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  1. Morning all! Just realised that Supercoach opens up on the 1st of Feb this year and I thought I'd get on the front foot in setting up a/multiple supercoach leagues that we as DemonLand could get around. I can remember the interest was quite high last year in that a few leagues were set up but I found last years format was poor with byes and put me off it a little. I'm sure a few others may have felt the same and therefore may have lesser numbers but let's give it a go. Just post an expression of interest and we'll get around to setting it all up and I'll keep it all updated so people know whats going on! DL7 ** Update Number 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stynes- League ID 780751 Range Rover- 19th Overall enough said Jacey- 54394 Deelerious- 54196 Demon-4-Life- 53651 thefork- 53650 Stephen247- 53604 Deez Nuts- 53598 rolly- 53520 jordie tackles- 53364 Thrice- 53291 Stranga- 53289 Demon Land 7- 53268 Old Man Rivers- 53151 doubledee- 53027 robbo- 52980 Watt and Howe- 52881 Grandson of a gun- 52800 Superstar Sylvia- 52114 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Barassi- League ID Number 184571 deevoted 51736 furious d- 51663 Darkhorse 72- 51614 gOlly- 51426 ravi shanker- 51369 Carn Dees 50565 Striker 475- 49840 Wadda We Sing- 48404 dworship- 48064 Nutbean- 43566 Bonkers Simma02 Fan Gotzy15 Felix da dee Melb-A-Toast Dan Fantastik High Tower ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Neeld League-League ID Number 915483 My TD Deeflog Pennant St.Dee Franky 31 Condemned 84 Green Machine JumpingJeremyHowe josh Deetermination Dee-Bortoli TheoX JUMPINGJACKCLENNET Dr Mutubu Dees AzzKika Good Time Grimes- First Time for the Grimes. i) Once League reaches capacity and if there are not enough numbers for a 4th League it will be based on First in will remain in the leagues. So there are 10 certain spots remaining. If 28 more join obviously we have enough for 4. ii) There is no way of me guessing the talent of other competitors so if you are unhappy with the league standing you are or desperately wanting to be a league w/ someone else please let me know. iii) It seems to be very even so looks like the leagues should be very competitive! Thanks guys for your patience, I'm doing it as best I can. Final Update of Players.
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