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  1. thats really nice of you cards13 thankyou mate, I'll send you through my number.
  2. its all sold out according to the tickettek app, i'll be going one way or another tomorrow but this deters me going to the footy in the future. Imo it's a cash grab, they could easily open up more GA, I'm just a pesky commoner.
  3. i just checked the app all general admission is sold out??!?!? is this true or will they be releasing more tickets tomorrow? why arent they making a game thats not going to have a massive crowd less accessible to the public. Can i buy GA tickets at the box office there ? im so confused so much for 75k capacity.
  4. anyone know of any streams/is it on tele? pm me <3
  5. We don't leak anymore - until something manifests and its beneficial trade wise to announce publicly that we are interested in a player, mahoney will keep his cards close to his chest. I wouldn't rule this out yet.
  6. Although deflated - shows that we have the potential to be a dominant force in the future. Watts had to be moved into the midfield in the last quarter for that link up handball and utilise his disposal, would have won us the game. Not sure if hogan played today
  7. https://twitter.com/Harry___o/status/518917677507559426 supposably jonesys giving away the 2# jumper to harry, already has it on his twitter account. looks like a lock.
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