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  1. Heart Beats True the unexpected clubhouse leader of the 'username' thread. I spoke to a member of the Wu-Tang once on the phone, still no idea which one. I've also spoken to Sean Connery on the phone. And was once swallowed up in a hug from Chali 2na, who insisted on buying me drinks all night. Writing an article for Penthouse and on the phone to a Melbourne-based producer when Wu-Tang rocked up to the studio. It sounded rowdy, and then one of them grabbed the phone and started gabbing away, super-excited he was on the phone to Penthouse. Sean called the music store I was running to see if I could send him a Billie Holiday cd. Took a while to convince me that he was Sean Connery (I was acquainted with his ex-wife so he managed to persuade me) - said that people not believing he is him was the curse of his life.
  2. Johnny Cash covering Depeche Mode and U2 in his dying days breaks my heart.
  3. Who else thinks heavy metal should be excluded from Triple J rotation? I feel like it just gets in the way of me complaining about all the other [censored] music they play now that I'm closing in on the age of needing my prostate checked.
  4. When was the last time any of you got handed $7 million?
  5. I'm [censored] at rating draft talent. All I have read though is that beyond #6 there is a blanket plus some stay-home arrangements. Of course next year is a better pool (it always is). We traded forward cookies for years. We can sell them again to get up, or just back out for a year and collect the rewards. We have a fairly healthy list (sans KPF, which we don't get in the draft).
  6. Anyone who is enamoured by whatever falls to or who they're targeting at #13. We're not in a rebuild.
  7. Really? I know what the Lobster effect means and think you're being disingenuous . . . .
  8. I'll outwest you with the Aran islands. (not true, but I did spend a lot of time there). Chippy Caught Fire would be an awesome username.
  9. To be honest, I actually don't give a [censored] -ed
  10. These thing aren't mutually exclusive. Don't denigrate people who prefer whisky with their weetbix. We might still know football.
  11. Calling @WERRIDEECan you give us a best 22 of red-heads?
  12. This. I can never understand why people want other clubs to be inexistent. A rich tapestry is the AFL, and we don't get to laugh at St Kilda if they move to Tasmania. I still miss Fitzroy.
  13. #13 feels like no-man’s land to me in this draft: outside the top talent and a fraction beyond genuine slider territory (I seriously doubt we’re getting Phillipou). We should moonwalk out of this one. Would be looking at West Coat for #20 for example, or the Giants for their #19. Then see what offers we get for a that sweet spot on draft overnight and maybe slide even further. Could equal another healthy future first and an upgrade on our second rounder, and then pluck a couple mid-to-late 20s picks to fill our spots in this draft, a la Sparrow and Jordon in 2018. Go into 2024 as premiers with three first round draft picks and just as many second-rounders and watch everyone have a meltdown because the world is unfair and we win.
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