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  1. Does anyone have any intel regarding the movements of the players tonight? I was hoping they’d be back out on the turps, I have tomorrow off work and was hoping to meet up with them and conduct some interviews.
  2. A new Dawn at the MFC indeed. I was certain he’d be shown the Daw. Nice work Majak.
  3. Do they have Albatross smugglers?
  4. Enjoy the win Karen! It was once in a lifetime stuff to be able to be lucky enough to live over in WA and to be a part of the build up and watch the big game live. Unfortunately during these times things are a little fluid and change constantly.
  5. Chook, I’ve been contemplating this riddle all day but still no closer. Can we have a clue please.
  6. Hopefully we’ll make next years GF a bit closer just to get the old ticker pumping and sphincter puckering.
  7. I believe it’s because the lower jumper numbers involve less sewing.
  8. There’s nothing wrong with it but Sparrow is a young bull and now a Premiership player. With number 2 now up for grabs, Sparrow may want to move to a lower number (as players like to do). I reckon he’d be deserving of it.
  9. I’m more interested in why 7’s offical Twitter account quickly deleted the footage of the shnoz’s hit on Oliver after putting it up.
  10. Caroline Wilson, back in March, said that Burgess to Adelaide was a done deal. I hope he takes them on a camp.
  11. Genuine questions, does anyone know why Embley didn’t announce the North Smith medal winner and why Goodwin didn’t give a speech (he allegedly had one ready to go). Was it Basil not wanting anyone else to have the limelight?
  12. Gawny at the Market Grounds still wearing his fill kit, including boots whilst drinking and partying is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.
  13. Probably should have won by more but happy to take the win and move on.
  14. Might leave that until Monday, might be a bit unsafe doing it after a few drinks tonight
  15. Been flat out all day, just sat down for the first time to watch a few minutes of the pre-game stuff before heading to the ground. Didn’t get a great sleep last night so sipping on some pre-workout but I’ll balance it out with some Xanax.
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