possible will remind them that their joy is tainted. Remember that time we won a flag after 60 years, but wouldn't have if you had your big sooky way? Hang your head in shame.
  3. Jason Taylor made a curious comment a couple years ago that recruiters on occasions get it wrong, but just wished they had asked a certain specific question or two at the time to maybe weed out a few issues regrading personality and drive etc. The easy call at the time would have been thinking this statement was in regards to Trac, but I sincerely felt he was referring Weid. Has all the tools but never remotely displayed the hunger. Said to a Wobbles mate this week that he would most likely be at their club next year, the only issue being now that Eddie has gone they were less likely to pay ov
  4. A bit of [censored] OUTING, but who really gives a [censored]? We've lost two games by a combined two goals against two of the bottom three teams, and struggled against the other. Supposedly that exposes us to other teams on how to beat us, but we've stood up against every genuine challenger. Move on. We're still the team to beat, by a fair margin. Go Dees.
  5. I'm somewhere between pfft-fugazi and oh-my-god-Hogan-isn't-smiling on the Buckley swansong impact expectations, but I agree that hopefully it will have a positive impact - not just the thought that the Pies will come out swinging, but that they indeed do and make it a high-pressure game. I have been a bit concerned about our inability to play our best outside of big occasions and genuine challengers. I know this is a partially flawed measure, but it terms of points gains and losses on last season results: Rich +61 Dogs +56 Geelong +28 Bris +26 Hawks +3 North
  6. There's a difference between a list and development. It's far from surprising that you don't credit maturity and humility as factors in our rise.
  7. Could have just added to the facepalm emojis. But I thought it best to quote you both again for SEO purposes and the best chance that your moronic posts come up at the top of the Google search rankings in perpetuity.
  8. I say it based on the presumption that anyone clued into our cap isn't posting on Demonland, especially about this specific matter, and I would be highly disturbed if they were. Ergo, no one on here has any idea as to the current management of our salary cap. Be weary all you want, but don't buy into uninformed speculation.
  9. MFC salary cap tightness is a fantasy. No one on here (presumably) has any idea how we've managed our cap in recent years, and the fact that we've got ahead of the game this year and extended a number of our key components to 2025-2029 suggests we're making space rather than using it all up. I'm supremely confident that if a marquee player came into the frame such as Merrett we could accommodate them, but that we will also continue to manage the cap wisely. I believe that we have room if something falls in our laps in the short term, but will otherwise plug smaller holes with cheaper acquisiti
  10. Serial polyamorous anti-parental monogamoust here ManDee, and I'll ask you not to judge, bread becomes before breeding.
  11. I quite like that doofus, similar to my fondness for Fitzy and Frost. Faulty along with the rest of the supporters should put his/their efforts into keeping Burgo at the club, at almost any cost. I would support him working for almost the same remuneration for a few months over the pre-season with FIFO top-ups during the year, just to ensure he was ours and didn't defect to the Crows. We're already paying that cash. That's how important I think he is. It's so satisfying heading into last quarters knowing we will at least have the legs. On top of that, Burgess is a truly inspi
  12. Is Jahmal Stretch someone we should know about? Not a common name (and other stuff from older discussions about Steve and Billy, which used to constantly pop up in my suggested Demonland threads ).
  13. Playing devil's advocate here . . . poor Daniher looked a tad tired and aha-ahaha long live Darren Burgess. Though I sometimes wish Tomald or Gawn would put in those types of efforts at the contest and not gain possession. Maybe it's instructed?
  14. I love cucumber sandwiches. Just today I had one with sweet baby Lebanese on homemade sourdough adorned with sumptuous organic butter, but augmented it with some aged Italian parmesan shavings and garden-fresh coriander and rocket, dusted with ground Kampot pepper and pink Himalayan salt crystals. It was so delicious that I quickly prepared and snuck in another one when my current life partner ventured out for a brief errand. She almost caught me with evidential crumbs on my shirt, but I fibbed and said it was dandruff! Queen Elizabeth II enjoys her cucumber sandwiches with Norwegian smok
  15. I can't comprehend what it must feel like to be one of the posters on here passionately calling for the removal of Goodwin. Imagine he goes on to win the flag this year, and you spent all your time posting the last two years on how awful he was. And then you have to come up with some evasion or justification so your ego doesn't ache so much for being so wrong. And all you really want is to be able to celebrate without this awful feeling of having been so [censored] wrong. Especially when, if you got your sulky way and Goodwin was sacked, we probably wouldn't have won a f
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