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  1. You would have to be a puffin muffin to drive all the way down to Casey (about 45minutes down the freeway from the city and on to Clyde Rd) on a day like today. And yes it certainly wasn't like Gosch's Paddock when I arrived - no coffee shop nearby, no Saty, no guys video recording behind the goals, no bike riders cycling through the park. In fact, aside from coaches, fitness guys, players and physios, it is fair to say no-one attended at all - except of course for a silly old fool like me standing behind a fence in a rainjacket at the Wilson's Prom end like a Mexican in Tijuana try
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  2. Went down to Casey and watched through the fence. Don't know why you can't get into an area that could be partitioned off on the outer wing for supporters. Other clubs seem to have supporters around the grounds. A couple of rehab groups. Brayshaw, VDB, Viney and Hibberd doing laps. Bowey, Smith, Petty and Brown doing exercises, run throughs and similar on the outer wing. Bowey Petty and Smith together with coaches doing various drills whilst Brown just ran up and down the boundary line. B Brown doing a lot of body work drills with Stafford whilst other training going on.
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  3. I got down to Casey today. It was good to be back watching the boys live. I waltzed into the ground and moved around at will, until Benny Gibson came over and told me I was welcome to stay, but that I had to stay in a certain part of the ground. So I stood just in front of Jeff Farmer and Matty Whelan who were on the hill chatting for hours! Some observations: -Brayshaw, Pickett and Lockhart made up the re-hab group. (Although vandenBerg and May spent time working away from the group with the fitness staff.) Gus did quite a bit of light running and kicking. They ran Kozzie int
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  4. Trekked to Casey this morning. Arrived at 9.15 and players were already working on the field. When the rain came at 10.00 it was my cue to leave. So I was there for about 45 minutes. The view from outside the cyclone fence was very good but it was hard to make out what was happening on the other side of the oval – its quite a flat outer. It was my first ever training session so wasn’t sure what to look for or look at. It was hard to make out some players especially the newer ones or those that hadn’t played many games. So I had to work from their numbers (when they weren’t wea
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  5. I arrived down at Casey (God's Country) around 9.15am and stayed until 11.30am. The players began with forward 50 entries, they were about 60 out and delivering it to leads near the goal square and forward pocket focusing on low bullet entries and then switched play to kicking out of forward line. Chocco was leading these drills and lead most of the drills all morning for the main group. Rehab we had Hibberd, Pickett, Brayshaw and Lockhart. Hibberd did the least of the group so he seems a fair way off, whatever his injury may be. Vanders and May joined the rehab group later in the
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  6. I'll start with a negative.... Signs similar to this ( see the bottom of the page) were featured around the outside of the ground and were concerning. I thought about wiggling under the fence to get in but then had horrible visions of getting stuck and a slithera feasting on an unfortunate PF For dinner so decided against it. Training report . I arrived around 9.30 to see that the ground was in "Pristine" condition. The players were starting warm up drills and conditions were pleasant enough with the faint edge of a breeze to allow for comfort 1 No shows Kossie, Vanderberg
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  7. Hi all. Been a while. Yze coming home
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  8. Lovely day down at Casey, blue skies and low 20's. A sharp contrast with the high 30's that we experienced last year with smoke filled skies. Only allowed to watch from outside the fence, so the track-watchers on Monday got it good! Today I was really "on the outer". In rehab: Brayshaw, Petty and Smith. Smith carrying a bandage on his left knee. Most of their work seemed to be strengthening type exercises. All were kicking intermittently, Brayshaw off his right foot ( I can't remember which one was injured).Hibberd was unsighted, but I may be wrong as half the players were wearin
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  9. Not sure what was going through my head this morning when I woke up with a sudden urge to drive an hour down the highway to Casey, however as a fellow track watcher today I can most definitely agree with PF's point about our sloppy kicking. Lots of mistakes throughout the whole session (Langdon with quite a few, Bedford too). Although this may be due to training at "the windiest place in Australia" as one tradie that walked past put it. Not sure how training down at Casey in the wind will impact our skills throughout the season and hopefully it may be possible to move back to Gosch's in the ne
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  10. Guys, it hasn't been reported yet, but to show you how tough & committed to the cause that Aaron is, he suffered a triple fracture to his cheekbone early in the second quarter and despite blood trickling continually down the inside of his nose & throat he totally downplayed the knock and kept playing. Was even the only player to go in and remonstrate with Stratton after the crude knock on Weid. You can see why the Coaches & teammates love him in the side.
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  11. Ventured to Casey this morning to find the arena "bathed" in light. Thinking I might have stumbled on part two of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, I was somewhat intrigued to see that the lights at Casey had in fact been turned on!! Warmups consisted more or less of similar to last Friday, before segueing into a full scale practice match between the navy blues and the royal blues. Unless you knew the numbers, the colors were somewhat indistinguishable! Here is my report. NO SHOWS, VINEY, KOSSIE, BEN BROWN, HIBBO, JOEL SMITH??? There might have been others but being outside
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  12. Another season’s done and dusted and we at Demonland would like to thank all of you our contributors for your participation in this difficult year for the Melbourne Football Club. In particularly, I would like to thank Nasher for keeping the site together and to our feature writers George on the Outer, Whispering Jack, The Oracle and all of our other contributors for keeping Demonland going throughout season 2020. Also a big thank you to Whispering Jack, grapeviney and George on their tireless and often thankless efforts as Moderators. And now, we look forward to the future. Bri
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  13. I was there. Watched behind the perimeter fence on far wing. So good to see live action! observations: - 4x 25 min quarters no time on played -Lots of swapping of players between the two teams -Lever Pruess Petty KK and Nietscke only 5 who didn’t play - May starred, BOG easily -Bennell played all 4 quarters, 1st half on ball 2nd half on HFF -Spargo did some great things, I’m not always a fan but he looked at the level today -Fritsch was the best forward -J Smith will be close to selection, either if Lever doesn’t come up or instead of O Mac. -
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  14. Went down to Casey Fields for an hour this morning. A beautiful sunny and non windy morning (a rarity for Casey) for the lads to train in. Was a bit of a treat to watch some footy given the 17 games spent watching in the lounge room last year. I took my viewing position behind the fence in the pleb section and saw everyone's favorite mercurial small forward of the mid 1990's -early 2000's watching his son and the boys intently. I picked a great day for it as it was essentially an intra club game, for the 60 minutes I was there. They had the blue team with numbers on versus the white team
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  15. My first visit to Casey since the Saints preseason game maybe three years ago. The place has changed enormously, all for the good. Match simulation was well underway when I arrived at 10.30 (Note to self, arrive by 9.45 if possible).It’s not easy watching since the arena is sealed off and a grassy knoll, yes one of them, obscures vision at certain points. I cannot claim to have gained much from the match sim witnessed except Gawn and TMac were opposed in marking duels: TMac as a forward and Gawn defending. Of the five or so contests witnessed they broke even, both marking strongly and bot
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  16. Thanks to Picket Fence and Back Pocket and yes I was out there as well today - been doing shopping on way home - hence slow reply. I was told it was a closed session and therefore had to stand outside behind the goals. I never quite understand the "closed session" line ... I mean if anyone can name me more than one revolutionary technique that has been concealed that has transformed the game then please list it. Under Roosy (with Goody's input) we trialled an extra man running through at bounces about five years ago, but with the 6-6-6 that has become obsolete and even when we did use it,
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  17. I happened to be in South Gippsland last night so I too made it through the mist to the Casey Fields Blvd. Turned up at the same time as the Wiz and thought I'd mostly stay outside the fence, didn't want to get blasted by the crew pressure washing the building. The early reports have most of what I noted. Gus in rehab. Kozzie and Lockhart put through a fair bit of work. Lockhart had a wrist taped up. Hunt with the backs. Melksham mids. Chandler forward. (Tommy Mc forward too). After a decent run to warm up Choco started them with a point to point kicking drill and he was vo
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  18. I’ll attempt to answer this. In a former role in my life, I used to manage a very large legal team at a major bank which controlled significant spend on legal firms each year just after the GFC - circa $35m each year. I headed up (and controlled) this spend for 5 years. That attracted significant interest. And, quite obviously, invitations to various things followed - bull sharks to a fishing trawler. Who cares you might reasonably ask? Well, I didn’t. I didn’t give a flying stuff. BUT - there was one moving part which was relevant. I was based in Sydney, and I was known to be a
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  19. I’m off to the game this afternoon. I’m very excited. Live footy,!. Could be some pies eaten and beers drunk. I’ll barrack for you southern Demonlanders. Go Dees!
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  20. Update: I spoke to my contact again this morning and he has re-affirmed what i've already shared Issac Smith will join the Dees on a 3 year deal - said announcement coming, not sure of the delay but not worried. Ben Brown will join the Dees on a 4 year deal. The Saints are looking at Oscar to re-enforce their Key defensive stocks. expect a straight swap for Hind should Oscar decide to nominate the Saints, otherwise it'll be a separate deal we look at. I expect Tom McDonald will head to Essendon and fill a key defensive post in exchange for a token pick. alth
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  21. Its so funny that a player like Jack had such an impact on me and the supporters. For me, he is up there with Jeff Farmer as my favourite Demon ever. Played in constantly bad teams under bad coaches and bad regimes.. yet smiled his way through it, was always polite and positive and when your kids love a player like you do, then you know the impact he has had. Wish him nothing but the best, a class act on and off the field.
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  22. As most of you will know I attended many of Melbourne's training sessions at Gosch's before we moved to Casey as a result of Covid. My main interest was the rehab group, I always like to see who's in rehab and how they are progressing and as a result I watched Harley on many occasions. I'll confess to being hard line when it comes to a failure of individual responsibilities and whilst I welcomed Harley's presence because I thought he had exactly the skills we needed I wasn't sold on him as a person for obvious reasons. But since then a couple of things have happened. The first was read
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  23. 29 Disposals 4 Marks 7 Score Involvements 8 Inside 50’s 1 Goal Welcome back Mr.Brayshaw
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  24. Jetta's attack on that contest in the last will be my lasting memory of this game - and the man himself. I appreciate you Neville.
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  25. Jace Lever, Bella McDonald + Mila Viney watching on. So adorable
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  26. OK. Viney does multiple roles, and it varied depending on who is in the centre with him. Here is one against St Kilda, without Oliver. It's Viney, Brayshaw and Petracca. This is set up for Petracca to have the who far side open to him. Viney blocks out Steele, Brayshaw gets inside Jones to block and Petracca beats Ross and gets to the far side with space. This is shown below: Unfortunately the play breaks down because Brayshaw can't get inside Jones to block him out, so Jones gets the ball before it gets to Petracca. Viney, on the other hand, gets Steele out of position a
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  28. Don't your dare equate the unacceptable and abhorrent racial abuse leveled at indigenous people & people of colour to the names that you have been called. Many times you have baited posters on here and you have been given a lot more protection than others. I have discussed this with you privately and yet you continually take a swipes at me and the mods. Please don't let this thread get derailed by inserting yourself into a serious issue which has nothing to do with you. Demonland.com strongly condemns racism in all its forms. Comments like the one on the AFL's Twitt
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  29. Whatever your thoughts about Majak Daw's invitation to join the Dees training as a trial for a SSP spot on our list as a KP forward or back Or ruck trial there is no doubt That any one's heart would be gladdened to see that huge smile On his face on the attached photos of training today. That was the Best part of Harley's tryout in 2020 with us showing that in AFL humanity and team culture is still the greatest gift in a Club.. To see Majak out in the track just enjoying life and being considered good enough and appreciated will have given him a great boost. None of us rea
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  30. Beautiful day for a drive so I decided to take the Corvette out for a test drive and headed down the Eastern to the Monash and on to Cranbourne. Got there late but watched for about 50 minutes or so from behind the bloody fence! I found it difficult to identify the newbies during the session and one group kept their yellow tops on for the whole session, so no numbers. Conditions were near perfect, the ground surface looks superb, it was sunny, warm and there was no wind! Very odd conditions for Casey. They were doing full ground ball movement when I arrived, then broke into 3 groups,
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  31. Two more girls have now come out and said they've received inappropriate picture from him. There seems to be a Patton going on here. Thank you very much..
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  32. Its with a very heavy heart I write this tonight. Mark lost his battle with cancer this morning. He fought bravely for around 3 or 4 years and was in quite good health even a few months ago but has been hospitalised the past few weeks. We played cards by his bed with another mate on Saturday night and he was in a happy, positive frame of mind and even gaining physical strength for a few days when out of nowhere he felt really crook so we let him get some rest. Its the last time I heard from him. He was as passionate a Demon as you could find and like many of us, a very nervous unit w
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  33. Dropping Oscar doesn’t make sense to me, thought with him the team it allowed May and Lever to play their roles a lot better
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  34. For those who can get past the paywall, article is here: VINEY REVEALS WHY HE TURNED DOWN A MOVE TO THE CATS A few choice bits from the article: One of the main reasons he re-signed was his faith in Goodwin. Did have his father's blessing to leave if that was what he chose, but he felt he would be abandoning the club and Goodwin if he left. He did, for a time, seriously consider the offer that was on the table from the Cats. Losing the captaincy stung at first, but that is well and truly in the past. Really believes in the vision of the club moving for
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  35. So I'm starting this before the end of the game, as I'm so angry and disappointed and let down that I need to write something down to get it off my chest. That game was lost from the moment Salem was pinged for holding the ball in the first five seconds. We played lazy, selfish, arrogant football and we were taught a football lesson by a team that has been distinctly average all season. They came in with a plan - to get a man behind the ball to either pick off the long kick, or to help with mopping up when it hits ground level. They did it all night. Have a think about how many time
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  36. I would love to say, that training was the best I've seen EVER!!! I would love to say that Angus Young from ACDC TRAINED THE HOUSE DOWN and could be added to our list! I would love to say that the weather was perfect BUT ALAS NONE OF IT WOULD BE TRUE Point number 1 the only players training were the core defence unit. More on that in a minute🤨 Point number 2 Sorry for misleading you, but if Jayden Hunt resplendent with long hair under a school type hat ain't a dead ringer for Angus Young of ACDC Then he's darn close enough to be his twin🤩 Piont 3 Typical Casey we
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  37. I know we've been in dire straits, but I didn't expect to lose Mahoney for nothing and get Chocs for free.
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  38. Yes....this is what Club culture is all about. He will get games if he is good enough, if not we haven't shoved a leader out the door like we did with Junior.
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  39. When playing at North - hate his stupid run up, hate his flopping for frees, hate how straight of a kick he is for goal and I hate his stupid hair cut. Now that he is pretty much going to be a Demon - the run up is perfect and genius, those free kicks are always there and he gets a poor run from the umps, he is a beautiful set shot and I wish I had a hair cut like his.
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  40. We just beat a top 4 contender with about 8 passengers. That could define our season.
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  41. Very disappointed with the outcome, but sick of the carry-on on the other threads re how crap the team is, sack the coach etc etc. i sense the frustration in the press conference that we are still struggling to put all the pieces together, but I think it’s close, and a bit more continuity and playing together will see us push us the ladder quickly. Just might not be this year. can I just say that all of Clarkson, Hardwick, Hinkley and Buckley have been in the “sack the coach” club by supporters, the media, and ex players, presidents etc. none of us keyboard warriors really know enoug
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  43. The day I no longer have to listen to Dwayne Russell commentate will be a nice day
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  44. Thanks everyone for your beautiful words. We farewelled Mark at a beautiful service yesterday with the MFC ever present. There were quite a few people including his kids wearing Dees merchandise. His coffin was draped in a Dees flag and cap and `Grand old flag` was played whilst showing Marks life in pictures. I spoke of his love for our club during my speech. I`m once again grateful to the club for organising a video which we aired of Steven May who Mark sponsored, sending his condolences and best wishes to his family and friends. I`m pretty sure I got the 3 votes at his wake
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  46. Ok, so getting back to footy... This is second hand info, passed onto me by someone who has spoken to family of players. Harmes has been chased by North this trade period. Roosy has been making a few calls to him trying to entice him over with his preferred role of being a run with/inside mid. Don't know how much he considered it, wasn't told, but Harmes had been pretty disappointed with Goodwin during the year for not communicating. He had a meeting with Goodwin yesterday and apparently put it all on the table a bit. Made it clear he wasn't happy with where the culture was at a
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  47. Brown and smith are coming, hind I think will as well, and there are two other players who’d walk into our best 22 that haven’t been mentioned on here that I’ve been asked not to name. But I’m sure demonlanders won’t complain when the names are revealed. we’re desperate to get young macrae through the door. looking at a similar restructure to our list as the saints had last year introducing a lot of speed to their side
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  48. Ripper kid. Rapt with this. Rivers extends until 2023
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  49. While he didn't hit the scoreboard, I thought Mitch Brown was good for us tonight. 13 touches and 7 marks and he got up the ground to give us a target as well. His experience was on full display throughout this game. Makes the decision to drop him last week for Preuss look even worse than it already did.
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