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  1. I wasn't there, lived in the country at the time but was 13.
  2. 6 - Petracca 5 - Oliver 4 - McDonald 3 - Gawn 2 - Petty 1 - Pickett Pity it is only 6,5,4,3,2,1. Lots of other deserving players.
  3. 6 - May 5 - Lever 4 - Oliver 3 - Brayshaw 2 - Langdon 1 - Salem
  4. 6 - Oliver 5 - May 4 - MacDonald 3 - Salem 2 - Jordan 1 - Langdon
  5. 6. Salem 5. Oliver 4. Petracca 3. Lever 2. Gawn 1. Jackson
  6. 6. - Oliver 5. - Petracca 4. - Brayshaw 3. - Weideman 2. - Pickett 1 - Lever
  7. Austin Bradtke vs Adam Tomlinson Toby Bedford vs Aaron Nietschke Corey Wagner vs Oskar Baker Kade Chandler vs Steven May Trent Rivers vs Ed Langdon
  8. They wouldn't need to offer much, the Saints offered him base salary and match payments, about the same as a rookie I believe. The same as what Nathan Jones is on.
  9. A very bad day, was one of the greats, a stalwart of our greatest era. RIP. Condolences to the family and friends.
  10. While watching the game just hit the information button twice, that shows the year and the round. Simples.
  11. Ah yes, I understand that his Magnum Opus is the delightfully named "Ramming the Shears". Enjoy!
  12. Living in Sydney this is gold six6six. Thank you very much for doing this, it is appreciated probably more than you realise. Have a great Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. and keep clicking please.
  13. That makes two of us SMOKIE. That's why I demolish the training reports as soon as they appear, always good reading.
  14. I am happy to donate $50, just let me know how and when.
  15. And even more importantly I would think that Jones' year wasn't one of his better years due to his neck injury. So am expecting even better things from him (compared to 2015) which just reinforces your point about our price being way over the odds.
  16. Jimmy Bartell, Hird, Egan and Shaun Higgins all had navicular injuries. So as long as the medical team manages him properly we can look forward to seeing him at the G sometime next year........... I hope and pray.
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