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  1. Williamstown win 11.11.77 to Casey 9-7.61 3 late time-on goals (Munro, Stephenson & Keilty) make the score a little better
  2. Final score: Casey 21.18.144 Frankston 5.3.33 Goals: Kent 4, Weideman 3, Hannan 2, Scott 2, T.Smith 2, Lefau 2, King 2, Brayshaw 1, Kennedy-Harris 1, Filipovic 1, Dwyer 1. Thought Frost and Kent were outstanding. Brayshaw tried hard and did some sublime things. Petty, Baker & Spargo all showed promise.
  3. Casey were scheduled to play Williamstown in a practice match on Saturday. Good chance to see many of the Melbourne players not featured in the JLT series. How come there is not a word about this on either the MFC or Casey websites. Is it still on?
  4. It wasn't only the senior team that were on a "go slow" that day. Casey (11/6 win-loss) played the Cats (5/12 win-loss) in the curtain raiser and Casey, on a still day, allowed the Cats to score 10 goals straight in the first quarter on the way to 31.6.192 to Casey 10.4.64. Brendan Fevola who kicked 4 first half goals was seen leaving the ground at half time still in his footy gear. It was reported at the time that Greg Healy & Garry Lyon visited the ailing Jimmy Stynes on the following morning (Sunday) and by 8pm Bailey was told he was sacked. Lyon wasn't even at the match. W
  5. You're marbles are intact. He kicked a personal best of 2 goals. A young 3rd gamer by the name of Greg Wells starred with 5 goals.
  6. I've seen quire a bit of Casey this year and feel Oscar is progressing well and eventually he will have similar success to Tom. But Freo over there - talk about throwing the kid to the wolves.
  7. I have the great Norm Smith to thank for becoming a Melbourne supporter. During the Dees golden period in the late 50's & early 60's Smith arranged for an after-match function to be held at the MCG after games just for the players. My father was engaged to be the drink steward (and yes beer flowed freely). Dad recalled asking "Mr Smith" if he'd like a drink. The great man roared back "the name's Norm, son. You call me Norm". Dad was so impressed with Norm and the calibre of all the Melbourne players that he switched from being an occasional South Melbourne supporter to the Dees and wh
  8. Thought Casey's style of play today was a huge improvement on the past couple of years which frankly, was very frustrating, indirect and hard to watch. Today there was a much greater emphasis on moving the ball quickly and a lot less pointless backwards movement. Guess credit must go to the new coach. Agreed with KC that Cam Pederson was probably our best player and 3 goals was good reward. Of the others, Brayshaw, although not a flashy type was good all match. Stretch had a couple of good runs along the wing. Considering Casey only had 7 Demons compared to Box Hill having about a dozen H
  9. I think we can rightly claim second place due to the expansion teams which hardly count. (In 2012 only GWS & Gold Coast were below us and 2013 only GWS below us.)
  10. The second most goals by a MFC player at VFL level is Lynden Dunn with 85 goals from 55 games. Jesse Hogan has 39 At AFL level the second most goals is Chris Dawes with 111 (83 with Collingwood). Then Mitch Clark 97, Bernie Vince 91. Lynden Dunn also on 91 has the most with the Demons only.
  11. Trivia question for you. Which player on the MFC list has kicked the most AFL goals. Answer = Shannon Byrnes with 117 (100 with Geelong, 17 at Melb.) Which player on the MFC list has kicked the most goals at VFL level Answer = Shannon Byrnes with 90 (albeit mostly with Geelong's VFL team).
  12. With 7 matches during 2014 where we have scored 51 or less points it's apparent we are having more trouble scoring this season than any time in recent memory so I went through the records to check and found a few interesting facts. 1. We have yet to kick a century this year (best was 14.7.91 V Richmond. The last time we failed to kick a century during a season was 1953. 2. Our average score per match this season is 61.2 points. This is our worst since 1920 when we averaged 58.8 points during a 5 win 11 loss season. 3. Our leading goal scorer this season is Chris Dawes with just 16
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