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  1. Jake Lever with the best defensive game by a Dee since Jake Lever in Round 1. What an absolute boss he was today.
  2. I'd have to say that Spargo doing a Selwood to Selwood is one of the best things I'll see in my lifetime. Hate that guy with a passion.
  3. He obviously doesn't remember that game against the Crows in 2019. TMac by a country mile for me, unless we're allowed to count Ben Brown.
  4. I can understand the interest in this trade given the media love to hound us over it. But a little known fact - we were never taking Kelly. After Boyd there was no consensus #2 pick that year. GWS were keen on Kelly but a lot of names were in the mix. Our man was most likely Jack Billings, who had trained with us in earlier in 2013 and ended up going at 3 to the Saints. I'm not sure if this can be easily found on the internet but I'm almost certain somebody at the club confirmed this around 2015-2016. With that in mind, Salem is a better player than Billings on his own. Tyson
  5. Jason Taylor has a good eye for it, IMO. He had a particular good year in 2019 - three young guys who are already entrenched in the best 22. No need to wait and see if they come good, they already are. Somewhat annoyingly, he was also very keen on Georgiadis that year and Butters in 2018. Maybe the only questionable one he has on his resume is Weideman at 9 in 2015, but even that selection is getting pretty close to parity. No point picking Curnow if he never gets on the park.
  6. Nobody will talk about Jackson given Kosi's genius, but seriously how good is he? Some of his pickups were akin to Pendlebury in his prime not a ruckman in his second year. Going to be very very good and allows us to use Gawn as we please.
  7. Even when Toby kicked two in two, I didn't feel worried. This is a good team we're watching. Kosi is next level genius.
  8. You’re kidding yourself. I agree Max was staging there but that was also one of the worst free kicks I’ve ever seen paid. “Obvious block” lol.
  9. Such a satisfying win. A real team performance. I don't know who was BOG, but Kozi is a bloody machine. Suck [censored] to all those who were sharpening the pitchforks during the second quarter. Okay, I was one of them.Goody for PM.
  10. Because he was a fringe player at Richmond, and like 17 other clubs we didn't have that amazing crystal ball you seem to have at your disposal.
  11. You don't need to be playing champagne footy in Round 1 to win a flag. You just need to bank points. I'm sure we'll lose games this year. Some games will be more frustrating than others. But I prefer to live in the present. We won a game of footy. I genuinely feel sorry for those who can't savour that.
  12. 6. Lever 5. May 4. McDonald 3. Oliver 2. Petracca 1. Spargo
  13. You guys are a [censored] miserable bunch. I'll take the 4 points any day of the week doesn't matter how we get them.
  14. Steven May and Jake Lever were incredible really. As good as I've ever seen from a defensive duo in our colours.
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