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  1. Outdated rubbish that twats with a chip on their shoulder trot out to try and get a rise out of Melbourne supporters! I work at an iron ore mine in North West Tasmania. Middle of winter, there wouldn’t be a much tougher work place! No doggy supporters where I work, but there is 1 other Melbourne supporter.
  2. The rust is cracking off the lid! Pressure is building! Boiler is about to explode!!
  3. Great article Earl! Rod Grinter may have played tough unsociable footy but this is always my memory of him; training at junction oval 1988. I was 10 @ the time. With my mum, brother and sister. Normally we’d get a few autographs off the players when they came off the ground, then my brother and I would go into the rooms. Females weren’t allowed. 1 time my sister went straight to Rod and said can you sign the back of my jumper. He was stocked when she turned around with a no. 14 on her back. He posed for a photo with her and then sat down on the steps and had a chat with us. Still brings a massive smile to my face!!
  4. Will they be doing the same for the grand final? Mum and I have both got GF guarantee’s and provided we make it and tassie boarders stay open, we’ll be there!! My sister doesn’t have a membership though and is hoping WA open their borders to QLD. Between the 3 of us, we make a hell of a racket!
  5. Dangerfield 0 possessions in the last quarter when it mattered? Really just cancels out the rest of his game.
  6. The ball can go the length of the ground with 4 possessions but 36 players can directly or indirectly influence that play. Think about that!
  7. Seedsman played for the team who LOST by 41points. The fact he spent the majority of his game in the front half (lord nev’s maps) says he is a f&@$ seagul to me! Probably a big reason they lost! All me first
  8. He was limping late in the 4th quarter of the eagles game, maybe still sore? Just guessing.
  9. If your getting to all the right places as a defensive winger and your a quality player respected by the opposition. You probably won’t see much of the ball. Going back to the first doggy’s game, they didn’t show him respect and backed in their players over him. Didn’t work out well. Not trying to say he was brilliant on Sunday maybe just underrated.
  10. Not trying to defend, just adding to the conversation
  11. Delidio and Ball were reviewing the game and said completely ignore the stat sheet. Brayshaw was good. Did what a defensive winger is supposed to do. That roll is the worst in the Game. Work your [censored] off for no reward. But the hardest position to play on the ground. He only moved into the centre at the end to give Oliver and Trac a rest.
  12. And BBB! Surely you wouldn’t count those 2 Blokes we tried to trade, that no one wanted as best 22 in round 1. 2 perfect examples from the top 🙄bottom and saints having to drop best 22 players regularly for crap performances.
  13. Talking on the radio about how hard it is to win the premiership from outside the top 8. They said it’s only been done twice. Bulldogs and Adelaide in 98. Woewodin cut them straight off “no, that doesn’t count! In the current system they would have been out in the first week” ?
  14. Richmond only have to play 2 other top 8 sides for the rest of the season. So good result. How did last years premiers get such an easy run home?
  15. If that was indeed holding there would be a free kick given for every second forward 50 entry.
  16. Saints had their chances and blew it, just like we did. That free kick in the goal square thou, was that worse than the deliberate none call in our game? The umpires explanation “you prevented him from marking? WTF
  17. there’s some beauty’s Disgraceful. When you think we can’t be more putrid we find anew level. What a poor effort Looks like pick 4 in the draft. Let’s hope the club doesn’t stuff up that selection We’re a joke Seriously, why be shocked? We have some of the weakest payers both physically and mentally in the competition. Feel sorry for Steele. He looked so shattered in the end. I tell ya. It’s much better when you stop giving a s***. I have and honestly, I seriously don’t care if they lose. In fact in the last qtr I was willing Adelaide to win. Simply because I don’t want any more half arsed, lame,,[censored] poor wins that cover up just what a farkin shambles of a club we are. Root and branch changes required. Until then they can [censored] off.
  18. Too much bath water over Christmas?
  19. He may get a few less Brownlow votes. But that will just bump Clarry and Tracs chances
  20. I’m sure the umps prefer Gawns sarcastic retorts to Selwoods constant whining.
  21. I remember a few posters saying in March this year that if player A,B or C is getting regular games we won’t make finals. Tomlinson got a few mentions along with Nibbler and Spags.
  22. The way Collingwood leaked that the leadership group weren’t happy with Trelor is unforgivable. Whether it’s true or not is beside the point. Threw them under the bus!
  23. The look on Neale’s face when Gerard mentions premiership. Stirred up so many emotions in me!! Nearly burst into tears! What a legend!!
  24. Spot on! And adding to that. We haven’t been consistent for long enough for bottom teams to fear us. They go into games remembering the Melbourne of the last 2 years. Where as they go into games against Richmond, subconsciously knowing they have little chance. Or going into games against Bulldogs or Brisbane thinking “If they get a run on. It could get really ugly” Based on that, I believe we’ve been quiet composed and mature in some of those close games this year!
  25. I thought all of the “what they’re saying...” threads were just for a chuckle. I for one love them. No names were added to the post so it wasn’t shaming anyone.
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