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  1. This may interest you as a member of the medical profession Webber. Last year I was caring for my father with advanced Alzheimer's. One evening he had a crazy flare-up like nothing even close to what I had experienced previously - he was completely out of control. Super anxious and rambling about death and trying to find some car keys to flee the house. I had to call another family member for support, and while I was on the phone a decent sized earthquake struck off the coast of Darwin, enough to briefly rattle the house. Afterwards he chilled right out again, like nothing had happened. I have absolutely no doubt that it wasn't a coincidence. Have you ever heard of anything like that before?
  2. According to AFL Tables no one had any disposals in that match, with presumably all 14 of our goals soccered off the ground.
  3. Are you going to brave Coco's AmDam?
  4. Possibly the most welcome interloper on any of the club's forums. A credit to yourself Ash. Cheers for your kind support over the years, and hoping you have a great day on Saturday like the rest of us fools.
  5. So outside of Richmond (which I still can't bring myself to rate as a decent team), between me, you, BillyBeane (COLA mention) and MT64 (ongoing West Coke), the last legitimate premiership was achieved by Collingwood in 2010. But they also had a truck-load of F/S and priority bonuses (including Daisy Thomas, Heath Shaw, Travis Cloke and Josh Fraser). Maybe Port's 2004 triumph is the purest example, though I have no recollections of what Port received in draft concessions on entry into the AFL?
  6. I'm not sure if I've ever been in greater agreement with a post on Demonland. In an odd roundabout way, we can cover for JJ, but JJ can't cover for a number of contingencies. Experience alone should be a factor. Jordon is 20 and will get his turn.
  7. And a couple streets from my last house(boat)!
  8. Love that you're at number 13. I have ridden past this house every match this year on my pre-game routine to the bottle shop:
  9. Since the 2016/17? Bali away fiasco the club has nailed everyone of its jumpers and most of its marketing. The Red-back looks awesome. Who cares? Let's win a premiership!
  10. Seems wildly unfair that anyone on here can slag off any one of our players or coaching staff and wind it back with a 'schucks, I got it wrong' mea culpa, but gloating is considered so unseemly in comparison. And I use the term 'mea culpa' deliberately, we simply wouldn't be here on grand final eve if a lot of our fans and posters got their way last year. Anyways, [censored] it: I've always thought Simon was the right guy, and my record will reflect that, and I feel especially chuffed with this recognition for Goody for what he has turned this team into. Go Dees! And for anyone still deflecting to (the undoubtedly influential) Yze and Choco as prime instigators of our flag charge, look up confirmation bias and then go back and reflect on our past four years as a club under Goodwin.
  11. Jack made me cry last time out, when he lifted Gawn off the turf.
  12. I'm a firm believer that satire should be as understated as possible, but you still have to give a slight hint DeezNuts. Also, why do the commentators always refer to Stevic as Matt Stevic in full? Until this thread I've never been sure if his name was Matt Stevic, or Matstevic with a mystery given name. The same thing makes me okay with being screwed over for Mac Andrew as an NGA, as I'm sure he will take on the unlikely Scottish name of McAndrew during his career, and I get annoyed by small things, apparently.
  13. The phrase 'It's on like Donkey Kong' denotes a readiness for some fierce competition. While Donkey Kong's famed nemesis Mario comes from the Mushroom Kingdom, he's clearly of Italian stock. Less clear is what's inside the barrels that DK relentlessly hurls at Mario, but they may well be barrels full of cash. I'm getting distinct Lygon Street vibes here. Meanwhile, Frankie Valli is also of Italian heritage, as is the name Cerra. I'm not sure what Cerra means in Italian, but in Portuguese it means something like 'closes', and I think can be used in a way similar to close your mouth (or Shaddap You Face) - or 'pipe down' in English, bringing us right back to Mario. I also recall something about Mario raising a 'flag first' when he reached the conclusion of a stage before taking on the end-boss?
  14. Nothing mentioned so far in this thread remotely bothers me. I love fancy cheese. I buy it with my Basics Card. Never been to the snow, and don't have my driver's licence let alone own a Range Rover (I'm currently borrowing my mum's bicycle). I'm not sure why anyone would remotely care about overworn stereotypes, delivered by toothless morons eating meat pies. The only thing that riles me is outsider perceptions that our current team has been built on the back of an AFL leg-up, through priority picks and free agency overcompensation, when it often feels quite the opposite. The only decent AFL-backing we have been given is the one never mentioned - the installation of Peter Jackson, which then brought us Roos. We received pick 3 as compensation for James Frawley, as per the formula and in a demonstration of why the system was built as it was. Buddy Franklin is irrelevant. We haven't benefited from free agency player-wise, outside of an injured Tomlinson. Our last priority pick was Scully in 2009, which we have since parlayed, as did the Dogs with 2005 priority selection Ryan Griffen. Meanwhile, our opponents this week were handed a free number one last year, and have another top-three talent arriving via father-son this year. (They also landed Treloar for the equivalent of about pick 60). Our first real NGA prospect is now likely off the table. We have Jack Viney as a F/S (26), while they have Tom Liberatore (41), as well as Hunter (49), Cordy and Wallis. All done and said, we will have an equal number of former top-ten picks running around on Saturday. I expect once the feel-good factor wears off, this narrative of AFL hand-outs will start to become more prominent once again. I don't recall a sentiment of unfair advantage around the Cats and Hawks dynasties, and they benefitted from F/S and priorities way more than us.
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