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Found 2 results

  1. Jack Jack


    I'm surprised to see that there's no NBA thread. Admittedly there's a pretty poor showing from the Australian contingent at the moment and it's been getting worse over the last few years. Andrew Bogut (I think he was in All Star form a few years back until that cheap nudge from Stoudemire caused him horrific injuries. Sadly he hasn't been himself since) is our only Aussie in the league and he's currently out injured. Last year we had Patty Mills in PTown and the year before there was David Anderson and Nathan Jawai. So beyond following any team that's got an Aussie listed player I find myself having a soft spot for the Detroit Pistons, and, to a lesser extent, the New jersey Nets. Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight look like some good young players that'll take them places in a few years time. Can the Nets hold on to DWill and possibly snare Dwight Howard? The trade deadline isn't far off now so it'll be interesting to see if any big deals go through. Beyond Miami, Chicago and OKC I can't really see anyone else challenging for the title this year. And now that Linsanity has started to die down, what'll become of the Knicks? Not that I'm a big fan of theirs but with so many big names in the team I think they should be doing better. Thoughts?
  2. Ben Simmons is tracking to be the greatest rookie ever. Can't shoot for [censored] but it doesn't matter when you can dunk like he can. Are Australia a chance for Gold at the next Olympics with him and Patty Mills (aaraon davies cousin)? Will Simmons be the greatest ever Australian sportsman? He's Petracca's mate and we're looking at a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods like influence on world sport.
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