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  1. Need to keep this topic going folks in the hope someone from AFL is reading
  2. Heading up to Canberra Any advice for pre game drinks would be appreciated!
  3. Cant help but wonder if we'd be better off with him returning to the backline and seeing if May Lever or even OMac can present with something. Nothin to lose imo
  4. It's seems a long time since we played at the SCG. I'm going and wanted some advice about best seating for Melbourne supporters. Will general admission do it for me? Went there a long time ago and had a great time Fantastic atmosphere especially if we win.
  5. Love this song Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo They got surfin too
  6. Why cant we ruck Hogan? Is he untouchable?
  7. Never felt a feeling like western oval 1987 until the following 2 weeks at the G
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