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  1. I don't mean for this thread to turn into a clash jumper debate, as so many other threads here have already debated the clash strip, but looking at the Demon Shop on the MFC website, I notice that we have not advertised a clash jumper for 2014. The new NB jumper has been added, showing the new collar etc but still no clash. I would have thought that if we were sticking with the same design NB would have already knocked a sample up, it wouldn't be that hard. So does anyone else see this as a sign that we may indeed be changing strips for 'clash' games this year? Personally I hope we are as i l
  2. 8 home games at the MCG is a farce...given that we gave up 2 games to the NT to promote the game for the AFL ..why the f,... did they allocate an Etihad home game...again..this draw f...s us financially. I hope the NT is coughing up a bucket load for those 2 home home games. The only good thing is that half our games will be played at the MCG and we don't travel to Geelong or QLD and only once to W.A.
  3. 12 MCG games...only eight home games at the G....we no longer can call it home...sad
  4. Watching live on AFL site...ST K. home game. We play NM twice, Port Twice, WCE Twice, GWS and St Kilda twice...
  5. MFCSS Has struck early ! For God's sake people...He has three...almost four months to be right. The man has had an arthroscopy. Its a clean up operation. I reckon about 60% of players have some form of arthroscopy in the off season. He will be right to go next year by round 1.
  6. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2013-10-24/dawes-sidelined-until-prechristmas Great news! nawwwwt. I will be a glass half empty kinda guy and say...at least he will be back by Christmas...I just hope he gets himself right this season.
  7. Well apparently one of the hardest and most disciplined trainers..so again none of this makes sense.
  8. Hi Guys, First time posting a thread here but I was wondering if anyone knew what the future holds for Jimmy Magner. I guess the fact we have brought in several mids this trade period means he may be on the outer. As I understand it, we are obliged to promote him off the rookie list next season or he can walk for nothing. I really like him and can't understand why he didn't get a go last year after racking up 50 touches at Casey at a time we were calling out for experienced bodies. I really feel he is the type of bloke that Roos will love - I no nonsense battler that gives his all. Roos built
  9. Mitch managed to have camera in hand during the proposal. Such an Instagram addict
  10. I heard that both Range Rover and Mt Buller were looking at sponsorship deals with the MFC...I know it may sound like a stereotypical joke..but i heard that both are legitimate potential sponsors.
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