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  1. Is the list complete or do we have room to take an additional player in the pre season draft?
  2. we also have the pick for Silvia....around early 20s I guess
  3. Thinking about how Roos can name is price and conditions etc and has multiple clubs chasing him - made me think about who are the coaches (currently in the game or recently out) that would demand the most interest if they were on the market for a new home and price wasn't a consideration. (which it obviously isnt for us!) 1. Clarkson 2. Roos 3. Lyon 4. Scott (Geelong variety) 5. Longmire 6. Worsfold 7. Buckley Malthouse would have been high on the list last year same with Bomber Thompson.
  4. G Lyon is excited http://www.triplem.com.au/sydney/sport/afl/news/2013/8/paul-roos-is-a-massive-step-closer-to-coaching-the-melbourne-football-club/ I cant recall a coach meeting the player leadership group of a club and not going ahead
  5. within a week Eade is out and Roos is a 50/50. I reckon Roos is over the line.
  6. One of the most impressive things about our new management structure has been the lack of leaks around key processes such as the Head Coach appointment. Best draft pick of 2013 = Peter Jackson So I thought we better just make something up! I have framed a market for the heck of it Eade 2 / 1 Craig 4 / 1 Roos 6 / 1 Williams 8 / 1 Voss 12 / 1 Harvey 15 / 1 Worsfold 30 / 1 Ratten 50 / 1 Rest name a price....... My preference would be Neil Craig with some strong assistant coaches who could transition into the role in a couple of years such as a Lingy, Leppitch, Simpson
  7. I think Craig could be the answer and certainly rate him as an option for MFC above Williams and Eade. Like all interim coaches the next 11 weeks will decide Go Dees
  8. If its not Roos I hope they stick with Craig - I really don't think Eade or Williams will be the answer. Some stability among the carnage may not be such a bad thing Like all interim coaches he has the next 11 weeks to demonstrate the difference he can make; and I'm hopeful we may see something
  9. wasn't the demon image scrapped so we could be big in China?
  10. Based on coaches availabe and not contracted as a Head Coach (like Clarkson) Matthews>Roos>Ratten>Williams>Thompson...................Eade Liked Ratten alot when here as midfield coach and he showed plenty of grit and maturity around the Malthouse BS last year. Matthews and Roos would bring plenty of cache and Williams great with a developing list
  11. We need a strong leader, unless we could get someone like a Roos I would be more in favour of focusing on a strong Head Of Football Operations (Walsh / Balme type etc). I am confident that in Rawlings, Viney, Craig etc we have people around the group that can teach football. In fact I think any of these 3 would be a good choice as head coach with a strong head of football operations in place above them. A much better choice than an external untried first year head coach. We need someone who can sell a football vision internally and externally, motivate those around him and have the troops follow behind all singing the same hymn and take the pressure off the coach. A Head of Football Operations is the priority IMO
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