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  1. Hey guys, looking for 1 barcode please. I have one but trying to get another for my dad to experience the GF. Managed to get along to the Prelim and he had a blast. Would be much appreciated. Happy to make it worth your while also.
  2. I must admit the away kit with no sponsor looks really slick.
  3. Do people even think when they post some of these threads? Cloke? Vickery? Come on guys. Plz.
  4. I could name two others. Lindsay Thomas and Hayden Ballantyne.
  5. If this spud ends up at the club, I will flip tables.
  6. 6 Vince 5 Watts 4 Hunt 3 TMac 2 Jones 1 Petracca
  7. How tall is pedo? Now that it seems Dunn has fallen out of favour, he could be a good option to go down back and take on the big backmen that TMac struggles with. He has the size to do so.
  8. The issue with getting even more mids is they aren't going to all get game time and play every week. Players aren't going to want to stick around if they aren't going to get games.
  9. Thank you for your extensive and thorough reply.
  10. A bit of a discussion on the midfield. At this point in time we have many midfielders which are at least reliable enough to compete and/or do a job: Stretch, Grimes, Bugg, Harmes, Petracca, Melksham, Kennedy, MJones, NJones, Viney, Trengove, Tyson, Oliver, Vince, Michie, Neal-Bullen, Brayshaw, Newton and vandenBerg. That is 19 guys that can run through the mids, essentially half our team. Yes, a few guys will be played forward or back to fit into the team, but reality is they are midfielders and have played midfield at some point. We have successfully bolstered our midfield which was the plan a few years ago. But, do we have too many that some will have to moved on at the end of the year and is it hurting our other lines? Who will get the chop? Who is trade bait? If we trade, what will it be for?
  11. B: Josh Wagner, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Tomas Bugg, Lynden Dunn, Colin Garland C: Billy Stretch, Dom Tyson, Jack Grimes HF: Cameron Pedersen, Jack Watts, Jeff Garlett F: Christian Petracca, Jesse Hogan, Ben Kennedy FOLL: Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince I/C: James Harmes, Jayden Hunt, Clayton Oliver, Jack Trengove EMG: Chris Dawes, Alex Neal-Bullen, Viv Michie Alot of changes. But all for the better I think.
  12. Did they need to tell us so early though? I can't [censored] wait.
  13. Actually saw another team of the week on Facebook which also included Vince on the pine and Garlett as the small forward along with Viney and Gawn.
  14. Gawn would still be able to tackle him with those Inspector Gadget arms even with a don't argue.
  15. Had to laugh in Roosy's presser saying that Petracca told him he was playing this week. Haha.
  16. Maybe "rest" isn't the right word I was after. It would be "managed". On another note, in Roosy's presser, he said that Petracca told him he will be playing this week.
  17. Why? Should we just play him every week and run him into the ground while there are players fit and ready to come in? Give him a taste and let him want it more. Give him a rest.
  18. The list waiting in line is starting to mount up: Petracca Trengove Garlett Vince vandenBerg ANB In: Garlett, Vince Out: Oliver (rest), Brayshaw (head knock)
  19. Did this really need a whole new thread for one quote which could have fit in the preview thread?
  20. There is hope for sure, some guys are playing AFL after 4 which is crazy to think about. I gave up my footy after 2 ACL reconstructions on my left knee so I know exactly what you are going through. Still to this day it is the absolute worst pain when it snaps. My biggest tip for you as a lot of others will say, is to consistently do the rehab exercises to try and get full movement of the knee. It will always operate as normal but getting full movement of it is the key.
  21. Also, if he has had it done before and has taken 2 hamstrings from that leg and LARS is not an option (usually because it is badly damaged a la Bob Murphy), he will need to take 2 hamstrings from the opposite leg which can make the hamstrings weaker leaving 6 hamstrings on each leg. The hamstrings are twice as long as an ACL so they double them over and they are actually up to 40% stronger than a regular ACL.
  22. If it is the same knee it is worse. It could do more damage if the knee 'pops' out frequently. It can damage the meniscus and cartilage can float around the area. The meniscus is the cartilage between the femur and tibia. If it has damaged the meniscus, the knee won't seat properly, the knee would essentially be bone on bone if it is torn that badly and can cause pain and further issues
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