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  1. Wasnt laughing at you @deanox. My smilie was that i was agreeing with you. A couple of mistakes in first quarter probably dueto nerves . Excellent second half.
  2. Petracca needs to have a good hard look at himself
  3. You are right but I am trying to learn about cryptocurrencies
  4. It worked for me. I copied the whole web thingy from https to 66 and pasted into browser.
  5. We had 150 % before today . Today we won 103 to 73. So our percentage is 103/73 * 100 = 141% . Soour overall % goes down
  6. I am a fan ofthis kid. Many of DLs have wanted him dropped this year. I thought his second quarter was reallyimpressive. 1. Clean hands in grabbing the ball to Jones who passed to Jackson for a goal. 2 Stopped a GWS thrust in the middle of the ground 3 Nice pass to Fritsch who goaled. 4 Tackle on GWS captian. will be a good player for us.
  7. This is the worst side picked since the end of 2018 season .
  8. Get tattoo of MFC logo on inside of leg calf area. Do other leg when we go back to back in 2020.
  9. If we beat GWS next week we finish 5th because Sydney play Hawthorn . If we finish 5th do we get a home final ?
  10. I feel Hogan plays from behind too much . His first quarter was OK ,apart from missing shots at goal. However second and third quarter he I was playing from behind. He needs to lead more as do most of our forwards . Our forward line I see far too stagnant and movement into the forward line too slow. Sure we are getting it inside 50 a lot but with poor conversion results. ANB and Garlett should have had more influence tonight. Stretch was a lot better tonight ,laid a couple of good tackles and showed glimpses of speed.
  11. I am overseas and out of touch. Is there any news on Weideman ?
  12. What odds Jesse Hogan for the Coleman. I had $50 on him at 30 to one last year and we know what a year he had. My mother always used to call me a mug punter.
  13. Poll should have option ' it's OK only because it's better than the white'
  14. I travel overseas a fair bit. I take out Covermore Travel Insurance . Zurich bought Covermore last April.
  15. Royal blue much better. With the white jumper I thought I was barracking for Shitney.
  16. I feel he needs more body strength. Tackled a few times he gave the ball up far too easily.
  17. Handballs to teammates feet as well.
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