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Found 2 results

  1. This post has been designed for one specific purpose: to congratulate the MFC for creating a great match day atmosphere. Those who have followed my posts (and to that I must say poor you), you will know that I have been critical of how we have handled pre match and post match entertainment. Let's not retread old ground but you all know what I am talking about. Yesterday was bloody brilliant on that front. 1) The bells tolling before we came out was magnificent and in the future might sound foreboding for those who play us. They did segue into the 'Grand Old Flag' a bit quickly but I loved that. 2) The interview with Watts on the ground was great as well. The crowd was clearly on cloud nine and to hear from Jack over the PA was even better. How good must it have made him feel to receive the love and adoration of the masses rather than their hisses and catcalls? 3) The bugler was, and I can't believe I am typing this, used perfectly yesterday. He was sent back to the cheer squad to play the song on his trumpet when it was clear we were certainties. 4) The newly installed LED fences helped but I also loved the 'Game Over' on the fence when we won. It had a nice tinge of arrogance that we have lacked in previous years. 5) The air guitaring Demon on the scoreboard was amusing as well. It took me back to the days when channel 7 had those animations jump on to the screen when certain teams won. That was a cherished part of my childhood for sure. PJ said we were going to rebrand the club and I would say they have kicked a fair few goals thus far. Along with the new ad, I am pretty bloody pleased! Keep it up boys!
  2. It's time we looked at the cold hard facts... The Melbourne Football Club has kept this bloke around the place for nigh on 5 years now and despite for all the patience we have had, he is taking us nowhere... You know who I am talking about.... That's right. The Bugler. Damn, that stuff is grating. The bloke himself might be a perfectly nice guy but if we want the club to move away from this wanky, private school elitist image that is prevalent among fans of opposition clubs, stuff like this (and that stupid blazer) need to go. I sit near the cheer squad every home match and I know Melbourne supporters are no different to any others. If Melbourne wants to be known as a serious footy club that is more about substance and less about image (why the club wants to foster this image is beyond me), they need to cancel this pre-match 'entertainment'. To this end, I have started the following Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/292595587502674/ Please join. If we can get enough rank and file supporters to join, we might be able to get the attention of the higher ups. P.S. I am aware I am shamelessly promoting a group I have started so let's not start the pile on. I thought if I should make a first post, it should be aimed at provoking discussion and working towards a goal of some description. Whether or not you feel that goal is worthwhile is entirely up to you! P.P.S. I am also aware in the bigger scheme of things the bugler is only a small part of the problem. There are other underlying issues at the club but I reckon the sooner they shed crap like this, the sooner we will move away from being a club that, to paraphrase Mick Malthouse, is about anything but football.
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