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  1. Jake Melksham, getting it done! :p it’s not even April 1
  2. That’s disappointing. I missed the boat on both leagues.
  3. I’m keen to go again, I think this year I might get a run in the firsts after winning the Div 2 GF? Coach: TJ Team: Superbads
  4. If we have the spot, 100%. Great footy family, he would have to have a fair bit of fire to change things around, watching his brothers go on and excel in their careers while he gets delisted. Would surely give Angus a reason to step up too, to set the standards for him. All part of the plan to sign Andrew at the end of next season :p Come 2022: A. Brayshaw wins the Brownlow with 70 votes.
  5. Code's not working for the R Flower League - guess I left this waaaay too late?
  6. Watch every other club in the league circle our midfield over the next 3 years. "Melbourne give up their stars for peanuts. Let's give Clayton, Angus and Christian a call, surely we can get em for a second round each." We'd better get on with winning next year's premiership so I can live with Jesse nabbing the Colemans in 2022-2025.
  7. I don't think we'd need to it's not like other drafts where there's only 2-3 great players. There are 7 amazing players in this draft.
  8. Pick 5 alone would be a massive, disheartening compromise.
  9. You know what I'd love to see... Us to suggest just pick 5 is good enough. Freo then trades out Neale for pick 5 from Brisbane and then for us to refuse trading Hogan. 👹
  10. Yeah for the most part I'm sure you're right - this latest piece by TM however is just indefensible. Have a read if you haven't already.
  11. I think you'll find that while journalists aren't Secret agents for XYZ, they're certainly able to be manipulated by clubs. The journalists get their info from sources within the clubs and player management. Some interpret what their told to hopefully get close to objective reporting, others, like JM, roll out club propaganda. Wittingly or not. TBH, I'm not sure what's worse, wittingly reporting club propaganda or not having the wits to realize that you're doing it. Have a read of the article though, it's absurd. Reads as Freo suspect something is not quite right because... Jess
  12. Seriously, 5 & 11 for Jesse, 36 and 46 is pretty much a reverse of the trade we made to get him. That's not taking into account the development our club has put in, including the year he wasn't even eligible to play for us. We paid up those picks, which GWS used to draft kids that could go straight into the AFL the next season while we had to wait a whole year before he could even play.
  13. Right, the point is we gave up two first round picks. I'd take 5 and 11 and give them back change too. Jesse'd be on money that puts him next to Fyfe on their list. What would they ask for him, what would we be willing to pay?
  14. Yeah, I don't know why people have softened so much on this. Is it because "someone" leaked that we'd take 6 and 23? Because I sure as hell don't want to accept that, especially if the 6 has to go to Gold Coast. 2 first round picks is the price. That's what we paid to get him before putting in 6 year of development. He hasn't gotten any worse. For those of you forgetting, 3 and 13 is what we paid for Jesse. A season before he could even play for us: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/three-win-in-minidraft-20121009-27bbk.html
  15. Nah, you're wrong though. Unless Freo is keen to roll the dice and potentially ck up another key forward's career (See Cam McCarthy). If they can't get the deal done this year because they're not valuing him anywhere near his worth that will hurt their relationship with Jesse and his management. This hurts their chances to sign him next year. If they try to force our hand by convincing Jesse to walk to the draft as an uncontracted player, they'd have to finish pretty damn low on the ladder; otherwise plenty of other teams at the bottom will be happy to grab him. This hurts their cha
  16. Actually wouldn't be mad. I mean, don't get me wrong, not pushing for it to happen at all but there's certainly a role for him on the wing. The price that the hawks are rumored to get him at too...
  17. True or not (not) it doesn't make him worth less to Freo.
  18. I've gone from being angry at Freos bullshttery to absolutely gleeful thinking of going over to Perth next year and watching us wipe the floor with Fremantle. They won't get Jesse, Lachie will walk out and an 180 point defeat at the hands of the Dees will trigger Peter Bell's sacking midway through the season
  19. I really think we just hold off for 12 months on this whole thing. Our hand will be better for it. 2019: Hogan is contracted for next season but does not become an RFA. Kicks 50-60 goals including 10-15 in finals. May is contracted for next season but does become an RFA. Relinquishes the captaincy. At the end of the season Freo realises Lobb isn't anywhere near the player to build a side around and offers their 2019 first round and 2020 first round for Jesse Hogan for Melbourne's 2019 first and second round. Deal gets done in 2019 and we pick up May for free, on a less
  20. Really, frack this fiasco. Keep Hogan, pick up May when he's a free agent and back in our backline to improve when Lever is back.
  21. A number of commentators undervaluing Jesse but not articulating why. "I just don't think he's worth 2 first round picks." That doesn't stack up to his output and the price paid to get him (He would have been top 2 in his draft year). He hasn't gone backwards. It's starting to really [censored] me, if they're going to say something stupid like Jesse is only worth 5 or 5 and a second round while May is meant to go for 5 - explain why you're discounting Jesse so much!
  22. West Coast are probably pretty chuffed...
  23. Not sure why we'd panic. Much prefer Hogan on the list over May, even if we play Hogan in defence for the first few weeks of the season, while Lever gets fit. I just don't get why people seem to be scrambling to get May in. Our rebound defence dominated when everything clicked for Lever and that was without frost who clearly should have got a game earlier.
  24. There's having faith in the list management team and there's expecting a fair price, not mutually exclusive.
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