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I was putting together a new post on the background working of WADA, and its key players at the weekend (I will post it in the next couple of days), and came across a list of noteworthy supporter of all clubs. It is clearly a couple of years old but i think revealing nevertheless. i'm sure many of you have seen it already.

Adelaide Football Club

  • Lleyton Hewitt (Tennis player) (#1 ticket holder)
  • David Hicks (Guantanamo Bay detainee)
  • Mark Holden (Australian Idol Judge/Music Producer)
  • Alexander Downer (Former Foreign Minister of Australia)
  • Guy Sebastian (singer and first winner of Australian Idol)
  • Graham Cornes
  • Adam Scott (Golfer)
  • Bruce McAvaney (sports commentator)
  • Ryan Fitzgerald (comedian)

Brisbane Lions

  • Greg Norman (Golfer) (former #1 ticket holder)
  • Julie Anthony (Singer)
  • Andrew Bartlett (former Australian politician)
  • Rob Elliott (Game show host)
  • Colin Friels (Actor)
  • Shane_Watson (Cricketer)
  • Peter Hollingworth (former Governor-General of Australia and former Archbishop of Brisbane)
  • Cheryl Kernot (former politician)
  • Bill Lawry (former Australian cricketer, current commentator)
  • Peter Marcato (sports radio personality)
  • Kieran Perkins (retired Olympic swimmer)
  • Pat Rafter (retired tennis player)
  • Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister)
  • Cyril Gilbert (President of the Queensland RSL)
  • Dick Johnson & Steven Johnson (V8 Supercar Champion and son)
  • Bert Newton (Australian television personality)

Carlton Football Club

  • Mike Williamson (broadcaster)
  • Megan Gale
  • Jo Silvagni (nee Bailey)
  • Chrissie Swan (Radio Host)
  • Andy Lee (Radio Host)
  • Olivia Newton John (Actress)
  • Richard Pratt (Business Man and Former Club President)
  • Dave Hughes (comedian)
  • Tina Arena (singer)
  • Steve Hooker (pole vaulter)

Collingwood Football Club

  • Eddie Mcguire (Club President)
  • Jeff Joffa Coaffe (Cheerquad Leader)
  • Jo Hall (Newsreader)
  • Alisha Camplin (Olympic Skier)
  • John Brumby (Politician)
  • Tony Jones (News Reporter)
  • Peter Helier (Comedian)
  • Jo Stanley (Radio Presenter)
  • Mark Chopper Reid (Comedian)
  • Bruce Mansfield (Radio Announcer)
  • Darren James (Radio Announcer)
  • Colleen Hewitt (Singer)

Essendon Football Club

  • Charlie Pickering
  • Jennifer Keyte (newsreader)
  • Peter Costello
  • Andrew Peacock
  • Andrew Bogut (NBA Basketballer)
  • Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) R.I.P
  • Geoff Dixon (Qantas CEO)
  • Anthony Callea (Australian Singer/Performer)
  • Jim Bacon (Former Tasmanian Premier)
  • Nick Giannopoulos (actor)
  • Brooke Hanson (Olympic swimmer)
  • Peter Garrett (Politician and singer for Midnight Oil)
  • Brian Mannix (singer)
  • Craig Lowndes (V8 Supercar Driver)
  • Ian Chappell (former Australian cricket captain)

Fremantle Football Club

  • Rove McManus (media personality)
  • Kim Beazley (politician, diplomat and academic)
  • Tim Winton (novelist)
  • Carmen Lawrence (former Premier)
  • Nick O'Hern (golfer)
  • Alan Carpenter (former Premier)
  • Luc Longley (retired professional basketball player)
  • Dixie Marshall (sports reporter and news presenter)
  • Simon Reeve (television presenter)
  • Matt Price (journalist)
  • Eskimo Joe (rock band)
  • Ben Roberts-Smith (recipient of the Victoria Cross)
  • Alison Fan (Channel Seven reporter)
  • Brad Hogg (Cricketer)
  • Tim Minchin (Comedian)

Geelong Football Club

  • Steve Bracks (Former premier of Victoria)
  • Anthony Hudson (sports commentator)
  • Daryl Somers (tv personality)
  • Denis Walter (Radio Personality)
  • Felicity Kennett
  • Mick Fanning
  • Rebecca Maddern
  • Ruby Rose
  • Geoff Sunderland (Adelaide Radio Personality)
  • Guy Pearce
  • Cadel Evans
  • Sally Fitzgibbons
  • Aaron Baddeley
  • Liz Cambage

Hawthorn Football Club

  • Jeff Kennett (former premier of Victoria and former club president)
  • Bob Hawke (former Labour prime minister)
  • Helen Kapalos (news reader) (#1 female ticket holder)
  • John Wood (actor)
  • Pat Cash (Wimbledon tennis champion)
  • Lehmo (Comedian, TV & Radio Presenter)
  • Stephen Quartermain (TV & Radio Commentator, Sports Presenter)
  • Andrew Gaze (Former Basketballer)
  • Peter Rowsthorn (Comedian)
  • Lote Tuqiri (Australian rugby union player)
  • Ian Baker-Finch (Australian Golfer)
  • Steve Vizard (Former funny man and director of Telstra)
  • Geoff Harris (Co-Founder of Flight Centre and Board member)
  • Mark Taylor (ex Australian Cricket captain and Media Commentator)
  • Janine Allis (Founder of Boost Juice and Board member)
  • Tamsyn Lewis (athlete)
  • James Tomkins (Australia's most successful rower)
  • Cameron Smith (Rugby League - Captain of Melbourne Storm, Queensland and Australia)

Melbourne Football Club

  • John So (Former Lord Mayor of Melbourne) (#1 ticket holder)
  • Terri Bracks (wife of Steve Bracks, #1 female ticket holder)
  • Derryn Hinch (news presenter)
  • Rob Sitch (comedian)
  • Baz Luhrman (film director)
  • Max Walker (former footballer, cricketer and humourist)
  • Wilbur Wilde (musician)
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Joseph Gutnick (businessman and former club President)
  • Scared Weird Little Guys (Comedy act)
  • Anthony Mundine (boxer)
  • Shane Bourne (comedian)
  • Mal Walden (newsreader)
  • Alan Stockdale (former Victorian treasurer)
  • Brad Hodge (cricketer)
  • Steve Moneghetti (marathon runner)
  • Beverly O'Connor (television and radio personality)
  • Neil Mitchell (radio personality)
  • James Tomkins (rower)
  • Nicky Buckley (television personality)
  • Geoff Cox (television presenter)
  • Ian Henderson (newsreader)
  • Rob Gell (television weatherman)
  • Greg Evans (television personality)
  • Mike Sheahan (sports writer)
  • Michael Veitch (comedian and writer)
  • Clint Stanaway (channel 9 news reporter)
  • Archie Thompson (Soccer player)
  • Hamish Blake (comedian)

North Melbourne Football Club

  • Ricky Ponting (former Australian Cricket Captain) (#1 ticket holder)[1]
  • Simon Crean (federal Australian Politician) (patron) (leadership spiller)
  • John Farnham (musician)
  • Trevor Marmalade (comedian)
  • James Brayshaw (Former Cricketer, Footy Show host and current club President)
  • Tim Rogers (Musician - You Am I)
  • Ralph Willis (Former Federal Treasurer)
  • Ugly Dave Gray (Comedian)
  • Sigrid Thornton (Actress)
  • John-Michael Howson (Entertainment reporter)
  • George Gregan (Rugby Union Player - Wallabies)
  • Wayne Arthurs (Tennis player)
  • Elle McPherson (Model)
  • Peter Siddle (Cricketer)
  • Mark Webber (Formula 1 Driver)
  • Billy Slater (Melbourne Storm, QLD and Australian RL Full Back)
  • Adam Rayner (Actor)
  • Bronwyn Bishop (Politican)
  • Darren Boyd (abc sport comentator)
  • Jerry O'Connell (Actor)
  • Gorgi Coghlan (Television Presenter) [3]

Port Adelaide Football Club

  • Hugh Sheridan (Star of Packed to the Rafters)
  • David Koch (Sunrise co-host)
  • Roger Rasheed (tennis coach)
  • Hugh Jackman (actor)
  • Mike Rann (former SA Premier)

Richmond Football Club

  • Mick Molloy (comedian)
  • Cardinal George Pell (Archbishop of Sydney)
  • Simon Katich (Australian cricketer)
  • George Kapiniaris (Australian Comedian)
  • Livinia Nixon (Australian TV personality)
  • Denise Drysdale (Australian TV Personality)
  • Gretel Killeen (Australian TV Personality)
  • Paul Reiffel (former Australian Test Cricket fast bowler)
  • Jane Turner (Australian comedienne - Kath in "Kath & Kim")
  • Russell Morris (Australian rock legend)
  • Caroline Wilson (Journalist - The Age newspaper, Fox Footy TV)
  • Steve Price (Radio personality 2UE, formerly 3AW)
  • Gerry Mellas (Director of Life Strategies)

St Kilda Football Club

  • Eric Bana (actor and comedian)
  • Steve Bedwell (comedian)
  • Darren Berry (state cricketer and radio commentator)
  • Mark Doran (journalist)
  • Bruce Eva (radio presenter)
  • Lindsay Fox (businessman)
  • Michael Gudinski (Mushroom records CEO)
  • Graham Kennedy (Comedian)
  • Michael Klim (Australian swimmer)
  • Kate Langbrook (radio personality)
  • Molly Meldrum (Music Industry Professional)
  • Alicia Molik (Top Ten Tennis Player)
  • Geoff Ogilvy (professional golfer)
  • Stephen Peak (lawyer and radio presenter)
  • Marina Prior (performer)
  • Mick Thomas (musician)
  • Shane Warne (cricket player)
  • Peter Hitchener (newsreader)
  • Alicia Loxley (newsreader)

Sydney Swans

  • Nicole Kidman (Actress) [2]
  • Kristina Kenneally (former NSW Premier)
  • Ian Thorpe (Olympic swimmer)
  • Delta Goodrem (Singer)
  • David Wenham (Actor)
  • Judy Davis (Actress)
  • Kerry O'Keeffe (Cricketer)
  • Stuart MacGill (Cricketer)
  • Richard Wilkins (TV Personality)
  • Geraldine Doogue (ABC TV Personality)
  • Fran Kelly (ABC Radio Personality)
  • Ian "Dicko" Dickson (Former Australian Idol judge)
  • Tom Gleeson (Comedian)
  • Tom Williams (Host of The Great Outdoors)
  • Sandra Sully (Newsreader)
  • Mike Willesee (former current affairs host)
  • Paul Mercurio
  • Willie Mason (rugby league player) (Herald Sun 4/6/2006)
  • Former owner Geoff Edelsten
  • Scott Horscroft (Music Producer)
  • Adam Spencer (Radio Host)
  • Tony Squires (TV Personality)
  • John Mangos (TV Personality)

West Coast Eagles

  • Shaun Tait (Australian Cricketer)
  • Danny Green (Boxer)
  • Ernie Dingo (TV Personality)
  • Dennis Lillee (Cricketer)
  • Jeff Newman (TV Personality)
  • Justin Langer (Cricketer)
  • Damien Oliver (Jockey)
  • Rick Ardon ( Newsreader - Ch 7 Perth)
  • Heath Ledger (actor)

Western Bulldogs

  • Will Anderson (Comedian)
  • Julia Gillard (knifed Prime Minister of Australia)
  • Chris Hemsworth (Aussie actor "Thor")
  • Merv Hughes (Australian Cricket Player)
  • Tom Lister
  • William McInnes (actor, Blue Heelers)
  • Dave O'Neill (Comedian)
  • Janet Rice (Greens' lead Senate candidate)
  • Mark Seymour (musician, Hunters & Collectors)
  • Liam McIntyre (Aussie actor "Spartacus" TV Series)

i suggest we all add to this list from our own knowledge - I think it can be instructive as to why clubs behave as they do.

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Makes my face screw up to see that ratbag Murdoch as a supporter. He is the biggest cheese in controlling world sport but has done bugger all for us as far as I can tell. Shameless meddler only interested in power and making more money. If one deserves a punch in the nose for getting into people's space it is him.

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Robbo not listed under Essendon?

Also, David Bridie (Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake) is a devoted Dee's supporter - renowned for his verion of It's a Grand Old Flag and the wonderful tune, "Jimmy Stynes".

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Brian Nankervis - Collingwood

Tex Perkins - St Kilda

Paul Kelly - Adelaide (previously Melbourne)

David Hobson - Melbourne

David Larkins (Dallas Crane) - Essendon (currently working at MFC)

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Essendon also has Satan as #1 ticket holder... but they don't advertise that for some reason.

funny...youd think he'd be ours !!!
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Brian Nankervis - Collingwood

Tex Perkins - St Kilda

Paul Kelly - Adelaide (previously Melbourne)

David Hobson - Melbourne

David Larkins (Dallas Crane) - Essendon (currently working at MFC)

Is Dave Larkin a celeb?

Well FMD.

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Must admit to hating the term celebrity. They are not heroic, famous or particularly noteworthy. They may be known because they have TV or media credentials but nothing more. Some may think that is noteworthy. I am more interested in the kids, the mums and dads, the unempIoyed and those making an honourable living. I have a little more time for sportsmen and women, writers and musicians. If there is going to be a list of public figures, someone like ex Seeker Bruce Woodley who has been a committed Demon and spectator over the long-term should be on the list. I have more time for the committed rank and file Demon supporters I saw at the G on Friday. By the way I took my Collingwood supporter wife who said she had never seen such passionate and emotional supporters in her life, including the Collingwood army. The outpouring of emotion is a wonderful thing and makes this old game of ours and this old team of ours important and worthwhile. There will be one helluva Demon Army once the train gets up a full head of steam. No doubt at that time the celebrities will come out and identify themselves as Melbourne supporters. Cannot abide fickle supporters,

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Give us some money and power Rupert, you old dried up hag! Tightarse

you tell him.

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