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  1. Really? That's a great tip. Thanks! I bought the armchair membership and the watch aft pass last year.
  2. But we don't need a wall apparently... ?
  3. I'm in Denver, Colorado. Are there any other people in the US?
  4. DeJuan Blair played in the NBA with no ACL in either knee: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2009/11/no_ligaments_no_problem.html
  5. More hope yet. Generally, when a club suspects a torn ACL, it is usually confirmed pretty quickly. Surely a good sign that there is no confirmation at this stage...
  6. He is so anti-Melbourne it is almost laughable. You can guarantee, without fail, each of his 'contributions' to the commentary is a negative comment about Melbourne.
  7. Did anybody else notice how much taller Oscar is? Oscar is listed as 196cm and Tom at 194cm, however, surely Oscar must be taller than that. If Tom is 194cm, Oscar must be at least 200cm. Maybe he's grown?
  8. I'm just a prowler, not to be mistaken for the apparently infamous 'dee-luded'
  9. I've been around for a few years, however, I can never be bothered to post. I rather just read what's happening and leave. So if you knew a poster by that name, I guess it must be someone else. Not sure if that's good or bad
  10. A few interesting stats for this game: Average Games = 64 Average Age = 23y 98d 11 players under 40 games 15 players 23 years old and under Bodes well for the future...(hopefully)
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