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  1. I wonder what the equivalent Fremantle demon land site are saying
  2. Essendon mate sent a quote which said he was going to dons ?? Have not had any corroboration
  3. Word around is that lynch to tigers is not over line ? Can we make a play
  4. Is there update on his contract negotiations
  5. Just watched Goodwin on the couch basically called the rumor and notion of trading hogan the bull tish it is said Melbourne player through and through almost all Australian year involved with group close the thread
  6. I suspected from when he first went out with an unrelated foot injury it was in all likelihood a stress reaction or stress fracture stress reaction is lower down the scale but still requires rest and non weight bearing I hope first final is possible at it will be four weeks but that is probably possible not likely hyperbaric is more for wounds leg ulcers where the evidence is of benefit any process requiring healing theoretically may benefit but I don't believe there is any evidence to support it
  7. M f c website next game was in 1 3 days 20 hours against g w s w t f not rocking up in Tasmania?
  8. Howe does spectacular things but his turnovers which are often lead to opposition goals regularly
  9. Surgery would be classified as non major but still significant. From a physical perspective I feel there would be minimal risk pending clearance from his surgeon . The other two considerations are 1 mentally able ,I suspect that from what is being said this may be doable 2 physical condition , may be more an issue considering other games missed pre op and now. training for two weeks will give better idea my thoughts possible but may be not probable
  10. On m f c site hunt in team song I believe looking ok
  11. One of our best wins was our victory in Geelong when Hogan pulled out late and Spencer came in . ? Omen for another victory
  12. While people who have lower back issues commonly have referred pain to lower limbs and also can experience lower limb muscular issues most commonly hamstring but also calf . as someone wrote having had significant issues with his hamstring does not predispose to back issues let us wait and see I would be more concerned if it is a back related issue it is more likely to be a stress issue/fracture. Which needs rest and would fit in with time line put forward although if so may be longer all conjecture obviously let us wait for some official confirmation
  13. Report passed on by me that a hawk premiership player while on the turps said he was off to Melbourne was heard and relayed on the rumor file on 3 aw
  14. 3AW rumor file reporting a overly refreshed hawks player saying he is off to Melbourne f c any ideas on whom or if anyone heard whom we my be targeting if anyone note I am only reporting what was said not commenting on its veracity
  15. My word today from someone who seems to have good info is that this is likely and will be assistant coach after one year mainly related to his friendship with goodwin
  16. Gold medalist Horton who won Australia's first gold is a demon supporter . attended the club met with Roos for a talk they asked Roos if our win inspired him to victory !11 so many good things from our win
  17. interesting article by David Zakaharis on afl. states he is worried he is leaving but then states as he is contracted he must seek a trade . Sounds like he is flagging Essendon official position which seems to be at variance with the thought they can walk
  18. It is likely that he was on one of two medication options to suppress an over active thyroid gland. when the thyroid function returns to normal they will try and reduce or cease the medication . normally ongoing monitoring of his condition would occur . it is likely he had recurrence of over active thyroid <thyrotoxicosis> and was restarted on the medication. he would have his thyroid function monitored no his parameters are now back in normal range and can start training . this is my interpretation of the information not inside knowledge
  19. word from a normally pessimistic Bombers friend is that Hurley told an acquaintance that he was going to stay with the bombers . As usual at this time of year rumors fly around the only relevance is that my mate is normally doom and gloom for his side and he sounded confident .
  20. A f l switched on clearly as possible selection in for Melbourne wait for it. Salem What the ........
  21. Under active thyroid <hypothyroidism >much easier .Replacement thyroid hormone is available and dose needs to be adjusted according to blood testing . overactive thyroid <hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis > as stated above has several treatment options . medication of which several types not always effective. radioactive iodine next option normally effective but usually only used for medication failure surgery if neither of above effective
  22. With Jack signing it makes me reflect on recent non signings frawley and Howe and wonder how hard we really tried to sign them
  23. mrp oliver not even mentioned cameron who bumped viney cleared
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