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  1. Casey struck the first blow in the weekend's Demon/Magpie rivalry battle with a 23-point win over Collingwood VFL on Saturday at Casey Fields to take its winning streak to five games. The Demons wrestled away the lead early in the game and held their opponents goalless in the first term but the Pies challenged with three late second quarter goals to trail by just four points at the main break. Casey responded strongly with the only goals of the third term and another two immediately after the start of the final quarter to hold firm against a determined foe that was desperate to hold onto their spot in the VFL top four. The 23-point win was set up by a clinical performance in the midfield from Dom Tyson (35 disposals) who was simply outstanding in the clinches and maintained a high standard of efficiency and decision-making throughout. His work was emulated by Tom Bugg (34 touches, 2 goals) and Jay Kennedy Harris (32, 1 goal) who returned to his best form of last year. Their dominance in the midfield was offset to some extent by the strength of the Collingwood defence which cut off Casey's marking options but the home side managed to find enough avenues to goal to win the day. The Casey team was smartly decked out in the uniform of its predecessor Springvale Football Club in honour of the Vales' 1998 premiership celebrations. Most of that team was on hand for the pre game festivity and at the end of the day to cheer the current team in the rooms. The Demons fielded 14 AFL listed players with two held back for the Queens Birthday game with Tim Smith apparently rested after copping a couple of knocks last week against the Bulldogs. They still managed to put a strong defensive line up on the ground with Sam Frost, Declan Keilty and Harry Petty performing the big man duties and Jayden Hunt and the improving Dion Johnstone providing the run out of the back line. After half time Frost was moved forward where he showed his versatility, kicking the goal that broke the early deadlock in the second half and proving a nuisance with his height and run. Redhead Oskar Baker showed out with his pace and provided a highlight with a brilliant interception that he just failed to cap off what would have been goal of the day. The return of Casey skipper Jack Hutchins was a welcome one. Whatever the Demon big men couldn't stop was often mopped up by the captain and the pressure he and James Munro (13 tackles) were instrumental in their team's victory. Mitch Lewis was very lively early until injured and Goy Lok was brilliant at times but marred his efforts with some missed in front of goal. Casey goes into next week's bye as one of the form teams of the competition along with Richmond and face lowly Coburg first up after the break with eyes firmly placed on a top two finish and the right to a home final. Peter Jackson VFL 2018 Casey Demons 3.2.20 4.6.30 6.8.44 11.10.76 Collingwood VFL 0.2.2 4.2.26 4.3.27 8.5.53 Goals Casey Demons Balic Bugg 2 Baker Frost Kennedy Harris Lewis Lok Scott J Wagner Collingwood VFL Blair Borthwick Crocker Gallucci Hetherington McLarty Sier Wellings Best Casey Demons Tyson Kennedy Harris Baker C Wagner Bugg Weideman Keilty Collingwood VFL Hetherington Sing Tardrew Wellings Hore Blair Statistics Oskar Baker 1 goal 1 behind 18 kicks 4 handballs 22 disposals 5 marks 4 tackles 94 dream team points Harley Balic 2 goals 13 kicks 9 handballs 22 disposals 7 marks 3 tackles 106 dream team points Tomas Bugg 2 goals 18 kicks 16 handballs 34 disposals 6 marks 6 tackles 140 dream team points Lachlan Filipovic 3 kicks 4 handballs 7 disposals 1 mark 4 tackles 14 hit outs 44 dream team points Sam Frost 1 goal 1 behind 11 kicks 3 handballs 14 disposals 4 marks 4 tackles 74 dream team points Jayden Hunt 6 kicks 9 handballs 15 disposals 1 mark 5 tackles 53 dream team points Jack Hutchins 5 kicks 4 handballs 9 disposals 3 marks 4 tackles 46 dream team points Dion Johnstone 7 kicks 5 handballs 11 disposals 1 mark 4 tackles 45 dream team points Declan Keilty 5 kicks 3 handballs 8 disposals 5 marks 2 tackles 44 dream team points Jay Kennedy Harris 1 goal 16 kicks 16 handballs 32 disposals 8 marks 3 tackles 121 dream team points Mitchell King 1 behind 2 kicks 7 handballs 9 disposals 1 tackle 29 hit outs 49 dream team point Mitchell Lewis 1 goal 1 behind 6 kicks 3 handballs 9 disposals 4 marks 3 tackles 55 dream team points Jay Lockhart 8 kicks 4 handballs 12 disposals 4 marks 3 tackles 56 dream team points Goy Lok 1 goal 3 behinds 10 kicks 5 handballs 15 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 61 dream team points James Munro 3 kicks 15 handballs 18 disposals 1 marks 13 tackles 91 dream team points Mykelti Lefau 6 kicks 3 handballs 9 disposals 4 marks 2 tackles 40 dream team points Harrison Petty 1 behind 11 kicks 7 handballs 18 disposals 5 marks 6 tackles 91 dream team points Aidan Quigley 2 kicks 3 handballs 5 disposals 1 tackle 13 dream team points Angus Scott 1 goal 8 kicks 7 handballs 15 disposals 4 marks 1 tackle 57 dream team points Dom Tyson 19 kicks 16 handballs 35 disposals 5 marks 7 tackles 131 dream team points Corey Wagner 16 kicks 6 handballs 22 disposals 5 marks 7 tackles 105 dream team points Josh Wagner 1 goal 11 kicks 6 handballs 17 disposals 4 marks 5 tackles 79 dream team points Sam Weideman 8 kicks 3 handballs 11 disposals 7 marks 2 tackles 2 hit outs 61 dream team points
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