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Found 2 results

  1. I’m so mad to even really bother. Out Spargo in Garlett whatever.
  2. For me. IN: Byrnes, Clisby, Frawley (if fit), Magner OUT: Dunn, McKenzie, Pedersen, Rodan This is based strongly on the assumption that Chip may get up for the Saints game as I heard mentioned by Spud and Chip on the radio yesterday and that Dawes may be right. Either way I'd have both Davis and Pedersen on standbye as emergencies just in case, with Davis to get the first crack. I'm also under the belief that we can now uplift another rookie so I'd be lookign at uplifting Clisby who's run and disposal could be very useful. Couch may feel hard done by but Clisby's been very good for Casey. FB: Garland, Frawley, Terlich HB: Howe, McDonald, Clisby C: M. Jones, N. Jones, Byrnes HF: Tapscott, Watts, Davey FF: Fitzpatrick, Dawes, Kent FOLL: Jamar, Sylvia, Magner INT: Blease, Toumpas, Trengove SUB: Evans EMERG: Davis, Pedersen, Rodan Howe and Clisby to run off the half back flank with some reasonable disposal which we desperatly lacked on the weekend. Byrnes into the midfield mix as he has an ability to rack up some posessions and use the ball well. Magner into the middle to help get some centre clearances. Dunn goes due to his horrible performance on the weekend and should never play again. Hopefully we can trade him for Cale Morton at season's end ... McKenzie, too one dimensional. At least Magner can get the ball. Pedersen was ok but if Frawley's fit then goodbye. I'd have Pedo on standbye in case Dawes doesn't get up to play up forward. Rodan, wasn't horrible but needed to do more. I'd prefer Byrnes. This is all conditional of course on Frawley and Dawes getting up and Clisby being eligable to be elevated. Very good chance (dependent on Frawley & Dawes) that we can have another 2 debutants on the weekend. This 2nd half of the season will be a good chance for us to see what a few players have and if they're worth persisting with.
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