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I’ve got a lot of Melbourne game AFL Records dating from 1997 to 2003.

A couple have autographs, notably Robbie Flower and Jim Stynes, though I particularly like the one from Neil “Froggy” Crompton which included his mobile no.

There’s a list below, a long list. If anyone is interested in any I’ll be keeping them for a couple more weeks, then they hit the recycle bin. Perhaps I’ll keep the autographed ones if no-one else wants them.

Please feel free to email me [email protected].

1997 Round 1 North Melbourne Melbourne
1997 Round 6 St Kilda Melbourne
1997 Round 12 Melbourne Brisbane
1997 Round 13 Hawthorn Melbourne
1998 Round 2 Melbourne North Melbourne
1998 Round 4 Carlton Melbourne
1998 Round 7 Richmond Melbourne Page 37 Jim Stynes & Bob Johnson
1998 Round 9 Melbourne Essendon
1998 Round 12 Melbourne Geelong
1998 Round 13 Melbourne St Kilda
1998 Round 15 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
1998 Round 16 Melbourne Fremantle PAGE 36 Guy Rigoni & Neil Crompton
1998 Round 17 North Melbourne Melbourne
1998 Round 18 Melbourne Brisbane
1998 Round 19 Melbourne Carlton Page 36 Frank Davis
1998 Round 21 Melbourne Sydney
1998 Qualifying Final 1 Melbourne Adelaide Page 45 Robert Flower
1999 Ansett Cup Melbourne St Kilda
1999 Round 1 Melbourne Richmond
1999 Round 2 St Kilda Melbourne
1999 Round 4 Melbourne Hawthorn
1999 Round 5 Melbourne Port Adelaide
1999 Round 9 Carlton Melbourne
1999 Round 10 Melbourne Fremantle
1999 Round 11 Collingwood Melbourne
1999 Round 12 Melbourne Kangaroos
1999 Round 13 Melbourne Adelaide
1999 Round 17 Melbourne St Kilda
1999 Round 18 Melbourne Geelong
1999 Round 22 Essendon Melbourne
2000 Round 4 Melbourne St Kilda
2000 Round 7 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2000 Round 9 Melbourne Essendon
2000 Round 10 Melbourne Brisbane
2000 Round 12 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
2000 Round 14 Melbourne Collingwood
2000 Round 15 Hawthorn Melbourne
2000 Round 16 Melbourne Richmond
2000 Round 18 Melbourne Sydney
2000 Round 19 St Kilda Melbourne
2000 Round 20 Melbourne Fremantle
2000 Round 21 Melbourne Geelong
2000 Qualifying Final 2 Carlton Melbourne
2000 Preliminary Final Melbourne Kangaroos
2000 Grand Final Essendon Melbourne
2001 Round 14 Melbourne Kangaroos
2001 Round 17 Melbourne Adelaide
2001 Round 18 Geelong Melbourne
2002 Round 1 Hawthorn Melbourne
2002 Round 2 Melbourne Port Adelaide
2002 Round 3 Richmond Melbourne
2002 Round 4 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2002 Round 5 Western Bulldogs Melbourne
2002 Round 9 Melbourne Kangaroos
2002 Round 11 Melbourne Collingwood
2002 Round 12 Melbourne Adelaide
2002 Round 13 Essendon Melbourne
2002 Round 20 Melbourne Western Bulldogs
2002 Round 21 Melbourne Sydney
2002 Elim Final 2 Melbourne Kangaroos
2002 2nd Semi Final Adelaide Melbourne
2003 Round 3 Melbourne Western Bulldogs
2003 Round 6 Melbourne West Coast Eagles
2003 Round 9 Melbourne Fremantle
2003 Round 15 Kangaroos Melbourne
2003 Round 16 Hawthorn Melbourne
2003 Round 17 Melbourne Essendon
2003 Round 18 Western Bulldogs Melbourne

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Lol mine go back to 1994. Have Tim Waston and his young family, showing an early photo of a disgraced Brownlow “winner.”

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  • Match Previews, Reports & Articles

    UNDER MY SKIN by The Oracle

    The story goes that there’s a certain player from Geelong who has been seen in Moorabool Street crooning the old Sinatra classic, “I’ve got you under my skin.” His name is O’Connor and he’s been tasked to achieve one thing on Sunday by his coach, Chris Scott: to get under the skin of a Demon midfielder on Sunday and thereby tag him out of the big contest at the G. The idea behind the tactic is to not only blunt one of the team’s most destructive weapons but to distract them all from producing th

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    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT by George on the Outer

    A 34-point win in the nation’s capital has seen the Demons kill the Giants hopes early in the 2021 season. It wasn’t only the scoreboard, but a succession of injuries to major players for GWS that has put paid to their aspirations. The winning result wasn’t just due to the opposition losing players, but also to the relentless pressure from this 2021 Melbourne side that put them in the winners circle. In past years, a 16 point deficit at the first change combined with a rampant Toby Greene w

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    POWER AND THE PASSION by Whispering Jack

    The Demons ran out for their Qualifying Final match against the Fremantle Dockers at Casey Fields as the sounds of Midnight Oils’ “Power and the Passion cascaded over the mainly friendly pro-Melbourne crowd. It was a far cry from the season opener at Carrara in late January where few of their fans were in attendance in high 20’s heat and humidity and silence greeted every score from the slow-starting Demons. They ran away from the lowly Suns, won comfortably in the end and followed that with ano

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    Match Reports

    BREAK OUT by Whispering Jack

    Despite the chaotic events occurring in Canberra over the past few weeks, one thing is for certain. This weekend’s game at Manuka Oval in the nation’s capital between the GWS Giants and Melbourne will decide which of Scott Morrison or Leon Cameron is the most under the pump at this point in time.  This time twelve months ago, the Giants were coming off a season in which they had played off in a grand final. They opened up their 2020 campaign with a resounding 32-point victory in round 1 aga

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    MARVELOUS PRESSURE by George on the Outer

    Is this a new form of Melbourne which has suddenly emerged in 2021?  In the past, whenever the pressure was applied, the team would falter early and as a consequence, it would more often than not, be forced to confront its own self-inflicted failure. But perhaps not so this year. The match at Marvel Stadium against the Saints provided an insight into how creating pressure, actually relieves it on the club, players and coach. Right from the start, Melbourne was there to make a stat

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    STUCK IN THE MIDDLE by The Oracle

    Throughout the off season, St Kilda was touted as an improver and a possible challenger for a top four position mainly off the back of another good trade and draft period at the end of last year. Then in Round 1, the undermanned Saints made a shaky start and almost succumbed to the Giants but they managed to come home from a wet and woolly Sydney with the four points intact. For Round 2, they have a couple of handy players returning so they come into the the game at Marvel Stadium choc

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    Match Previews

    A SCRAPPY, SLOPPY SUCCESS by George on the Outer

    After what seemed like an eternity without Footy in Melbourne, the Demons and their fans produced a scrappy, sloppy yet successful return to the MCG. Yet is was against an interstate team from the furthest reaches of the country, but the 21K fans who made it through the gates, was way below expectations for numbers.  Sure it can’t have helped with all the difficulty that Ticketek imposed just to get a ticket, and since you just couldn’t walk up, perhaps the number wasn’t that surprising.

    Demonland |
    Match Reports

    UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Whispering Jack

    The Melbourne Football Club has unfinished business with Fremantle after that unexpected loss in their previous clash at Cazaly’s Stadium in Cairns cost it a place in last year’s finals campaign.   Back then, the tired Demons spluttered listlessly through the humid conditions in tropical far North Queensland playing in and losing two games in the space of four days and against two lowly clubs. The end result was much more than an embarrassment for the club given what was at stake at th

    Demonland |
    Match Previews

    PRACTICE PUMMELLING by George on the Outer

    Was this a practice for what lay ahead for the Demons in 2021 or was it an outcome to expect because it was used as a true practice game? Those of us on the outside will never know, but a 39 point loss to the Western Bulldogs was a pummelling in anyone’s language. We can draw some consolation from the players that Melbourne put on the field, with Toby Bedford, Jake Bowey, Kade Chandler, James Jordon and Tom Sparrow each getting a guernsey whereas they probably would not normally be in the f

    Demonland |
    Match Reports

    A WALK IN THE PAST by Whispering Jack

    On Monday night, the Melbourne Football Club handed out four life memberships. Two of those awards went to men who are long gone. Charles ‘Chubby’ Forrester and James ‘Jas’ Byrne played for the club in the 1870s, even before the Victorian Football Association was formed. The other two are current skipper Max Gawn and swingman Tom McDonald, who almost left the club at the end of the pandemic-affected 2020 season. Some fans might have raised their eyebrows and wondered whether the emphasis on hist

    Demonland |
    Match Reports

    SOUNDS OF SILENCE by Whispering Jack

    This was my first game for points involving the Demons in more than a year and a half and the long march to Carrara turned out to be worthwhile. The game was won in a single withering quarter that was dominated by Melbourne on the back of an outstanding display from Karen Paxman. The four-time All Australian picked up 13 touches for the stanza to set up a five goal to nothing second term after a lacklustre start in which the cleaner, sharper Gold Coast notched up the first two goals of the game

    Demonland |
    Match Reports

    BRIDESMAIDS AGAIN by Whispering Jack

    Historians of the future will have little difficulty in finding words to define the year 2020. “Covid-19”, “pandemic” and “plague” come readily to mind. The Covid-19 pandemic dominated the year in every aspect of life and it certainly didn’t spare AFL football or the Melbourne Football Club. In the circumstances however, it didn’t treat it as badly as the Spanish Flu epidemic which raged a century earlier from February 1918, through 1919 and into 1920 when it finally petered out in April of

    Demonland |
    Special Features

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