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  1. After spending some time recently in Tasmania the reaction to an AFL team seems mixed. 

    North/North West region seems to have a greater catchment for sporting talent and participation in comparison to Hobart, attend matches in great numbers and has a decent stadium in Launceston.

    I think if you gave the locals a choice of spending $700 million on a new stadium or investing these funds into opportunities to improve the local economy, I imagine the latter would receive the nod.


  2. I should have been a Carlton fan (everyone in Adelaide seemed to follow them at the time) but as a 9 year old in 1987 I started watching VFL and fell in love with Robert Flower and the Dees instantly. There was something about that run in the 87 that drew me to the club and have stuck on since. The Crows never appealed to me and Port are simply vermin.

    Outside of the GF in 2021, the 87 finals and the merger game will always stand out.


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  3. 2 hours ago, Jaded No More said:

    And people think he won't nominate under F/S. Laughable!

    We can change this thread to "Welcome to Demonland Kalani White" 

    Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016

    I was sold on your suggestion Jaded until I saw the picture.

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  4. 11 hours ago, godees said:

    Josh Kelly anyone?

    Oliver wasn't expected to be a high pick either. GWS must have rated Curtin so high that they literally traded out to get away from him.

    Windsor was best player available, If we went needs we would've gone a key forward or key back.

    GWS would've taken Windsor after us. He was highly rated.

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