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  1. Not much to talk about at the moment......so let's delve back into our recent and long past history and ask the question: WHO SAID THAT? As each one is correctly identified, another will be posted. OK no correct answers yet, but am impressed with a couple of options put forward...Remember these are only MFC icons...... So I'll give you a couple more to see if anyone can get the answers.... 1 1. “I would have 100 shots a week at training….” A A: Brad Green, Demonland Podcast 20/6/18 2. “I train day on, day off. Day on. Day off….Todays’s day off” A: Allen Jakovich in Garry Lyons book “The Demon Within” 3. “ If blokes got in my way, I knocked them over…and sometimes it was a little too high..” A: Rod Grinter.....correctly identified by Left Foot Snap 4. "The old Melbourne’s gone….done and dusted. Finished….and that will never reappear again" A: Paul Roos. Demonland Podcast 13 June 2018 37.55 correctly identified by Roger Mellie 5. “Healy off, Ellingworth on….bloody weak as [censored]…” A: R.D. Barassi: correctly identified by Roger Mellie 6. “Any game against Collingwood, you had to get up…it’s a long week in football and every 2nd bastard you run into is a Collingwood supporter..” A: Allen Jakovich Demonland podcast 21 October 2017. 37.25 Another one: 7. The voice became more agitated. “Open the door – it’s Norm Smith” I said: “Hell is that you, Red Fox?” Norm put his shoulder to the door and it nearly came off its hinges. He burst in and wrestled all 3 of us, and it bloody hurt too; we were bruised. ….” None of you will ever refer to me as The Red Fox ever again!” Who said “ Hell is that you , Red Fox?” thereby giving Norm Smith his nickname ? A: Ian Thorogood. From “The Red Fox” by Ben Collins
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