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DOG DÉJÀ VU by George On The Outer


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With momentum swings favouring one team and then the other in this the opening match of the season, fans could be forgiven for thinking they were watching a replay of the 2021 GF.

The Demons opened the first quarter with some simply scintillating football, and the Dogs were powerless to stop the accuracy and run, as Melbourne gained the momentum upper hand.  

Then, sure enough, courtesy of some appalling umpiring decisions, the momentum swung the other way.  Joel Smith was adjudicated to have made front on contact when there was none. Ed Langdon was said to not have sufficient intent at keeping the ball in play, even though he only gained possession on the boundary line itself. Both failings resulted in Bulldog goals, and they were on their way.

In fact, it was the start of an 8 goal streak and coming back from a 15 point deficit, and after opening the margin to 22 the half time score saw them leading by 9 … Sounds familiar?

The avalanche of Bulldog goals was considerably aided by the Demons defence taking time to reset after an early injury to Christian Salem.  The defenders were already undermanned from the GF side with the absence of Lever, Hibberd and Rivers, and while Tomlinson and Smith more than filled in the gaps, the coaches were forced to move TMac down back.  Especially as Naughton kept taking mark after mark particularly up the field and finishing his efforts with 3 goals in that 8 goal run.

This then had the double effect of robbing Peter to pay Paul, since the forward line was now deprived of a big running target, and BBB was forced to often play on 2 or 3 defenders.

When the dust settled after half time and the defensive structures had been rebuilt, the momentum swung again.  In the third quarter the Dogs managed a paltry 2 points from 15 entries, while the Demons piled on 4 goals to regain the lead.  

The ¾ time break saw the differential at 15 points, and another momentum swing was on the cards … but not if the precedent of the GF was to be followed… and in the end, it was.  The only difference was that this time the Demons failed to put the Sherrin through the big sticks with every foray forward.  

Sparrow, Jackson, Bedford, ANB and Fritsch all had shots either side of the ¾ time bell to record majors from either set shots or easy options in the open.  Were those successful, the final margin would have blown out to over 10 goals ... in a repeat of the GF scoreline.

But it was not to be and the Melbourne fans had to be satisfied with a 26 point winning margin to open their season account.  

The media are now going ballistic with the performance of Luke Beveridge at his post match press conference - rightly so as his claims were unfounded. Hunter obviously was not at peak fitness, with only 13 touches in the game.  Last minute changes with him either in or out was witnessed right up to thirty minutes before the game.  

But their situation was perhaps more dire than publically admitted, as Bontempelli managed only 17 disposals and Liberatore 14.  More tellingly, both these players, their best mids, were rarely sighted in the middle at bounces during the game.

Similarly, Johannisen similarly was in then out alongside Martin.  

There is far more going on behind the scenes at the Kennel, and a diversionary tactic by the coach at the press conference post match possibility aided in avoiding further probing questions.

For Melbourne, a substantial win with half the Premiership backline missing and a number of players well below their best was pleasing.  With a 10 day break to the next game against the Suns, there is a good chance that it will be able to put a much stronger side on the paddock.  

What the fans can now expect is not a repeat of the Déjà vu that Melbourne teams of recent years would serve up - win the hard one then lose the easy follow up. This is a side with a coach who has instilled a winning culture, and players who are fighting to retain or gain a spot, not being gifted it week after week.

MELBOURNE 4.5.29 6.6.42 10.8.68 14.13.97

WESTERN BULLDOGS 2.2.14 8.3.51 8.5.53 11.5.71


MELBOURNE Brown 3 Fritsch Petracca 2 Bowey Gawn Harmes Jackson Langdon Pickett Viney

WESTERN BULLDOGS Naughton 4 Treloar 2 Bontempelli Crozier Dale Hannan Weightman


MELBOURNE Petracca Brown Oliver Viney Langdon Brayshaw

WESTERN BULLDOGS Macrae Naughton B Smith Dunkley Dale Treloar


MELBOURNE Lever (foot) replaced in selected side by Tomlinson, Salem (knee)

WESTERN BULLDOGS Martin (omitted) replaced in selected side by Gardner, Johannisen (leg soreness) replaced in selected side by Crozier





MELBOURNE Bedford (replaced Salem)

WESTERN BULLDOGS Ugle-Hagan (unused)

UMPIRES Howorth Findlay Mollison

CROWD  58,002 at The MCG


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